[ Pdf Fallen Star Series (Fallen Star, #1-3) ☆ games PDF ] by Jessica Sorensen ½ Ugh this series was just so bad I got through the first book and half of the second before giving up The characters were shallow and predictable, and the writing wasn t very good either Don t read these books, just don t Especially if you re an impressionable teenage girl You just don t need this kind of junk in your brain The whole this guy is such a self absorbed jerk but I m pretty sure he loves me even though he treats me like crap thing is just sough It needs to die already That whole theme needs to die.
Couldn t finish I tried, I really did This book is RIDDLED with typos, grammatical errors, and continuity issues The dialogue is super flat, as are the characters It contradicts itself as it goes nowhere at a snail s pace AVOID.

It s all my daughters fault lol She s the one that got me hooked on reading YA Paranormal books when she handed me Cassandra Claire s first 3 books of The Mortal Instruments I wasn t a big reader for many years, I d pick up a western now n then to read, but it would take me sometimes a month or longer to read it Since I ve become somewhat disabled tho, I ve picked up reading, to the point of asking my 2 kids to get me a Kindle for my birthday 2 yrs ago As far as reading a book in 3 days or less, like my daughter, lol, that still doesn t happen.
But, these 3 books by Jessica Sorensen was one of those exceptions, I read this 3 book collection in less than a week that s great for me, lol This is an awesome series, very intense, with a different type of paranorm, rather than the usual Vampire, werewolf thing which I do love , and it kept my interest the whole time and couldn t wait to get my hands on book 4 Highly recommend read on xoxox This book has the first three books in the Fallen Star Series I really enjoyed all three of these books I love the story line it is very unique I have never read any book with a story like this so it was most enjoyable The character s are wonderful as well It has romance, lots of action, and lots of growing up for the character s It s about Gemma finally having emotions she never had before There is a prophecy and she is the star of it She and her new friends have to go through a whole lot to uncover the real truth about everything And they all find out who the real enemy is I highly recommend this book, and series It is really good, and you won t be disappointed These books dragged Felt like it was the never ending story and also, how many times have I heard this story Not my fav.
Started off very interesting but the boy is such a creep, I got bored with the little nothing kisses I didn t believe she could love him, and vice versa Sorry As I ve said before, Wonderful These books are astonishing I can not stop reading them They re so good I ve read them all so fast Fallen stars by jessicasorensenauthor is a YA paranormal series.
I have read all the books in the series It has definitely a unique storyline about a fallen star and its power splitting up into two and allAnd there are Gemma and Alex.
Gosh , i completely adore this electricity thing that makes both of theirs skin buzz.
I donno about other readers , but i find this quite romantic Urhh who wouldn t.
Guys these two do not need to have romantic feelings towards each other for that deep tingling effect.
So basically the story revolves around Gemma who eventually as the story progresses start having emotions she never had before.
She and her friends fight to uncover the real truth behind all the troubles they are facing.
Its a wonderful book and i think a movie shud be made out of it offcourse, if it does not already exists.
books Of The Fallen Star SeriesIn Book One, The Fallen Star, Eighteen Year Old Gemma S Life Has Never Been Normal Up Until Recently, She Has Been Incapable Of Feeling Emotion And When She S Around Alex, The Gorgeous New Guy At School, She Can Feel Electricity That Makes Her Skin Buzz Not To Mention The Monsters That Haunt Her Nightmares Have Crossed Over Into Real Life But With Alex Seeming To Hate Her And Secrets Popping Up Everywhere, Gemma S Life Is Turning Into A Chaotic Mess Things That Shouldn T Be Real Suddenly Seem To Exist And As Her World Falls Apart, Figuring Out The Secrets Of Her Past Becomes A Matter Of Life And Death In Book Two, The Underworld, Gemma Thought Her Mind Was Gone, But She Was Wrong And Now She Is Left Trying To Figure Out The Truth To What Stephan Is Planning To Do With Her And The Star, Before It S Too LateBut Finding Out The Truth Is Hard, Especially Since Gemma Doesn T Know Who She Can Trust There May Be Only One Person Who Gemma Can Turn To For Answers, But That Means Having To Go To The One Place No One Wants To Go The UnderworldIn Book Three, The Vision, Gemma Thought She Was Trapped That Stephan Had Finally Won But Then Time Resets And She S Given Another ChanceThe Clock Is Ticking As Gemma Tries To Figure Out How To Change The Vision That Ends The World In Ice If She Can, Then Maybe She Can Save The World From Stephan And Give Her And Alex A Chance At A Real Future But Changing Visions Can Be Dangerous, And Sometimes One Small Mistake Can Lead To Disastrous ResultsBookWhisperer S Review May , Out Of Stars This Is Definitely A Book To Be Recommended Katina Hernandez S Tigris Eden Review May , Out Stars There Are So Many Twists And Turns In The Story And The Ending Will Leave You Wanting Sorensen Wrote A Dark And Intriguing Book Book Passion For Life S Review June , Overall, This Is A Fantastic Debut Novel Jessica Has Done A Great Job And I M Dying To Get My Hands On The Next Book books Of The Fallen Star SeriesBook The Fallen StarBook Th Underworld Book The Vision Book The Promise NOW AVAILABLE fallen star series