[Franca Rame] È Orgasmo Adulto Escapes from the Zoo [futuristic-romance PDF] Read Online ê This Collection Includes Nine Monologues Concerned With Sexual And Domestic Issues And Female Oppression A WOMAN ALONE, MAMMA FRICCHETONA THE FREAK MOMMY , WAKING UP, WE ALL HAVE THE SAME STORY, DIALOGUE FOR A SINGLE VOICE, MEDEA PROLOGUE, MEDEA, MONOLOGUE OF A WHORE IN A LUNATIC ASYLUM, And IT HAPPENS TOMORROW Dario Fo And Franca Rame Are Italy S Best Known Performers, Playwrights, And Political Activists Award Winning Actress And Director Estelle Parsons Toured This Version Of ORGAMSO ADULTO ESCAPES FROM THE ZOO, Concluding With A Triumphant Run At Joseph Papp S Public Theater In New York A WOMAN ALONE Maria, A Housewife, Has Been Locked Up At Home By Her Jealous Husband Come To Think Of It, All The Men In Her Life Have Been Oppressing Her Good Thing She Has A Gun MAMMA FRICCHETONA THE FREAK MOMMY A Mother Becomes A Gypsy In Order To Pursue Her Son Who Has Joined A Commune WAKING UP A Working Class Woman Prepares For Work While Taking Care Of Her Baby Meanwhile, Her Husband Sleeps WE ALL HAVE THE SAME STORY A Woman S Double Is A Doll Who Says Four Letter Words To Attract Men DIALOGUE FOR A SINGLE VOICE A Young Woman Invites Her Boyfriend Up To Her Room If Her Father Wakes Up, He Ll Cut Off The Young Man S Balls With An Ax MEDEA PROLOGUE An Introduction To The Monologue MEDEA MEDEA A Rebellious Woman Reacts To Betrayal By Resorting To Infanticide MONOLOGUE OF A WHORE IN A LUNATIC ASYLUM A Prostitute Tells Her Life Story To A Psychiatrist IT HAPPENS TOMORROW A Woman Relates Her Story Of Torture As A Political Prisoner