[ Read Online One Tough Cowboy (Stallion Pass, #2) ñ esoterica PDF ] by Sara Orwig Ì What Was A Cowboy To Do When Josh Kellogg Had Rescued A Stubborn Damsel In Distress From Her Burning Car, He Figured That Was The Last He D See Of Her But Without Any ID Or Memory Of Who She Was, And With Trouble On Her Tail, It Looked Like Ms Laurie Smith Might Need A Little Rescuing And She D Picked Josh To Play Her Knight In Shining ArmorJosh Was A Confirmed Bachelor He Knew Better Than To Get Involved With His Lovely And Temporary Houseguest Still, The Sizzling Passion They Shared Was Undeniable, And It Threatened To Burn Down The Walls Around This Cowboy S Guarded Heart But Once Laurie Remembered Her Past, Would She Still Desire A Future With Josh