[ Read Online Charlie All Night » punx PDF ] by Jennifer Crusie ï Ahhhh this was so good Crusie at her best it might actually be my favorite Crusie I highlighted a bunch of lines that first conversation in the bar, and then with Joe, and then with Mark, it s all so, so wonderful I also liked the overall radio plot, even though obviously Allie and Charlie were the most compelling part It s hilarious and also very sexy, way than other Crusies Really, a ton of fun.
And now I m sad because this was the last book in my Jennifer Crusie Book Bundle and I feel like I don t have enough Crusies left to read.
5 stars Charlie All Night is not my favorite Jennifer Crusie book and like a few of her other earlier ones feels like a novella than a full length novel Regardless, it is an enjoyable read and very entertaining The chemistry between Allie and Charlie is great and they have some fantastic dialogue, there are several humorous scenes, and the secondary characters are wonderful especially Joe, Allie s gay roommate All in all, the book is definitely worth checking out from the library which is what I did.
In Charlie All Night, like in Anyone But You, Crusie features a heroine who is both older than usually found in the genre Allie is 36 and than the hero though only by two years here not the ten that separates the hero and heroine of Anyone But You.
My favorite Crusie books so far are Bet Me 5 stars amazing , Manhunting 4 stars , and Getting Rid Of Bradley 4 stars They are all both read and buy worthy A Hilarious And Heartfelt Tale By The Master Of Romantic Comedy, Jennifer Crusie Dumped By Her Boyfriend And Demoted From WBBB S Prime Time Spot, Radio Producer Allie McGuffey Has Nowhere To Go But Up She Plans To Make Her Comeback By Turning Temporary DJ Charlie Tenniel Into A Household Name And If He S Willing To Help Cure Her Breakup Blues With A Rebound Fling, That S An Added Bonus Charlie Just Wants To Kick Back, Play Good Tunes And Eat Chinese Food He S Not Interested In Becoming Famous But He Is Interested In Allie And After All, What Harm Is A Little Chemistry Between Friends But Suddenly Their One Night Stand Has Become A Four Week Addiction Night After Night On The Airwaves, His Voice Seduces Her And All The Other Women In Town He S A Hit It Looks As If Charlie S Solved All Allie S Problems Except One What Is She Going To Do When He Leaves 2018 rereadI needed a laugh, and something light, and this just popped into my head This is one of those books I should probably just buy, because I really enjoy it It just makes me happy It s utterly ridiculous and charming, in just about the best way.
I have nothing of substance to add I just enjoy the heck out of this one Giggle.
Seriously, that s pretty much it That s pretty much the review This was generally just charming.
I really enjoy the ridiculous cast of characters at the small town radio station Snarky Charlie and Allie and their on air arguments Although, I ve suddenly realized that he s the on air talent, she s his producer pushing him to reach his potential is a trope I seriously enjoy view spoiler The Newsroom totally did the surprise proposal better though For a start, it was actually surprising Secondly, The Newsroom s proposal was better written hide spoiler Finally a Jennifer Crusie book I liked I hated Bet Me so much that I never tried her again She s such a beloved author in romance that I always hoped I d find one that fit and it looks like Charlie All Night was the ticket I loved the hero and heroine The secondary characters all had personalities Even though the plot was a little thin, I didn t mind I even laughed out loud twice Which is awesome because I d never found her funny before Anyway, Charlie All Night has emboldened me to try Welcome to Temptation awaits me at my local library.
If I have one quibble a completely unfair one it s that there was a secondary character in this book that I loved so much I wanted him to have his own book Now, that wasn t done in the mid 90s for gay characters in an m f series, but I loved Joe so very desperately that I want to imagine him happily married to a man who loves flamin hot Cheetos He would be so horrified More HEAs for 90s era gay BFFs So I liked this a lot, but I also feel like it was just slightly off from the Crusie ideal Like all the pieces were there, there was that great story flow, the fun, and great characters, but I feel like it didn t get all the way there.
More specifically, view spoiler it felt like Joe kind of disappeared in the second half And I felt like we didn t see enough of Allie and Charlie hanging out during their bet I saw the connection, sure, but I still don t think they quite proved they were than just sex hide spoiler I ve enjoyed a few of the recent Crusie books and have been checking out her backlist now that it is in eBook form Unfortunately, I think she was still finding her way in her early books What I enjoy about her recent books is the realistic, humorous voice of her characters, primary and secondary That humor is still in evidence here, but she s also trying to mix in suspense, and I think it results in just too much going on As a result, character development suffers.
Allie is interesting we meet her as she wakes up to her stupid decisions of the past, and she makes a few rash, uncharacteristic decisions that could go either way Charlie is also interesting, but we don t get to delve into him as much as necessary to like him as a hero, because the suspense plot and ex boyfriend take up too much of the story In this case, the suspense provide the whole reason for the hero to meet the heroine, so it was integral to th eplot, but still a distraction The other usual formulas of Crusie are present snarky best friend this time a gay man, rare in romance , forlorn dog, tight knit circle of small town people I m assuming this was written for one of the category suspense lines.
, but it s just one of those books that I think it could have been so much better with some careful pruning and losing the suspense.
My first foray into romance wasn t a huge hit but I could sense this wouldn t be quite my thing I actually read a few books by Crusie in the early 2000 s, and they aligned with this one light plot, lots of breathless throbbing desire, and a somewhat unique setting of a late night radio show I would say Crusie saves her best writing for the sex scenes and she isn t nearly as descriptive in her writing about the radio station or the Chinese food, although those also make multiple appearances.

That moment when you realize what the title of the book meansRadio producer Allie has been dumped by her boyfriend, and demoted to the 10 pm 2 am spot on the radio When temporary DJ Charlie comes in, he awakens in her this go getter attitude of making him famous, and boosting her career in the process What she wasn t expecting, was to fall in love Too bad Charlie is only around for a short four weeks.
Charlie isn t interested in being famous As a matter of fact he isn t even a real DJ He has been assigned to spy on one of the other DJ s who is suspected of giving marijuana to cancer patients, oh the horror I liked Charlie up until I realized he was hell bent on arresting a peaceful old hippy who was helping cancer patients I mean really Jennifer Crusie Couldn t you have made the crime a bit serious You managed to turn your hero into a villian and you didn t even realize it You lost me I love Jennifer Crusie s books but she lost me with this one I gave it three stars because minus the pot bust, it was a nice little story.
I tried to give this 3 stars, but just couldn t Crusie is one of my absolute favorites, but if this book hadn t been on my Kindle, I know I never would have finished it It lacked Crusie s usual well drawn characters, full of quirks and insecurities It definitely lacked the fun and funny banter she is known for The hero and heroine didn t have much chemistry whether they engaging in brand new lust or falling in love Plus, they seemed to spend most of the story apart due to a silly celibate bet Their motivations throughout the book were largely a mystery to me The plot was slow and vague By the end, I just wanted the story to be over I ve read a few other early books by this author and found them by and large to be fun and charming Charlie All Night is like a first draft in need of serious fleshing out, better dialogue and characters to care about.