[P.G. Wodehouse] ✓ Life at Blandings [lds-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ PG Wodehouse Entices Us Into The Demesne Of Blandings Castle An Apparent Paradise Where It Is Eternal High Summer, With Jolly Parties, Tea On The Lawn And Love Trysts In The Rose Garden But For Clarence, Ninth Earl Of Emsworth, There Is Always Something To Disturb This Tranquil SceneThis Omnibus Contains Something Fresh, Summer Lightning And Three Short Stories The Custody Of The Pumpkin, Lord Emsworth Acts For The Best And Pig Hoo O O O Ey First of all, I ll say this volume is very strangely arranged Why include the first of the Blandings series, and then proceed with a few short stories from the third, along with the fourth book I wouldn t have bought it if I d known it was like that, but then, I seldom think when it comes to books, and I didn t even bother looking it up.
This is my first Wodehouse book, and it had me in fits Being the sort of person who is easily brought to emotional arousal, and is hyperactive at that, it is quite common for me to physically cry out at climactic parts of books, but the books I love the most are the ones that move me so much, I throw them down, I run the length of the flat shouting, I throw myself down, and continue reading while heaving dry sobs.
The Blandings series is not a thriller, but it has donefor me than I can remember any thriller doing Is this book clever Absolutely Is it trying to tell us something about society Completely debatable, nothing occurred to me while I was reading it, but after a point I was in no frame of mind to contemplate any deep, hidden meanings Is it wonderful and funny as heck Absitively posilutely If you like a good laugh, you will definitely love Blandings If you don t that sounds like a problem you might need help with The rest of this review will follow to be complete gibberish My overall impression of this book aside, I must say I am amazed by how Wodehouse only has so few characters I am interested in, yet keeps me in his grip throughout the entire story Something similar happened to me while I was going through the Discworld series I read it in a weird order see my lack of impulse control regarding books, mentioned above , and while Discworld has a rich range of characters I love dearly, the books I had yet to read lost some shine when I realised there were nobooks I could read so far then with Vetinari in them I even know a girl who is so fond of Ankh Morpork, she has not read any Discworld book that does not take place there, but even I think this is going too far The books had me in their grip, but I ran through them quickly, searching for any characters who would similarly make themselves dear to my heart I didn t find any, but never mind that With Blandings, once I met Baxter, I was completely enamoured After Something Fresh, I hurried through the volume, hoping for another glimpse of him I swooned when he was first mentioned by Lady Constance through Hugo, eager to see him again And undoubtedly the scenes that made me the most emotional were the ones concerning Baxter, simply because I liked him so much I adore a good secretary, and Baxter was very much that I agonised for him, sympathised with him, wished desperately that he would get a happy ending and he sort of did, bless him.
But I ve got to hand it to Wodehouse Even when Baxter wasn t around, even when faced with characters I could hardly stand in the form of Hugo, Millicent, Ronald, and even almost Sue, I still read with alacrity I felt intensely happy For the first time I can remember since my childhood when I was still going through that phase when I would read anything put into my hands, simply for the sheer joy of reading , it was the plot that had me, not the characters And that is the highest compliment I can think to present to Wodehouse As an aside, I actually ordered the second Blandings book halfway through Summer Lightning, just because I was so eager to see Baxter again And in summaries of the other books provided in the back pages of this volume, I ve read that Lady Constance will apparently thrust another secretary onto Lord Emsworth In Lady Constance I find a kindred spirit, and I dearly hope it shall be a secretary I shall like too Are you tired of these liberally sprinkled brackets yet Sorry.
At first glance, an omnibus of Blandings castle stories seems delightful The only flaw is that reading them back to back brings up a sense of repetitiveness, even though the characters are different The same lovestruck young men, headstrong young women, iron willed aunts, imposters, secretaries, theft plots and the pig Empress Each of these elements is a delightful characteristic of Wodehousian plots but perhaps it s better to take them in smaller doses to fully appreciate them.
The series begins with Something Fresh and sets the tone of tangled hearts with Wodehousian newcomers Ashe Marson he of Larsen exercises and Joan Valentine The second book, Summer Lightening continues the tone, this time flowering into the tangled hearts of Ronald Fish, Sue Brown chorus girl, daughter of Dolly Henderson who made Gally Threepwood s heart beat , Millicent and Hugo Carmody The third book, Heavy Weather, does rather lay it on thick as its name suggests, this time revolving around the dubious memoirs of Gally Threepwood and a good old fashioned pig theft plot thrown in for what would a Blandings book be without a quest to nobble Empress of Blandings.
