Trailer ì His Brand of Passion PDF by ✓ Kate Hewitt Not a compelling read Hated the heroine She was arrogant and annoying She made assumptions about the hero but was really describing herself.
His Brand of Passion is an emotional and heart wrenching book which explores the consequences of Aaron and Zoe letting everything go in a moment of lust.
Their worlds come clashing together and then tips over on its axis, throwing everything they both know completely off kilter When I picked it up today I knew it d brighten my otherwise wet day and I was left 100% satisfied.
Billionaire Aaron Bryant lives and breathes his work He s the head of Bryant Enterprises and trying to deflect a take over so when care free coffee shop worker Zoe Parker spys him texting during the wedding of their respective siblings she deftly whips the phone out of his possession This leads them down a path of the most incredible one night stand resulting in a life long consequence.
I was emotionally caught up in this book because of my own life experiences and I think that Kate has done a fantastic job with the trauma Zoe eventually faces No, I haven t been lucky enough to have catch my own billionaire but I have gone through a similar experience to Zoe and I felt my heart strings really pulling for her which I credit to Kate for exceptional writing My emotions and feelings made me quite teary I m glad counselling was suggested, I know these books aren t real but when dealing with a real issue people need to know they re not alone and counselling for loss can be very beneficial.
I loved how a few of the story lines in His Brand of Passion were unconventional for a Presents line It s not often the father of the baby tries to coerce the mother with lashings of money to terminate I think it worked well, I liked how it was handled by Zoe and I liked that Aaron spent the rest of his time regretting his stupid and highly offending offer There are two other un conventions, or rather one un conventional twist with the business side of things and a rare story line in terms of the baby I don t want to elaborate for fear of spoilers but I loved this book all the for them, it changed it up in terms of the norm and delivers something different for the fans of this genre I applaud any author who can do that.
I give a book 5 stars if I m invested in the characters, if I couldn t bare to put it down, if I enjoyed the interaction of characters, and the path the author takes me on and if I close it at the end thinking that was one hell of a read All of these things happened so I give Kate Hewitt s His Brand of Passion a resounding solid 5 stars.
Money Usually Solves Everything Billionaire Aaron Bryant Lives And Works On A Knife S Edge His Dark, Brooding Persona And Fearsome Reputation Hide A Shameful Family Secret So Sassy Maid Of Honor Zoe Parker Is An Unwelcome Distraction When, At His Brother S Wedding, She Hides Aaron S Ever Ringing Phone Down Her Tight Pink Dress But Aaron S Never Had A Problem Like This Before Aaron S Arrogant, Skilled Retrieval Of His Property Sparks A Chemistry That Ends In A Mind Blowing One Night Stand But Such Uncontrollable Passion Leaves An Indelible Mark On Their Lives He Never Expected To See Zoe Again, Until Two Little Lines Appeared On A Stick Everyone knows that Kate Hewitt is my top favorite Mills Boon Harlequin author and I will read any book that she writes.
The third and final book in Kate Hewitt s Bryant Brothers Trilogy, is the story of Aaron, the eldest brother.
I loved the first two books see my reviews so I was waiting eagerly for this book, having no idea what to expect Could this brother be any dark and bruised than the other two You bet he could But let me begin by saying that I was totally grabbed from the first pageHe was checking his phone.
Zoe Parker twitched with irritation as she watched the groom s best man thumb a few buttons on his smart phone Discreetly, at least, but honestly Her sister Millie and her husband to be Chase were saying their vows, and Aaron Bryant was texting.
He was unbelievable He was also a complete jerk A sexy jerk, unfortunately tall, broad and exuding authority out of every pore He also exuded a smug arrogance that made Zoe want to kick him in the shin Or maybe a little higher If she could have, she would have reached across the train of her sister s elegant cream wedding dress and snatched the mobile out of his fingers Long, lean fingers with nicely square cut nails, but who was noticing She certainly wasn tI liked the feel for these two characters So I kept reading and reading and the pages I turned, the I felt.
what the hell.
these are two beyond flawed characters What on earth are they doing to each other They drove me to the point of insanity I wanted to shake them, scream at them what are you guys doing to each other Aaron must be one of the most cruel, dark, insensitive heroes ever His behavior towards Zoe was totally unforgivable He dismisses her totally from his thoughts and life after an enjoyable one night stand which is going to have an impact in their lives like they never expected No way was this way ever going to redeem him in my eyes.
And then there s Zoe In some weird way I found myself actually feeling for her She s spent her whole life looking for a happy ever after in every relationship she s ever had and guess what has never found it And now another not HEA with Aaron.
or will she find it with this cold and unfeeling man I wanted her to be a bit assertive with Aaron but in some way I understood her insecurities and the pain she goes through and how difficult it can be to just get up in the morning I did admire the way she never gave up on Aaron.
her kindness and gentleness was I believe what began the change in him.
The weirdness continued.
no way could I ever like this guy But that s exactly what happened Despite his despicable behavior towards Zoe, he slowly wormed his way into my heart, to the point that by the end of the book I actually liked him.
perhaps it had something to do with seeing how empty his life had always been and thinking that he had found a way to never being hurt in his life The sins of the fathers How much hurt they can cause their children, leaving scars that take years to heal Thankfully Aaron realizes in the end what truly matters in his life and what he needs to do to become the person he has always wanted to be.
