[T.C. Lee] â Assume The Position [high-fantasy PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ð Regan Taylor Is Already Heading Toward A Date She D Rather Not Entertain She Thinks Her Night Can T Get Any Worse, Until Blue Lights Illuminate The Night Behind Her, And The Strong, Commanding Voice At Her Window Strikes A Nerve She Didn T Know Was ThereOfficer Alex Shaw Is Amused When The Innocent Brown Eyed Woman Staring Up At Him Starts To Argue At His Accusations She Awakens A Part Of Him That He Has Kept Locked Away Despite His Haunting Past, Pieces Of His Dominant Side Peek Out, And He Lets Her Go With A Warning Not To Speed Through His Zone AgainWhen Sparks Fly Between Them, Regan Sets Out On A Mission Of Self Discovery, But Soon Finds Out The Intense Desire Alex Brings Out In Her, Leaves Him Cold Can Alex Overcome His Past And Act On His Dark Desires With Her, Or Is It Too Late Regan Taylor, a little shy, completely over men is talked into a date by her best friend, a date she really doesn t want Late as usual she speeds down the highway and into her future Alex Shaw, cop, control freak, skiddish around women and fighting his past while on duty sees a speeder and pulls her overand looks into his future This novella written by T.
C Lee aka Tina Carriero is a leap into the naughty world of erotica and she does it well Her hero struggling with self esteem issues and heroine who finds a whole new piece of her sensuality puzzle are well rounded and thought out characters The reader is able to make an emotional connection to both characters In fact we really wanted story.
a novella just didn t explore the potential of these two personalities Her plot for a novella was great, beginning, middle and ending and although sex was definitely part of the book it wasn t the WHOLE book as you often find in erotica A truly enjoyable read and I look forward to exploring of her Darker Side of Blue SeriesKeep it up Tina TC Love your character development A solid 4 stars for this tease into EroticaWe need a full length book in this series.
It so hot that it s become HAWT I think I have to fan myself after I ve read it maybe go looking into some silk rope I m also going to be blushing furiously the next time I get pulled over I ll never look at police officers the same way It s a novella about Alex, a police officer with a sexual scar from his past, and a young women with trust issues, no family, and few friends They meet when she gets pulled over by Alex while on her way to a date she has zero interest in It s mainly just a favor for her one friend and boy, oh boy, do sparks fly from the first moment they meet Pros It s HAWT Did I mention that yet Like you re going to have to change your underwear after reading it HAWT It s really got a plot, and characters it s not just mindless BDSM porn put to paper And it s hot Cons Way too short I want How hard would it be to talk my husband into trying some of this, I wonder.
It s a wonder, hot, fast read that you can squeeze in between books when you need a shot of good, hard sex And looking at the boys in blue will never, ever be the same

Assume The Position is a sexy story full of lies and betrayal that will make you long to have a commanding man in uniform of your very own Regan Taylor is fairly innocent and inexperienced in her interaction with members of the opposite sex She has few friends and prefers to avoid the dating scene because, in her experience, it has always led to disappointment When her roommate, Kate begs her to play wing woman for the night on a double date, she grudgingly agrees In a fantastic twist of fate, on her way to the date she was already late for, Regan gets pulled over by a very healthy, very manly, Officer Alex Shaw Meeting Officer Shaw for the first time ignites a fire that has been begging to be stoked for way to long his firm and domineering tone flips a switch inside her that demands to be explored Officer Shaw is equally intrigued by the blushing beauty before him and is determined to discover her needs Once uncovered, he is confident he is the only one who can fulfill her desires When you are ready to ASSUME THE POSITION, plan for a night in, because this will be one you will not want to put down Reviewed on I Bookie Nookie ReviewsIf you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups Check us out Menage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group HOLY HOT books BATMAN This books is INTENSE Def not for the feint of heart 18 if you are easily offended, do not read any further T.
C Lee has unleashed a sexual tidal wave titled Assume The Position When Alex, the playboy police officer with skeletons in his closet meets shy withdrawn Regan who does not know herself very well, sparks fly and hand cuffs are the ignitor for a very intense story with an incredible story line and plenty of heat to set a huge fire In this fast pace Novella by TC Lee, we enter the world of Regan who has a lonely past, a best friend that never has her own interest at heart and a set up date with a guy Regan feels is creepy Due to her faithfulness to her best friend Kate, she agrees to go out with the creep friend of Kate s boyfriend, Jeremy Regan knows deep down there is just something off about this guy but Kate is her best friend.
Running late as usual, Regan sees the blue and reds of a police car and knows she is BUSTED for speeding She never expects a God of a man to walk up to her She instantly realizes that this man may have what she has been missing her whole life.
Pizza, Donuts, silk and handcuffs I will say no read THE BOOK Make sure you do not plan anything for about an hour because you will NOT put this book down