My favorite of the three is Summer Lightening since it blossoms where Something Fresh only hints at and what Heavy Weather withers away read with breaks in between books.
Life at Blandings is a compilation of 3 separate books by P G Wodehouse devoted to the family of Lord Emsworth of Blandings Castle.
Something Fresh is the first book in the omnibus In this story Lord Emsworth s son Freddie is engaged to an American millionaire s daughter as was much the style in the early mid 20th century for British second sons Emsworth s absentmindedness causes a stir in these plans when he accidentally steals his son s soon to be father in law s prize collectible scarab Hijinks and duplicity ensue as several outlying characters are engaged to visit Blandings Castle in disguises to reclaim the scarab for Mr Peters and earn a large reward.
Summer Lightening takes place a while after Something Fresh Lord Emsworth s son Freddie has been married off and is out of his hair However for the poor peer cannot relax because his relations are taking residence particularly a controlling sister and a mopey niece This tale focuses on two pairs of lovers Millicent the mopey niece and Hugo Lord Emsworth s slothy secretary , and Ronnie a nephew and Sue a gasp chorus girl The story hinges on the Empress of Blandings a prize pig doted on by Lord Emsworth who disappears There are many characters and misunderstandings but all ends, as it usually does in a Wodehouse, as it should.
Finally, this tome rounds up with Heavy Weather This book takes place about a week after Summer Lightening wraps up and includes many of the same characters The Empress of Blandings still figures prominently and many events unfold because of Emsworth s concern that his local rival Sir Parsloe Parsloe will attempt to nobble her chances in the upcoming fair The young lovers Ronnie and Sue remain on tense footing in this tale because of the introduction of Ronnie s mother and Emsworth s sister Lady Julia, and a new secretary to Lord Emsworth, the dashing Monty Bodkin The other driving story line is that Emsworth s younger brother Galahad who led a very misspent youth has written reminisces that some people want published and others desperately want destroyed.
These three books combined were very enjoyable reads Even if I hadn t already been apprised of how Freddie married as occurred between the first two books that would not have interfered with understanding or enjoying these diverting tales which touch on the snobbishness of the upper class the term noblesse oblige is used , the rigid hierarchy that results even among the staff of the upper crust, and the ultimate lesson that even the best laid plans go awry There is a bit of repetition between the second and last books as they take place back to back but were written years apart with many of the same characters and underlying tensions but enjoyable nonetheless.
This is what I read instead of fairytales Something Fresh was published in 1915, Summer Lightning in 1929 and Heavy Weather in 1933 Almost one hundred years later eternal summer still reigns at Blandings Castle This grand country house is peopled by a familiar cast with a spot of bother or other which neatly resolves itself at the end of the novel The reader is wrapped in a glorious glow of nostalgia, safe in the knowledge that the author will deliver thelikeable characters to live happily ever after A privileged world indeed, seemingly untouched by external strife Winding plot, beautiful language I probably have P.
G Wodehouse to thank for much of my English vocabulary a truly good read.
I am an enormous fan of the Jeeves and Wooster books, so was a little discomfited to find that the tone of this book, earlier Wodehouse, isauthorial, and less given to the mixed metaphors and cracked similes that make Bertie s voice so entrancing for a reader However, with Wodehouse stepping back a little from his characters absurd dilemmas, we also get a wider frame for a brilliant evocation of his times, starting with 1915 Reread, if you want to see where Downton Abbey has got it all wrong, about the order of precedence for a staff of a great house going into the dinner, or the various protocols for their hierarchy in general under stairs There are also snippets of the real world down in London though Waugh claimed that Wodehouse was describing a paradise unto itself at Blandings in the plucky solutions of heroines left without fortunes as they rely on their wits and courage to survive.
I think nobody could pull off that scene at Mario s as well as Wodehouse, with its perfect balance of mayhem which could have slipped into violence and waiterly interference which could have become a bore In his hand, it seems, no piece of reality gone wrong can be anything but hilarious.
Great stuff.
My very first encounter with Wodehouse Before the humour struck, I was starstruck by the way he captures the spirit of London at the turn of the century After a few pages, however, there were other reasons to remain faithful to one who has turned into one of my favourite authors I am sure other fans will agree.
Here s a quote Mac had many admirable qualities but not tact He was the sort of man who would have tried to cheer Napoleon up by talking about the Winter Sports at Moscow.
This omnibus contains Something Fresh, Summer Lighting and Heavy Weather Reviews for each book are under the individual book title.
It is no secret that I love Wodehouse His language alone is utterly charming and idiosyncratic Shockingly enough, I had never read any of his Blandings books before, and these three came in one volume.