[ Read Online Warning Signs ✓ woodwork PDF ] by Katy Lee Í I read romance so that I can feed the part of my brain which just wants to read and enjoy without overanalyzing Most of these find their way back into circulation at doctor s offices, in hospital waiting rooms Wherever someone might need a few moments escape through reading.
I m keeping this one.
It has the unexpected departure from the usual by featuring a protagonist who is deaf and another who deals with the cruelties dealt to someone perceived as different because he is struggling to understand that regarding is own deaf son The story grabbed my heart when, at its end, the protagonist and the son are still deaf no miracle cure in sight and the father is still struggling but, along with the community into which they settle, learning to accept and understand that what they see as disability is part of a whole, functioning identity.
While I am not Christian and this is, essentially, a type of faith inspired romance, I felt inspired by the subtle messages of faith, acceptance, and forgiveness wound through the mesh of suspense, intrigue, false leads, and downright harrowing situations There is no sex or impropriety within the novel it is simply the story of a man and a woman getting over their respective past tragedies, coming together, and developing a healthy respectful adult relationship.
These characters have depth and development the stereotyped love situations got thrown right out the window with this story Warning Signs is a riveting, emotional read that had me turning the pages well after I should have turned the lights out Featuring Miriam, a deaf high school principal,and Owen, a guilt ridden DEA agent, the story revolves around the hunt to uncover a drug smuggling operation in the quaint town of Stepping Stones, Maine Katy Lee poignantly taps into the heroine s emotional scars left over from childhood and her fears of not being viewed as a whole person due to her being deaf This is mirrored in the hero, who is battling his own feelings of guilt due to his deaf son and a tragedy in his past As Owen attempts to solve the case and protect Miriam, we see his hard shell begin to crack Stepping Stones becomes the third main character due to its rich, layered history and picturesque appeal The inspirational message is layered throughout the book in a seamless and uplifting way The depiction of the deaf heroine is moving, memorable and very respectful I highly recommend this suspenseful, emotionally satisfying novel that had me guessing all the way till the big reveal.
I loved this fast paced crime thriller, it was filled with suspense, totally unpredictable, complex characters and I highly recommend it to anyone who s a fan of this genre.

This little book was a big surprise Author Katy Lee has bravely approached a style of writing that I, personally, have never seen before The heroine of our story is deaf, and communicates mainly by ASL, and usually through an interpreter When I first realized this, I was intruged, and curious how Ms Lee would handle the dialogue Not only was the signing was written beautifully, it gave insight into the thinking of one who is deaf and the way they view and approach their gift.
The DEA has sent Agent Owen Matthews to Stepping Stones, Maine to uncover a marijuana smuggling operation, the prime suspect being the new high school principal, Miriam Hunter Miriam has considered it a priviledge and honor that her childhood town would ask her to be the new principal of a hearing school But she finds the town to be very cold and even hostile After betrayal and threatenings, Miriam finds an odd comfort in the help of Owen Matthews, agent undercover as a substitute English Lit teacher Their odd connection She is deaf, as is his son Will they learn to understand each other Or will she go to prison for a crime she didn t commit Katy Lee s writing is superb, and while her story is a bit unreal the people of Stepping Stones certainly aren t This little book was surprisingly clean I d let my 13 year old sister read it For light pool side reading, this is the novel for you This is Love Inspired Suspense at its best There are tons of things I love about this book It s fast paced The villain is a mystery so the story keeps you guessing It has a perfect blend of romance and suspense.
But what makes this particular LIS book stand out for me is it s unique heroine.
She is an avid swimmer and a principal of a small regular public school in Maine and she s deaf She refuses to let her physical challenges keep her from going after her goals.
These characteristics make for many insightful comparisons and intriguing twists Equally compelling, are the wonderful lessons the story conveys, such as transforming how we think about, and interact with, those who are different from us, in particular the deaf.
I usually don t enjoy love inspired suspense books, they never seem that suspenseful or realistic, but this one was nothing like those I completely loved Warning Signs It was everything a suspense book should be.