Hell, this was a beyond emotional read for me Sad Yes But uplifting too.
the epilogue just did it all for me I loved it Kate Hewitt explores subjects in her stories that may be a bit dark but so meaningful and deep Her writing may make you feel.
no no this is just too emotional for me.
yes, it is but it also makes you think and feel for the incredible characters that she writes so well.
This book was bogged down in misery half way thru.
I truly felt sorry for the heroine for what she suffered.
Even though the epilogue was fine,this book did not leave me with that ahhhhhh feeling at the end.
From the opening scene, Zoe and Aaron s story had me hooked I was on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next Another good title for this one could be THE BRIDESMAID AND THE BEST MAN, because that s the actual story Texting on his mobile during her sister s marriage ceremony, Aaron Aaron the Ass infuriates Zoe so much that she sets out to teach him a lesson and he sets out to teach her one back And there you have it A story which will have you laughing out loud in some parts and actually reaching for the handkerchief in others You will never forget this book, I promise you How the feisty and spirited Zoe turns this cold hearted businessman around and has him literally gasping in surprise will have you riveted It s not every day you come across a book this interesting or this attention grabbing Fair dues to Kate Hewitt, for her imagination and versatility The ability to write hot, contemporary romances as well as sweet, historical romances is pretty much amazing, you could hardly believe it s the same writer, but yes, it is There was a steamy scene or two, but seriously, I don t think that anyone would be offended by it, even if they are the most diehard sweet romance fan It was extremely discreetly and tastefully written This is a book that could catch sweet romance fans as well as fans of romance of the hotter, steamy variety Just thought I d mention that, because I do think that s important It s definitely the measure of a romance writer s skill and credibility, I might as well tell you.
I read a fair number of books, including romance novels, but I just know that Zoe and Aaron will stay in my mind for a long time There was an unexpected twist which took me completely by surprise along the way too, but it all worked into the story in a perfect way.
So whether you re a Kate Hewitt fan or just a contemporary romance fan, make sure you get your hands on this one it s a good one This was not a bad story, I thought it was actually really well written It was a nice cotton candy read, but I didn t feel enough for the characters to give it a higher rating This is a GREAT stress relief book though, and I ll keep my eyes open for the author because stress relief books are ESSENTIAL for a college student who stresses.

An overly disappointing and sad novel in my opinion Even if the end result was happiness, it was just too much The hero treated the heroine too bad for me to enjoy the novel and the heroine forgave the hero for all his mistakes and faults Maybe that s love but it also seemed twisted in my mind.
His Brand of Passion by Kate HewittIn His Brand of Passion by Kate Hewitt, she has me hooked from the first page Then I finished the first chapter and knew I wasn t going to put this one down until I finished it And what an emotional roller coaster it was I laughed, I cried, I want to scream and yes I wanted to hit the Hero for being an idiot at times.
Zoe Parker falls in love a little to easily As proven by past relations She realizes when she decides to go back to Aaron Bryant s penthouse that this is just a one night stand He doesn t do serious and she has been hurt in the past But three weeks later she has a big surprise I truly felt for this character It seems she always finds Mister Wrong, and this is proven when she tries to contact Aaron I felt so bad for her I wanted to just give her a major hug But Zoe is a fighter if nothing else Aaron Bryant has many facets, some most readers will hate at first trust me when I say you will know when this takes place Please don t let this stop you from reading He does wake up along the way Yes he made me very angry, but that shows a great author in my opinion He says some harsh things, makes outrageous suggestions that he regrets But I believe the author does a good job of explaining why his character is this way.
While I took issue with Aaron s character at times yes I was rooting for these two I felt they needed each other so desperately I could tell they were exactly what the other needed She was needed to bring him out of his workaholic , emotionless shell And she needed someone, to be there for her And while there were issues, what relationship doesn t have issues You can t deny the attraction and chemistry that was between them.
Hats off to Kate Hewitt for writing a novel that talks about a couple of issues you don t see covered or handled that often They were very emotional and heart stopping at times5 5 starsFootnote This was the third book by Kate Hewitt about the Bryant Brother the first two are.
Beneath the Veil of Paradise Chase Bryant and Millie Lang Zoe s sister In The Heat of the Spotlight Luke Bryant and Aurelie Schmidt His Brand of Passion by USA Today Bestselling author Kate Hewitt is a Harlequin Presents release for July 2013.
Zoe Parker couldn t hold her irritation any longer as she saw the groom s brother and best man texting in his phone yet again during her sister s wedding ceremony So she hides his phone When Aaron Bryant couldn t find the phone, he just assumed that it had been stolen.
But later he took the phone from Zoe s dress where she had hidden it Yet touching her, he felt the fire and sizzle in his blood stream Zoe felt it too and when Aaron asked her to, she went with him.
Could their one night together turn into something Is there a future for this commitment phobic billionaire and Zoe His Brand of Passion is a romance packed with sizzle and sexual tension amid the deep emotional drama, adding to the page turning quality of the book I don t believe I had come across such an emotionally charged story in recent times Author Kate Hewitt did a great job showing how people lie to themselves to save their feelings and soothe their egos Highly recommended for all lovers of romance.