↠´ Read Å Mad Gods - Revelation Cancelled? (Predatory Ethics #1) by Athanasios Û Overall Feedback So here I was on the IWU Facebook group page, minding my own business when I start getting comments from an author I had yet to have a conversation with Oh my, me not having talked to an author, oh the humanity Anyway he points me in the direction of his book, I know, I know, big surprise So I invite him to submit and so he does I get his work and read it with a promise that the review would post in a week or so So here I am at the so as the week has since past So without further boring chatter from me here is that promised review Before starting the book I went to and looked it up and read some of the reviews along with the description, these intrigued me I mean a book that talks about religion and whatnot but does not overly extend itself to the mantra of this is the end Come on those do not exist, there has to be something in there that will offend my religion bone, something at all I then went to Athanasios s Adam s blog website and had a little tour of what I may be in for Upon visiting and reading some of his posts I could tell that I was in for a well researched and well written book so I stopped the procrastination and started to read By the second page I was hooked and by the end I was a believer Athanasios has this way of dragging you into his story without the reader even fully realizing what happened I would liken it to candy, you start with a little and before you realize it the bag is gone and your kids are asking where the Halloween candy went I dare you to stop anywhere in this book without trying to pick it back up and continuing to read A richly told story that will have you questioning the kind of person you are and asking one question Can a person change Point of View You are looking into Kostadino Paleologos s world and the work he does so well.
Voice If you are looking at this one stop and buy the book as Athanasios does than spectacular in moving the reader with the voice in his book.
Character Development Step right in line with every character and feel every obstacle and emotion in their way Athanasios will move you with his characters.
Plot Think 300 with some Clive Barker and a little bit of the Exorcist thrown in for good measure to paraphrase another review The plot will drive you to never stop with the reading and you will have to move to the next page.
Dialogue The dialogue really made me feel as if I was part of the story and making my appearance in the world Athanasios had built.
Pacing Again Athanasios will astound you with a plot that not only seems real but will also have you on the edge as you make your way through it.
Setting Our world, immortal beings not Vampires or werewolves need I say.
Continuity From beginning to end this one does not miss one single detail Athanasios does well to ensure a complete plot and storyline without losing the feel of any characters Absolutely stellar storytelling.
I must say I was surprised by this book, it was described to me as a horror novel with some elements of speculative fiction What I got was not really horror, or fantasy or even religious fiction but a marriage of all three.
Luckily it also turned out to be a good page turner that was well written and briskly paced, so much that it became an effort to actually put the book down, as the mantra that ran through my head was, just one chapter The author appears to have put a lot of effort into his research and it shows in the details that are throughout the book These range from historic details, musical notes and even cultural references, these add to the story so much, that the book almost has a sound track as you are reading.
To summarise A good book, well written and worthy of your time and attention.
Athanasios takes a lot of risks in the construction of Mad Gods some of those risks pan out beautifully and some sort of fizzle especially in the second half Mad Gods is a synthesis of cult favorites, seamlessly invoking and intertwining Dan Brown, Stephen King and William Blatty along with a ridiculously prolific knowledge of American popular culture from the 1960s and just about every conspiracy theory with any staying power from the time of the Crusades to the present The story follows the prophesied birth of the anti Christ in the form of a small child named Adam in Argentina and the web of individuals, from shadowy Knights Templar to zealous Luciferians in their attempts to capture the child and use him for their purposes Guarding the child is a relic of the past, Kostadino Paleologos, a reluctant hero and a descendent of the rulers of ancient Constantinople before its fall into Muslim hands Mad Gods encompasses centuries of history and is a clever and plausible revision to commonly accepted Church history in the West Along the way there s magic, lost tomes and dusty libraries as well as action packed bursts of good versus evil that put many action writers to shame Indulgent and overly explicatory, Mad Gods ultimately spends too much time forcibly connecting the dots between disparate historical events and trying far too hard to make everything fit into the narrative from the Kennedy assassination to the popular false pope conspiracies of John VI The novel begins as a historical thriller, and the first half is a taut and purposeful page turner with interesting mysteries and sound historical contextualization Indiana Jones meets Robert Langdon in a near Eastern hero who is enigmatic and complicated Kostadino is chased by Vatican assassins and directed by ghosts to ancient libraries that reveal lost aspects of history that are thought provoking and ripe for literary exploitation The emphasis on the fall of Constantinople and the Fourth Crusade was especially appealing to me as a historian who wrote several papers on the subject, I was pleased by the level of scholarship and the depth of the narrative Herein lies the weakness of Mad Gods, however In the first half, Athanasios manages the delicate balance between driving the plot forward and back building, with the explication serving to give depth to the action and his main character In the second half, the balance is lost There are simply too many plot lines to follow each with their own massive depth of historical context to delve into, which simply distracts from the present plot The tension of the deadly