[Janet Mullany] Ò Tell Me More [adventure PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ In many ways this book is a thowback the vintage sleaze pulps of the 1960 s of which I am an avid collector Those irresistible books were primarily marketed to men and written in the colorful language of the day required to stay out of trouble with the censors at Post Master s Office Tell Me More is of course written in the direct descriptive prose of the modern erotic genre and is marketed primarily to women But I can assure you this kind of stuff is read by heterosexual males seeking a voyeuristic guilty pleasure just as the vintage pulps were.
It is hard to give a detailed review of this book without coming across like a pervert It has to be evaluated the same way a pure escapism junk action novel or movie is Is it well crafted, paced with urgency, and do the action setpieces deliver In this case the sex scenes are the action sequences that hold the book together and suffice to say they do deliver.
One of the reasons this book caught my attention is it shares a similar premise and themes to many of Joan Ellis s Midwood novels and to the 1990 guilty pleasure cult movie Body Chemistry.
This book was sexy, smutty, and delightful The main character, Jo, has some delightfully wonderful sexual encounters Some are sweet and some are kinky as all get out Let me just say that Jo and I had a tumultuous relationship I loved her, then I adored her, then I was rooting in her corner, then I hated her, and then we met back at the comfortable place of my loving her again Jo and I finally worked out our differences as soon as she got over her mysterious, late night phone sex caller Oh yes ladies and gents, there s a whole slew of sexual debauchery in this book Sex clubs, threesomes, hairy bush, phone sex, sex games, anything your little perverted heart desires.
In all seriousness, the author, Janet Mullany weaves a tale of a seemingly vanilla woman, living the life of a late night radio jockey for classical music She gets mixed up in this fantasy world and when reality knocks on her door in the form of lovable, kind of heartbroken, delicious, Irish Patrick Jo has a hard time getting back to reality and she can t seem to remember how much I love Patrick Okay, fine, that s irrational, he s a fictional character but I love him.
seriously Either way, this a really great read with a shocking ending I will definitely be on the look out for from this author and so should all of you.
Tell Me Every Dirty Detail Jo Hutchinson Is Obsessed With A Man She S Never Seen Only Heard Her Late Night Calls From The Office To The Mysterious Mr D Grow Increasingly Intimate, Until They Finally Become Full Blown Phone Sex Still, Jo Doesn T Dare Meet Him Instead, She Embarks On A Series Of Sizzling Sexual Escapades With Other Guys, Sharing Every Sweaty Moment With Mr D Afterward, A Passion By Proxy Arrangement They Both Get Off On But Even As She S Charting Brave New Naughty Worlds, Jo Knows That It S All Really For Mr D Every Pleasure She Experiences Eagerly, Athletically, Vocally Is To Please HimImmersed In Fantasy, Reality Just Slips Away Even The Chance At That Elusive Combination Of Love And Lust Her New Tenant, Patrick, An Irish Hunk In Geek S Clothing, Is Totally Into Her And In Her Lucid Moments, Jo Knows She Feels The Same Can She Tear Herself Away From Her Kinky Dreamworld Long Enough To Appreciate What S Right In Front Of Her Or Has Mr D Ruined Her For Real Life I didn t know what to expect from this ARC of Janet Mullany s Tell Me More But I can say this I wanted Mullany to tell me I wasn t ready for it to end This is steamy steamy And while the sexual scenes and situations were nothing new to me ahem , I haven t read many novels lately that delve into the sensuous underbelly that this novel does three and somes, public displays at play parties, snarky comments about the uncircumcised I loved it I took to the character of Jo right away perhaps because she is a smart ass and I like that in my female leads What I couldn t cotton, though, was her willingness to put herself in so many sexually adventurous read sexually perilous situations, with so many strangers, in such a small space of time I can forgive Jo for doing the nasty with her hunky Irish tenant man, I love a hot Irishman , but there s quite a parade of cads getting an all access tour of Jo s vagina, and that s just unseemly behavior for a supposed smart woman.
