[Fiona Brand] ☆ A Tangled Affair (The Pearl House #2) [street-art PDF] Read Online ✓ A Tangled Affair by Fiona BrandCouldn t really get into this book as I felt bombarded with a ton of names that didn t seem to pair up with who they were to pair up with, their spouses Although a bunch of places are mentioned there is no real detail to them, as to take me away from where I m physically at right now I didn t feel any part of this book I did read she had to break up the couple because she just might be pregnant but he was going to marry the other woman anyways That just doesn t sit right with me and that s probably the one thing that stuck in my mind Book just didn t seem to have a lot of substance By the time you get to the end you do find out there was a ton of misunderstandings the whole book but they set things right at the end.
This is a Harlequin Desire book the second in The Pearl House series by Fiona Brand I found this to be a quick read You dive right in and it keeps you going I love books that grab you and hold your attention throughout the story This was the story of Carla Ambrosi and Lucas Atraeus When they first meet it is during a time when their families are feuding and it wouldn t benefit anyone to know that the two of them were carrying on an affair So for personal reasons for both of them, they kept a two year affair going on the sly When their feuding family problems have finally been resolved, Carla is hoping that Lucas will want to make their relationship known and they could then get engaged Carla has been in love with Lucas from the start but, she has never had an easy time reading his feelings Conversely, upon the reconciliation of the family issues, Lucas now wants to end the affair and crushes Carla s hope for a future together Lucas is carrying some old baggage from an earlier relationship that went bad, where his girlfriend at the time was killed in an automobile accident and he tends to feel that Carla is of the same variety as his old girlfriend and doesn t feel Carla is good wife material Yet, when the two of them are together the air fairly tingles with the sexual tension and Lucas has a hard time really letting go of Carla Will the two of them ever be able to say goodbye to each other They D Been Embroiled In A Hot, Secret Affair Until Lucas Atraeus S And Carla Ambrosi S Feuding Families Were Merged By Marriage And Business Suddenly The Situation Was Complicated Burned By The Past, Lucas Has Never Let His Heart Rule His Head Now, With Carla Closer Than He Had Ever Imagined She Would Be, Their Affair Must EndSaying Goodbye To Such Intense Passion Is Not Easy As He S Now Carla S BossBut Even As He Sets Out To Choose An Appropriate Bride One Who Won T Break Down His Guard Lucas Fears He S Fighting A Losing Battle Sometimes Temptation Is Meant To Be Seized Jerk, selfish, manipulative, SOB I thought this was hot and heavy and I really was enjoying the passion between themI lost it mid way through, I was feeling a bit confused because all he seemed to do was be mean to her and she just seemed very vulnerable.
I think her character was actually interesting for MB She started off coming across as very shallow and a man eater to being very vulnerable and essentially a virgin but not I liked the difference of her character and she actually wasn t that bad at standing up for herself.
This was a good story,adored Carla,she stood up for what she believed but when it came to Lucas she was weak,Lucas a jerk almost till the end otherwise the book had me gripped from start till the end,Lucas s actions has made me doubt his love for Carla and also there was no grovelling which disappointed me.
Meh Pretty boring.
Two years ago, Lucas Atraeus had a mad secret affair with Carla Ambrosi Their families were riyals in the business world until Ambrosi Pearls hit financial troubles and his brother s engagement to her sister fell apart Lucas had vowed after his marriage to a spoiled party girl when she died in a car accident that he wouldn t ever trust his heart and he knew Carla said she didn t want committeemen but her eye s betrayed her.
Carla Ambrosi missed Lucas since he had been in the states for two months and she knew he was the best man at his brother s wedding and that she would see him there He hadn t returned her telephone call nor her text messages and she had dressed with his seduction in mindFiona Brand spins a fiery story of Lucas and Carla s explosive passion as they tried to convinced themselves that their affair was over Then they had unprotected sex.

The hero and heroine were lovers and when the relationship was becoming much intimate than the hero intended, he decided to break it off So he involved another woman and hurt her immensely Then he found out she might be pregnant, so he asked her to marry him Only to find out he was going to ask the other woman to marry him When the heroine finds out she s not pregnant, she leaves him Only for out hero to discover he does in face love our heroine.
The hero was such a dick I m serious, he was mean, manipulative and heartless I wanted to kick him in the nuts, repeated blows The heroine was so beautiful and strong, it was sad what the hero did to her She deserved better I guess you can t choose who you love unfortunately The hero didn t deserve her This was a good book, mostly I liked Carla She had been with Lucas, even though it was secretly, for two years She knew she was in love with him, and even though he had been rather reserved lately, she thought he loved her too Then he suddenly broke things off and was seen with another woman Lucas felt things were getting too serious with Carla, who reminded him of a bad experience with a woman several years earlier He felt fine with an affair, but when he started getting too emotionally involved he pulled back I liked the way that Carla tried to keep herself together, to hold on to her pride after Lucas dumped her in a very cruel way Unfortunately for her, she still loved him Lucas found that even though he had broken things off, he was still obsessed with Carla He couldn t keep his hands off her, and he hated the idea of another man getting close to her I had a real problem with his obsessive, controlling behavior He just couldn t let go, but couldn t give her what she needed either I didn t like the way that he was constantly manipulating things to his advantage The only reason I rated this a four instead of a three was because I liked seeing Carla drive him nuts He came through in the end, but I think he needed to grovel a lot than he did.