Download Epub Format ✓ Batman & Dracula: Red Rain PDF by ☆ Doug Moench Review I take back everything I said in my first review of this book Batman Dracula is awesome Very few people know that one of the influences on Bob Kane and Bill Finger when creating Batman was Dracula So why not have them have a fight view spoiler And Batman as a vampire hide spoiler Graphic Novel Fans Won T Be Able To Resist As Dracula Comes To Make Gotham City His Dark Dominion, First Preying On The Homeless And Then Amassing An Army To Take On The Good Citizens Of Gotham Batman Must Forge An Alliance With The Undead To Defeat This Unholy Foe In A Duel That Stretches Beyond The Boundaries Of Death Visually, very Gothic and influential artist Kelley Jones take on the Dark Knight is very striking that it came to define 90 s Batman as he went on to do the covers of the Batman books for most of that decade Also, Vampire Batman has become an official variant of the hero in one of the 52 worlds that comprise the DC multiverse.
In away, Batman is influenced by Bram Stoker s Dracula and to have writer Moench pen his fateful encounter with the king of vampire was a great idea Though this a great horror comic, I dare you to read this at midnight, it has an unexpected environmental theme.
A great read and one of the better Batman stories.
Interesting Batman Dracula story Not a bad story overall and the artwork had a nice gothic feel to it I am not sure why I didn t like itthan 3 stars Probably because the story was a little bit too simplistic but I leave that for readers to judge.
How do you follow up the well received, and well done, Gotham by Gaslight where Batman meets Jack the Ripper With Red Rain where he faces yet another of history s killers Dracula Set in a Gotham I ve never seen before there are mentions made of Oprah and Elvis, yet all the buildings look like old English castles and the Batmobile looks like a roadster out of a 60s movie Red Rain is the story of an unseen evil in Gotham City The homeless are turning up dead, their throats slashed So far 4 have been reported, but Batman and Commissioner Gordon soon learn the count is actually closer to 20 Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne is having the same dream night after night A woman comes to him, whispering to him, real, we re real When Batman finally catches one of the murderers in the act, he s surprised by the strength of the woman Even on uppers or devil dust, NO woman of her size should be that powerfulstronger than anyone I ve ever faced He chases her around a corner, into a dead end, but she s gone The mysterious killer, and the double puncture wounds in the victims neck, lead him to begin researching vampires The search leads him into the sewers where he finally comes face to face with the evil behind the deaths in Gotham From beneath a pile of rotting bodies, something stirs, then climbs out of the mess Batman is chased by vampires only to be saved by evenvampires, these Others working on the side of the good, sporting stake shooters and led by the woman Bruce has been dreaming of, Tanya Why is it always a band of renegade vampires equipped with stake shooting guns And it s always the same story I was a vampire I got off the junk I developed an antidote to my bloodlust, now I hunt vampires Maybe in 1992 this wasn t such a played out idea, but 10 years later, it s been done to death So anyway, to make a long story and at 96 pages, this was a long story short, Tanya, the leader of the rebel vampires, explains to Batman how she s been coming to him every night for a month, giving him what he needs in order to prepare him for his showdown with Dracula What she brings are increased strength and some very cool wings growing from Bruce s shoulders The showdown at the end was great, full of action, and even beautifully drawn, despite Kelley Jones as artist In the end, underneath all the action and plot twists and the big names of the characters, perhaps there s a bigger story here Because it s all well and good to see Batman fighting Dracula, one bat against the other, but we might stop and ask how did it happen in the first place How did Dracula survive for so long without being noticed As Tanya explains to Bruce, It was never possible for him to prey, undetected, on such a vast scale but now, in a large modern city, with normal blood atrocities so prevalent, so accepted, horrible death as a way of life, and with so many homeless making such easy victimsSo maybe it s a story warning us against our own contempt or indifference for those less fortunate After all, if the crimes had been detected sooner like on victim 4 instead of 20 maybe everything could have ended differently and believe me, despite the victory in the end, things didn t go smoothly and there were many losses suffered Maybe things wouldn t have gotten so out of control But, after all, it was only the homeless, and what difference do they REALLY make in our daily lives That s just a thought More than likely, though, it was just a story about Batman meeting Dracula The story was well written, thought out and brought to life The art, however, is a different story I ve never been a big fan of Kelley Jones, even when he was doing Sandman, but there are certain times during Red Rain where his heavy shadow style are suited to the story being told As far as Elseworld stories go, this may not have been the most original idea in the world, but it was still one of the better executed.
A very interesting plot twist to the Batman story I am not a big fan of the art used but the story is very good Recommended

This sucked donkey dick The story was standard vampire drivel, and many of the story elements were very predictable The only slightly creative parts were batarangs made of silver and a scene when Batman drew an image of a cross on a wall using his own blood so that it both compelled and repulsed Dracula, causing him to be immobile why the story didn t end right there, I don t know Other than that one scene, however, this is a stupid version of Batman he intentionally starts multiple fist fights with someone stronger than him and who can mentally control him after he was bitten by a vampire himself Dumb.
Regarding the art, I think someone should call DC Comics and suggest to them that they re make this comic book, similar to the way movies are we re made a few decades later, because this thing definitely needs to be redrawn completely You, whoever you are reading this review, you could draw better than Kelley Jones even if you were quadriplegic and you had to draw with a pencil in your mouth.
You would think that I comic about Dracula and batcaves and deserted scary alleyways in Gotham would be dark, but it s not You would also think that a professional artist would know how to draw things like a car, or human anatomy, but you would be wrong in this case.
story sucks, checkartist sucks, checkinker sucks, checkcolorist sucks, checkeditor sucks, checkNeed I say Batman vs Dracula should be a fun and exciting Elseworlds It s a natural pairing But the way it s written is so flat and uninspiring It s a by the numbers story Dracula isn t anyimpressive than any other nameless vampires that appear in the book Kelly Jones draws everyone as such weird caricatures Everyone looks as if they are standing in front of a fun house mirror Meh I wasn t impressed with these Doug Moench and Kelley Jones pairings in the 90 s Nothing about that was changed now.
The art in this book is quite strong, using both gothic and post apocalyptic imagery add atmosphere to the book This gives the book a heaviness as well as a pulpy feel that works with the subject matter That said, the pacing is too quick, and Dracula, in particular, feels undeveloped Further many elements of the plot are essentially a series of dues ex machinas that undermine the normal resourcefulness of Bruce Wayne character As an Elseworld series, I know that Doug Meonch did interesting things with this premise in later returning to this setting however, this particular version isstyle than story I would read Batman Vampire, which compilesof this Elseworld run, and Batman Gothic for better takes of Batman in a 90 s style gothic setting.