In the beginning of this deliciously sordid tale, I was getting a lot out of the sessions between Jo and her gentleman caller, Mr D, but after while that whole thing seemed to get out of hand and perhaps, away from the author I know I was inhaling this one, but I still haven t figured what Jake did to Jo when he was serving as Mr D s proxy And I still don t know how I can forgive Jo for her gross error the first time she and Patrick have their special date night Really How could she be so dumb I don t know what to chalk Jo s stupidity up to she doesn t seem to be totally naive in the beginning of the book, so how could she make a succession of huge mistakes Ah, well This ain t rocket science, but it certainly can help you get your rocks off I enjoyed it, and if you re ready for a bit of randy, raunchy fun, this is the book for you.
Jo is a personality at a local radio station and has a big problemthe man who is stealing all her sexy thoughts and guiding her promiscuous behavior is a man she has never actually never met Jo talks to the elusive and mysterious Mr D on her office phone, late at night when no one is around The lines of fantasy and reality begin to blur as she conducts her sexual life with the sole thought of rehashing every little detail with her sexy stranger Can she pull herself together enough to have a real relationship with a real flesh and blood man I was very excited about reading this book, I thought the story line was fresh and fun and sexy and it had all the ingredients for an excellent read.
Right away I loved the heroine Jo was a great combination of sexy, smart and funnyvery funny, in fact I was laughing out loud on multiple occasions throughout the book Jo s humor wasn t enough to sustain my attention though In the beginning, I thought she was smart and confident and I liked that she seemed to own her sexuality by never apologizing for her behavior As the story went on, I saw that Jo was not the confident character she seemed to be in the beginning and smartnah I can t say that she was smart because she seemed to always be making poor decisions and did not have a firm grasp on reality I viewed her as a bit of a sluther promiscuity comes across as slutty not liberated By books end, I actually ended up not like Jo at all As supporting characters go, I would liked to have seen a stronger friend for her to lean on as she obviously needed that in her life Then, the menthere were just too many men to evaluateit was a revolving door Patrick was the only man noteworthy enough to mention and I don t know why he even stuck around I actually began to question his mental stability for getting involved with her in the first place Every man that I know would haul ass in the opposite direction and would certainly NOT become intimately involved with the likes of Jo I did like him though I thought maybe if he were a longtime friend and already had some sort of vested interest in her life it would have been a believable relationship, but I just wasn t feeling it It was way too new in the relationship, in my opinion to be dealing with Jo s brand of drama.
This is the first book I have read by Janet Mullany and I am pretty sure it will be the last I was terribly confused with her writing style Her shifting point of view and abrupt shift in scenes distracted from the story I found on MANY occasions that I had to re read entire sections, sometimes multiple times to get a handle on what was happening It was a frustrating aspect that really brought my rating of this book way down It was so distracting that by Chapter 9, I seriously contemplated not finishing the book at that time, I had too much invested in the book and I wanted to know the the outcome Honestly, I would have rated this higher if there had been better distinction between the scene shiftshere is just one example of the aforementioned shift view spoiler I m hard again, he said, almost apologetically I wasn t aware he d deflated at any point, and I had a feeling I d come across the used condom in the bed pretty soon Then let s do something about it I handed him a condom and watched him roll it on, kneeling above me And I ll go on top Will you come like that Almost definitely It was sweet how concerned he was with my orgasms, when I, or any other woman, could out orgasm him, or any other man, until the cows came home.
And I did Or at least, until the arrival, not of any cows, but of my new tenant I guess this is it, Patrick said.