I honestly didn t really read the synopsis of the book before I read it, so I didn t realize that the main character, Miriam, was deaf this came as a surprise, the nice kind I really liked having a main character that was so different than the norm And while most people would consider being deaf a disability, Miriam didn t think of herself that way and would get irritated when anyone called her that I liked the analogy used to describe deafness, that it s sort of like when you visit a country where you don t know the language would you be considered disabled The mystery about what was really going on in Stepping Stones was wonderfully written I thought I knew who was behind it right away, but then I kept changing my mind and then when the culprit was revealed I was surprised never saw it coming The romance in the book was so sweet and perfect Miriam and Owen are perfect compliments to each other.
I heartily recommend reading Warning Signs if you love suspense or a good mystery This was a great story and probably one I ll end up reading again.
Katy Lee wrote a story that kept me engaged from chapter one to the very end Her DEA officer has to learn that hanging on to guilt hurts the ones we love the most He has the perfect heroine that shows him how to love himself and offer himself to others, no holding back The author does a brilliant job of showing the isolation that deafness can cause She gives use a heroine that does not put limits on herself despite her mother s and society unease with someone that is different Katy Lee tackled a tough subject and did it well.
GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT When A Drug Smuggling Ring Rocks A Small Coastal Town, The DEA Sends Agent Owen Matthews To Shut It Down A Single Father With A Deaf Son, Owen Senses That The Town S Number One Suspect The High School S New Principal Doesn T Fit The Profile Miriam Hunter Hoped To Shrug Off The Stigma Of Her Hearing Impairment When She Returned To Stepping Stones, Maine But Her Recurring Nightmares Dredge Up Old Memories That Could Prove Her Innocence And Uncover The Truth Behind A Decades Old Murder Yet Owen S Help May Not Be Enough When Someone Decides To Keep Miriam Silenced Permanently GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENTWhen a drug smuggling ring rocks a small coastal town, the DEA sends Agent Owen Matthews to shut down A single father with a deaf son, Owen senses that the town s number one suspect the high school s new principal doesn t fit the profile.
Miriam Hunter hoped to shrug off the stigma of her hearing impairment when she returned to Stepping Stones, Maine But her recurring nightmares dredge up old memories that could prove her innocence and uncover the truth behind a decades old murder Yet Owen s help may not be enough when someone decides to keep Miriam silenced permanently.
Boy I hope there is a sequel to this one I don t think I have been on the edge of my seat and unable to put down a book for a long time but with this book I surely was anxious to know what happened next I laughed, I cried, it moved me Katy and it touched my heart Such an awesome little book , fits in your purse and packs such a punch So, what do an Agent with a deaf son and a school principle have in common when it comes to murder Well you will just have to grab this book and see for your self I received this book for my honest opinion from Katy Lee and I am not even a suspense reader and it caught my attention and held it from the first chapter Awesome Katy Lee do we get to know what happens in ever after Surely you can t just end it there.
smile First off this was my first book by Katy Lee and it won t be my last.
it was fabulousa tear jerker.
This was the most touching book, and it s filled with suspenseThe Warning Signs were there, they wanted her off the island.
Why She was t quite sure.
Miriam Hunter was brought to Stepping Stone Island for a reason She thought it was for her skills, and she learns it was for something differentThe thing is she s deaf, but this didn t stop her from being the best darn principal at a hearing school DEA Owen Matthews is brought in to find out about the drug operation going on in this small town When everything points to Ms Hunter he isn t sure about it well that s until he see s with his own eyes the drugs they have found in her house, She s in deep trouble, but he has a bad feeling So he helps prove her innocence, As Miriam and Owen spend time together things start to unravel He see s her in a different light, and she opens up his eyes.
Amazing bookI highly recommend so you can see what happens See what is going on between them What did she open his eyes up too My favorite line A man s search for the blessing of forgiveness A women s search for the blessing to belong.