game of hide and seek Kosta and Adam are playing with the various forces looking for them is lost between chapters of explication and backgrounding for characters who, in the end, didn t really matter all that much and ended up being replaced by a new shadow organization in the Black Nobility, who become the driving force of much of the plot only in the last quarter of the book Don t get me wrong, the sudden puppet master twist can work well in books of this kind, but in this case the many factions are so sub factionalized you risk losing the reader and the labyrinthine connections and double crosses When the narrative finally does return to Adam and Kosta, it feels like it s done mostly out of a sense of duty, or an afterthought, catching the reader up to events that have been happening with this central pair of characters while the narrative was busy focused on developing conspiracy theories and in those intervals the author seems to be stuck on a stroll down memory lane, with accountings of whatever music or movies happened to come out in that year taking up 80% of the narrative on this much neglected track Mad Gods does present several very compelling and original ideas and, unlike most works in the genre, has some pretty darn amazing prose to back it up Athanasios paints beautiful pictures, develops interesting characters, and makes oblique historical references interesting and entertaining, but there s just too much there for one book to stay focused and on point There s tremendous potential here, and Athanasios is definitely someone to watch for in the future I have the feeling a good editor could get the second half to focus as well as the first, which would make for a page turning, but shorter first volume Some of the tangential stories are interesting in their own right, but perhaps could be part of a companion volume of short stories that fill in gaps in the main narrative for die hard fans who want to know all the intricacies worked out in the author s mind.
I was a bit skeptical about this was one in the beginning It was kinda hard for me because it had some history references that I didn t quite follow as history was my absolute worst subject Fortunately this didn t last too long before the action that I could understand really got going One of my favorite things about this novel is that it is pretty fast paced the entire time.
This was a very unique story line about the anti Christ and book of Revelations It took elements from the story most folks know and added in new, interesting twists I am not even a big fan of biblical type stories,.
and to be fair I wouldn t describe this book that way either It is a thrilling adventure that just happens to be a story about the bringing up of the anti Christ The characters are very well written and are very realistic and believable in their actions I was drawn in to care about what happens to them and at times the book was very hard for me to walk away from I also found that the author was not afraid of some controversial subjects either which was very refreshing and made it even real for me I don t want to spoil but there are also some parts with real people that we are all familiar with that really made me laugh and say I knew it Explains a lot The one thing I was not a big fan of was all the music and movie references Sometimes these added to the context of the situation but other times it was just too much for me Most of the references were before my time so I couldn t quite to relate to these either Other readers may really enjoy this part.
I highly recommend this one and do plan to pick up the next one in the series.
It s like I knew the ending, wow, what a great read

First I have to admit.
this dude is WAY smarter than I am Now having said that.
great book A little confusing at times until I got into it There is just a whole lot going on Not for the overly zealot, sanctimoniously religious, Oh My, How Dare He crowd at all Beautiful showing of how an author can take an idea and with exemplary research put that idea into words that can fascinate a reader Not to mention make a story that is hell of some creepy Mad Gods is a Christ vs antiChrist novel featuring some very dark and disturbing scenes, blended seamlessly with some very loving and honest parenting by Kosta, the man who steals the newborn antichrist and raises him to make his own decisions.
The evil of the dark church is portrayed through religious sacrifice, homosexual sex, torture and sickly death and, in many cases, betrayal by individuals thought to be of the Christian God s church The ability of the author to be so willing to attack the very foundations of the Catholic church, and demonstrate how it rose to power on the backs of the repressed, murdered, and scammed is a work of pure courage When the novel places a Pope in power that is working for the Luciferians the case for corruption is complete, and the argument is firmly made that religion is not the wholesome goodness that it professes to be.
The most enjoyable of this novel s features for me, personally, was its exceptional historical background Immaculately researched and choreographed in terms of historical events, this novel must fall, at least in part, under historical fiction The depth and breadth of the author s research of the church and its history, as well as the past lives of the antichrist, as written, are very impressive and speak of many hours of meticulous learning This gives the novel such a deep historical impact, and such a smooth allegorical association with our actual world that a reader may very well find themselves asking could this really be happening Last, but not least, is the antichrist himself, both in past lives and in the present day, who somehow never manages to accept his role as the devourer of humanity Rather he always seems to find mentors, teachers, and reasons that allow him to be the best of humanity In the current incarnation of the antichrist, Adam, he is stolen from his home and the Luciferians who would raise him to do their bidding by a Greek gentleman named Kosta, who finds him and rescues him, and raises him with love and affection in a way that was never planned by Adam s father and his minions When push comes to shove, Adam cannot be bought by the greed and lust that is said to move those of his kind, and remains loyal to Kosta and his love and teachings.