Elise leaned her head against his shoulder You ve been so great about it all Hey, stop it Next thing you ll be inviting me back in and then we ll start all over again You re right She stepped out of his arms and he felt as though he were ripping up inside It was a definite physical sensation, a weird tingle down his arms, adrenaline maybe, or a heart attack He waited Was he about to drop dead on his soon to be ex wife s or rather, his own doorstep hide spoiler Holy moly I had no clue what this was about when I randomly picked it from the books I had downloaded to my ereader from NetGalley, but once I started it I could not put it down Extremely steamy, and various types of sex throughout the whole thing I really liked Jo She was funny, a smart ass, and made plenty of mistakes to keep her real It was pretty clear to see from the outside when she was making a big one, trusting the wrong people, etc But the story would have been pretty boring if she did everything she should have done She was unapologetic about what she wanted at the time, and as long as she wasn t hurting anyone, I say good for her I liked that she discovered that maybe she did want out of life than what she was getting, and hopefully she got a little smarter My only complaint is I wish there would have been relationship building with Patrick It was implied, but he was such a great character that I would have loved of him.
2 stars for the story heroine did stupid and illogical things 3 stars for the sex scenes which is most of the book.
STORY BRIEF Jo works as a classical music radio announcer late at night She gets regular phone calls at work from someone she calls Mr D She does not want to meet him in person She tells him about her sexual activities with other men, usually embellishing Jo s boyfriend of three years Hugh was having affairs, so she kicked him out of her home Patrick is going through a divorce and moves into Jo s home as a tenant Jo has sex with various men she meets One of them invites her to join the Association, a sex club.
REVIEWER S OPINION This book is mostly explicit sex scenes, about 24, plus additional talk about sex There are sex toys, bondage, whipping, and rear door activity There is a lot of self pleasuring There is group sex and a minor amount of male male and female female activity There is one scene that I found surprisingly arousing I don t know why page 103 Jo is having lunch with the Chairman of the Association and two men who are Association members After she agrees to join, the Chairman says Before you go, Miss Hutchinson, there s one thing He beckoned to one of the waiters, who stepped forward A gesture of good faith, if you will Then Jo and the waiter have sex while the three men and another waiter watch and pleasure themselves.
The plot, motivations, and heroine s actions were weak Heroine did illogical and stupid things which had me shaking my head Don t read this for the story read this if you want lots of sex scenes I found them ok for explicit sex.
The definition of romance requires the couple be together at the end This barely qualifies They weren t together but their actions hinted that they would be in the future unless she continued doing stupid and illogical things which was her habit It was an assumed happy ending I d prefer something specific view spoiler CAUTION SPOILERS 1 The worst part for me was she s in love with A, but she decides to have sex with B This hurt A, and he broke up with her I was bothered that the author never showed the sex scene with B or the conversation leading up to it I don t know why she did it This omission was unsatisfying and made me angry 2 I hated the fact that Jo had sex with men she had just met, then when she has sex with Patrick she insists on no condom How inconsiderate and reckless of her 3 In the beginning Mr D wants to tell her his name and she says no Later when she wants to talk to him he disappears I would have liked seeing each one s motivations for this approach avoidance 4 Another minor plot problem was that someone caused her bike accident Who caused it and why were never answered hide spoiler This is a Reading Good books review.
This is a good example of well written erotica Of course, it had a lot of hot steamy sex, yet it also had a solid story And characters you can actually care about Even the cover sets it slightly apart from most erotica books out there It didn t have a hunk of a man posed in a scenic tableau, just a tastefully nude woman and the title against a black background leaving a lot to the imagination Tell me indeed.
The book is about Jo Hutchinson, a 20 something late night DJ who recently broke up with her longtime boyfriend During her shifts at the radio station, she receives these phone calls from an avid listener that eventually turn into phone sex As her ex boyfriends moves out, a hot Irishman, Patrick, becomes her tenant There certainly is an attraction between Jo and Patrick and Jo and this mystery caller who calls himself Mr D Jo goes on to realize that fantasy is not always better than reality.
