[ Read Online Private Myths: Dreams and Dreaming Î atheism PDF ] by Anthony Stevens × Lots of background information on Jung and Freud primarily some on Adler and a few others , descriptions of major archetypes, and a lot of information on the role dreams play in our lives.
Great examination of one s inner space.
One of the very few books about dreams and dreaming to ground the phenomenon in actual science Can t recommend it enough.
Every Night We Enter A Mythic Realm, A Dark, Primordial World Of Fear And Desire What This World Offers, Anthony Stevens Suggests, May Well Be The Key To Understanding Our Waking Mysteries Ourselves, Our Society, And Our History A Prominent Psychiatrist And Practicing Jungian Analyst, Stevens Views Dreaming From Both Psychological And Neurological Perspectives To Show How Dreams Owe Their Origins As Much To Our Evolutionary History As A Species As To Our Personal History As IndividualsA Work Rich In Symbolic And Scientific Insight, Private Myths Traverses The Course Of Dream Interpretation From Distant Hunter Gatherer Times To The Present This Analysis Is As Authoritative As It Is Wide Ranging, Including Discussions Of The Biology Of Dreaming And The Discovery Of REM Sleep, Elaboration Of The Latest Neuroscientific Techniques In Sleep Research, And An Assessment Of The Century Long Legacy Of Analytic Practice To Dream Interpretation In A Close Look At The Actual Processes Of Dream Formation, Stevens Relates Dream Work To Other Creative Capacities Such As Language, Poetry, Storytelling, Memory, Play, Symptom Formation, Magic, And Ritual He Draws On His Many Years Of Experience To Analyze Key Historical Dreams, Such As Freud S Dream Of Irma S Injection And Hitler S Dream Of Being Buried Alive, And Enriches This Discussion With Analyses Of His Own And His Patients DreamsRemarkable In Its Breadth, Private Myths Makes The Principles Of Dream Interpretation Accessible To Scientists, The Findings Of Dream Science Accessible To Analysts, And The Discoveries Of Both Available To Anyone Intrigued By The Mysteries Of Dreams And Dreaming