If there is a singular flaw in the book, it may simply be that I found the author s descriptions of the mood of a speaker often placed after the speaker had said their piece I kept wishing that it was moved to the front of the dialogue, to set the mood first An almost negligible concern, however, that barely distracted from my enjoyment of this novel.
Finally, the author leaves the ending open in such a way that we cannot be sure if, over time, the antichrist will not be finally swayed to take his mantle of power, and so doom humanity An opening for the next round of tales.
This reader gives Mad Gods Redux a full 5 out of 5 stars, and recommends it to readers of historical fiction, dark and occult readers, horror readers, and anyone who enjoys an epic story.
First and foremost, let me say that I started reading Mad Gods with than a little skepticism and was fully prepared to have to slog through a written work that I figured was politically coded than the Bible I was prepared to be bored out of my mind, Athanasios and you can be annoyed with me for it later but read this review first and perhaps you ll change your mind about it You see, I had interviewed Athanasios at one point and during the course of said interview, he had explained what Predatory Ethics means to him His definition was something akin to, Do unto you because I can, and since he d written a few works about it and I had read the reviews and garnered some small kernel of the plot line from them, he asked me to read and review the books Now that I ve read Mad Gods I must say that I m glad I have because it was not only an interesting and engaging read, it has underlying meaning and morals intricately interwoven into the storyline that are impossible to miss Athanasios seems quite adept at multitasking in his written works and I can respect that I couldn t help but notice one consistently underlying theme through out the entire story and it was as simple as this Destiny is not preordained or predetermined, your life and the direction it takes has everything to do with the choices you make While a person s path may be set in front of them, it is up to them to determine which direction that path goes It s integral to the story and carved like stone into the plotline I enjoyed the blending of religious iconography with mysticism and mythology as well as occultism Mad Gods was an artful and masterful blend of all the myths, legends, rituals, rites and beliefs to which everyone clings, both the religious and the faithful and it painted a vivid portrait of the writers beliefs about the circumstances that brought about all our modern day faiths Athanasios has a remarkable grasp on historical religions and myths and legends and their influence on the modern day right down to the everyday choices we make In the end, I d have to give Mad Gods a four star rating because there are formatting issues that took me out of the story at first I thought that it was patterned for dialogue and wondered at it until I noticed that there really was no discernable pattern and I was thereafter able to disregard it and just continue reading There are also some punctuation errors though I want to stress that they didn t interrupt the story or take from the storyline for me I do believe that this is not a work for anyone who is easily offended or for kids because there are openly sexual encounters and though they re realistically not terribly descriptive, they are not for those who don t like written illustrations of same sex encounters I really liked Mad Gods and believe that anyone with an open mind will think the exact same thing I did when they read it Well done, Athanasios Mad Gods is a repurposing and reimagining of mythology and religion As such, there is a lot of information here back story, legends, reinvented interpretations of famous historical occurrences, and how they all piece together in a big ole Xian conspiracy The book touches on correlations between myths that have always fascinated me, with the adage that everyone believes has faith in the same thing, only in different ways and some of them, not so great.
This is a killer book At times, very shocking, but in a way that isn t outrageous just an uncomfortable reminder that life is cruel and too often we see things through rose colored glasses At other times, it is an upbeat view of pop culture 60s amidst the despair and devastation caused by the Darkness.
Lyrical writing, poetic in tone, as well as absolutely vivid imagery There are dozens of lines that made me pause and re read because they ring so full of truth.
As a girl whose own faith operates by duality light and dark, black and white yet she exists in a blessedly gray area in between, this novel resonated with me I m looking forward to spending time with Adam in the next book The Antichrist Lives He Is Wanted Dead Or Alive By Satanists, The Catholic Church And The Dark NobilityKostadino Must Save Him Or Let The World Turn Into Hell On EarthWhat I Liked About Mad Gods Was That The Author Started The Reader Out On A Journey Right From The Onset Of The Book The Plot Was Well Written, Easy To Understand, And Thought Provoking Cheryl BradshawMad Gods Takes Its Reader On A Spellbinding Journey That Spans Different Continents And Time Periods The Author Seamlessly Weaves An Intricate Plot That Connects An Array Of Fascinating Characters That Propel The Momentum Of This Wonderfully Ambitious NarrativeAman S Anand