You know that saying When God closes a door, He opens a window You can apply that to Jo and her partners More like opening a couple of windows, or replacing the single door with a revolving one Sure, she just lost her boyfriend but saw a lot of action in the bedroom There are a LOT of sexy and sex scenes in this book But it s not just that There is definitely a steady plot progression that I liked a lot Jo s conversations with Mr D while in the DJ booth were really hot There s one scene with Patrick towards the end that, I think, was probably the hottest of all I m not particularly a fan of bondage stories but even those scenes I found hot.
Jo s not the only one who got major action in the story Her best friend Kim had her share too She s the Samantha equivalent to Jo s Carrie And there s Patrick I was rooting for him and Jo I liked Mr D s mysteriousness but once the curtains were lifted, the magic was gone But Patrick was just so sweet, such a gentleman And he s a hot geek I ve read other reviews saying that they didn t like the ending I did I felt that it went full circle and definitely utilized the title very well.
Rating 4 5.
Recommendation Fans of erotica Readers with an overactive imagination would need to lock their doors and turn up the music.

Too Much And Not Nearly Enough Warning This book contains explicit scenes of a graphic sexual nature and is not suitable for all readers Given my opinion of certain sections of the book, portions of this review are not suitable for all readers, either.
Late night on air radio personality Jo Hutchinson has feelings for a man she s never met He calls into her show and talks to her, has for months now, and the openness and honesty in those talks form the bonds of a deep connection, until her life on and off air seems to revolve around those calls She doesn t even know his name, yet as time goes on, he becomes her world.
At his prompting, maybe even his genteel urging, Jo slips into a world of sexual expression and fantasy the likes of which she d never known She gives herself over to it in wild abandon, and all with one thought telling Mr D every erotic detail for their mutual sexual satisfaction, as their conversations are as sexually stimulating as her physical encounters Sometimes so.
As her journey into the world of fantasy pulls her further and further away from the life and friends she s known, Jo slowly starts to realize that there is a sinister side to sexuality, a dangerous side, and her Mr D has been keeping secrets from her as he manipulated her into situations that proved untenable It isn t until Jo tries to distance herself from the Association, a fancy name for the sex club she joined, that she starts to realize that life outside her fantasies has something in its favor Most notably the good looking, slightly geeky Patrick Delaney, who reminds Jo just what it means to connect to someone in reality.
Walking away from the dark side is never without its risks, however, and is nowhere near as clean a break as she d hoped Her past haunts her, people from it harass her, and none of them want to let her go Least of all the duplicitous Mr D In an ideal world, I d read a book, review it, then start the next one in my obscenely large pile of TBRs I do not live in an ideal world For Tell Me More, though, that turns out to be a good thing, because if I had reviewed this book upon finishing it, this would be a much different review with a much lower rating I ve calmed down about it now, but the last quarter of this book had the unfortunate result of pissing me off than any book I ve read in recentand not so recent memory.
For the first seventy percent of it, I was quite entertained by the quirky character of Jo and the utterly enchanting Patrick There s a lot of sex in the book even for an erotic romance, there s a hell of a lot of sex, but the scenes are well written and though explicit, they didn t seem crass or overly gratuitous What impressed me most about the book, however, was that when I looked beyond the sex, I found a surprisingly complex and darkly tragic tale of a woman with a deep seated and long standing fear of emotional intimacy and the road she travels as she sublimates for that with increasingly wild sexual intimacy following the breakup of a long term relationship.
This is a woman who reflects on the moments of her emotional withdrawal from her ex boyfriend long before their breakup, who refuses to find out Mr D s name or meet him in person, even after he asks, who freezes up and walks away from a swinger sex scene when she catches a glimpse of emotion between two of the characters, who withdraws and withholds from the man who genuinely loves her, and who royally bollockses up her relationship with him in the single most heinously stupid and cruel way at the most unforgivable time Jo is one flawed, messed up character, and I thought that made both her and her story interestingto a point.
Also surprising considering the flagrant sexuality, the narrative has a lovely tongue in cheek, naughty humor that flirts with, but doesn t cross over into raunchy Jo, for all her flaws, is a funny girl, and through shifting points of view that include first person from her perspective, there are plenty of opportunities to be entertained by that alone Patrick is also a very affable, quick witted chap who is quite easy to love as he recovers from the dissolution of his marriage and starts falling for Jo.
For the first almost three quarters of this book, I was drawn in and fascinated by the story Even the parts that made me a little uncomfortable e.
g the sex club seemed a portent of impending conflict and a reflection of Jo s intimacy issues than were in any way an annoyance Then the book hit the seventy percent mark, Jo popped a whole bottle of Stupid pills, became an idiot, a liar, and a cheating whore with no redeeming traits whatsoever, and then boo hoo d her way into the record books as one of the most repugnant creatures I ve ever had the misfortune to experience in fiction.
To make that craptastic pile of shit even worse, the story stopped making sense, dropped every single plot thread that could have provided some measure of understanding, lost what modicum of good taste it possessed, and careened into wretched, unforgivable melodramatic angst with all the enthusiasm of an alcoholic at an open bar.
I started this book thinking it was an erotic romance If that was the intent, it failed utterly for me on all fronts There was nothing sufficiently redemptive or explanatory in the final chapters of the book to forgive Jo s unpardonable actions, and what I read in no way resembled a satisfying HEA It is only when I look at this book through the lens of erotic fiction that I can be objective and appreciate the first three quarters of it Appreciating anything about the final quarter, though, is beyond me even then Disclosure An ARC of this book was provided to me by Spice books publisher Harlequin via NetGalley This rating, review, and all included thoughts and comments are my own.
Reviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another.
3 5 Stars This was provided to me by NetGalley Jo is a radio D.
J on a classical music station She works the late shift and manages the administrative department of the station during the early morning hours While working her late night shifts, Jo gets a call from a listener, Mr D, and pretty soon the calls become regular What starts out as something innocent, talking about everything from former lovers to music, quickly turns into full blown phone sex Every night, without fail, Mr D calls and Jo gives him steamy details of her love life.
Jo has an apartment over her house that she rents out to sexy Irishman, Patrick It becomes clear that Patrick is interested in than just a tenant relationship with Jo, and she cannot hide her obvious attraction to him either Soon after starting her sexy calls with Mr D, Jo is interested to a whole host of people and somehow gets mixed up in a sex club Soon after, things start to heat up between she and Patrick and it becomes obvious that she has feelings for him Does Patrick find out about Jo s crazy sex club Does she ever meet Mr D There were a lot of things I really liked about this book Number one, it was HILARIOUS The dialog and banter between the heroine and all the other characters had me laughing out loud several times The heroine is definitely a smart ass and extremely witty I loved Patrick His Irish background was fascinating and watching him fall for Jo was very enjoyable This man was quite an attentive lover as well and definitely had me breathless at times The sex in this is HOT So, if anal, menage, graphic language, etc ain t your thing, don t even bother I was extremely confused throught the story with POV It starts out in First person, but also goes to 3rd and the cutoffs didn t transition well at all That was incredibly annoying and really took away from being able to totally get into the story The author makes mention about a gazillion times that Jo has the body of a dancer from her former dancer background The only problem is, there s never any real information about that background For the most part, I just didn t like Jo at all She could easily classify as a slut, sleeping with three different man before one hundred pages into the book To me, this showed lack of self confidence and security on her part, and I detest that in a heroine She s all tough girl on the outside, but then beds everyone in the next breath Then, and this brought my rating down a whole star, she does something to Patrick that just pissed me off terribly Seriously, I huffed and puffed It made me so mad, I ALMOST didn t finish the story, and everything after that was really a blur because I was so pissed.
This story doesn t have a traditional HEA For me, I like an HEA because it makes me feel good, but I realize in reality that that is not always the case.
Overall, this book is enjoyable The writing is very good and again, I did enjoye the humor I could ve overlooked that pesky POV thing, but Jo just really did it in for me so I had to drop the rating 3 Stars