[Roxanne St. Claire] ☆ Seduction on the Sand (The Billionaires of Barefoot Bay, #2) [novella PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Like Everything In His Life, Becoming A Billionaire Was Easy For Elliott Becker He Bought Some Land In Massachusetts And Discovered He Sat On Two Billion Dollars Worth Of Rare Goshen Stone Lucky, Charming, And Blessed With Every Gift, Elliott Expects His Simple Purchase Of Property In Barefoot Bay Will Go The Way Everything Does For Him In Lifeeasy Until He Meets The Woman Who Currently Owns That Land And Suddenly Everything IshardFrankie Cardinale S Fondest Memories Took Place On The Tiny Goat Farm Owned And Run By Her Nonno In The Heart Of Barefoot Bay As A Child, The Farm And Its Precious Residents Were A Refuge For Her After Her Parents Died And Her Grandfather Taught Her All About The Sweet Life Of Raising Goats While She Held Her Nonno In Her Arms On His Deathbed, She Promised His Land Would Never Leave Their Family And That She Would Continue His Legacy Nothing Not Even A Sexy, Playful, Intoxicating Billionaire Who Always Gets His Way Will Convince Her To Break That PromiseExcept Elliott Becker Is A Man Who Always Gets What He Wants Even If That Means A Little Seduction And Double Crossing Of A Humble Goatherd But Will His Lucky Streak Hold Long Enough To Keep Him From Making The Biggest Mistake Of His Life Because All The Money In The World Can T Buy Him What He Really Wants The MostFrankie S Love Hotness Rating 3 out of 5Review to come Another great read.
Another good story I Loved Elliot and Frankie, and I loved all her goats and dogs The animals made the story much fun.
It was about Elliot wanting to buy her land and her not wanting to sell and all they went through to find out the land wasn t all that important It was funny to read how this billionaire insisted on staying on her farm and sleeping in the barn, then on her couch in her double wide trailer And all the really great names he came up with for her goat milk soaps And, Of course, how Elliot screwed up their relationship and had to do some groveling when he realized how much he loved her It was nice to see Zeke and Nate again And Nate s story is the next one I m going to read I know a lot of you are tired of billionaire stories but I m not They aren t a part of my world so that s why I like them There is explicit sexual things that go on with this book, so if you don t like explicit then this book is not for you And the F bomb is used 2 times.
As to the narrator Kaleo Griffith was great once again His men and women sounded terrific and Elliot was always whispering in Frankie s ear and Kaleo did exactly that Sounding as sexy as hell Awesome job.
Seduction on the Sand is 2 in The Billionaires of Barefoot Bay novella trilogy and I was fortunate enough to receive an advanced copy from Ms St Claire for an honest review I really enjoy Ms St Claire s style of writing, she has such a way of making all of her characters feel so real and packs them with personality as she did with Elliot and Frankie Elliot made me laugh out loud with his over the top antics trying to get what he wantsthink it s just land I related to Frankie because she was determined to hold on to something that s close and dear to her heart.
Love Love how Ms St Claire has tied this trilogy to Casa Blanca, an elite resort that was created in the Barefoot Bay series It feels like I get to go back and visit Seduction on the Sand is being released January 13, 2014, Nate s story will be released February 13th 2014I m anxiously waiting 5 starsElliot Becker had one job, to seal the deal and acquire the land needed to open a minor baseball league with his friends on Barefoot Bay As a billionaire, Elliot always had things easy, as money can buy anything, that is, until he met Francesca Frankie Cardinale Frankie had one promise to live up to To honor her grandfather last wish and keep the goat farm they had That s what she s been doing, living life as a goatherd, making soaps and selling goat milk until Elliot showed up, trying to buy the last thing she has any connections to.
For a novella, this read like a full length novel There was a lot of depth to the MC, as well as room for growth for each of them Jocelyn and Will Palmer make appearances in this one and I m glad we get some update on their lives as well.
Overall, a sweet, romantic and very enjoyable read And some aww moments, including the kids.
Agnes and Lucretia Ah yes The second installment novella of the Billionaires of Barefoot Bay Elliott Becker is one of those guys that everything comes easy for He had no trouble getting his billionaire status When he bought a piece of land and found that what was in the ground was worth way than the land itself Now Elliott is part of a group of billionaire men who invest and build stuff and their latest idea is a baseball team and a ballpark that involves some land they desperately need for it all to work Unfortunately that land belongs to one Frankie Cardinale Frankie isn t budging Her grandfather told her the land was hers and since he had no will is waiting for the courts He was a goat farmer and had a vision of what the land should be and Frankie intends to make that happen no matter what What Elliott hadn t counted on when he came to find Frankie was was that Frankie was a woman not a man as he thought and, he s attracted to her Something he can t seem to help but what will win out His need to have that land, when he gets into something dirty to get it from her or Frankie and what she could be to him Roxanne St Claire gives us another winner The mix of billionaire playboy and the goat woman is fun and interesting with a big surprise in the end It was fun to watch Elliott fall and fight it on the way but Frankie is just to much for his heart to resist Awesome fast read Can t wait for the third and last in this trilogy next month.
I just love these billionaires While Zeke is still my favorite I have a thing for geeks , Elliot Becker was adorable Who else would try to be a goatherd just to get to know a woman better I loved how he was really trying with Frankie I loved Frankie as a heroine She was strong and yet vulnerable at the same time I loved how she wanted to hold on to what was left of her family s life I also LOVED the surprise twist ending Never saw that one coming Like all the Barefoot books, Roxanne St Claire had me laughing, crying and sizzling at the same time All I say here is shower scene Another winner Rocki Roxanne St Claire s second Billionaires of Barefoot Bay is another great read This one picks up right where Secrets on the Sand left off Zeke and his friends want to build a minor league baseball stadium around the Barefoot Bay area Elliot Becker is the one they trust to get the final piece of land they need from Frank Cardinale What he don t know is Frank has passed away and his granddaughter Frankie is the one who he will have to get to sale Frankie knows there are people who want her grandfathers land but she made him a promise that she would keep it in the family She wants it to be the goat farm he built and nothing else.
Billionaire Elliott Becker is sent to see Frank Cardinale to seek his land so his friends can build a baseball stadium on Barefoot Bay.
When he steps off the helicopter asking everyone that he s looking for Frank Cardinalethen he sees her, and she s running.
he runs after her only because he thinks she can help himbut when she informs him who she is and what he can do with his offer he is bound and determined to stay and get itHe always gets what he wants.
Things get interesting between Elliott Becker and Francesca Cardinale.
They both have some secrets.
You might see a side of Elliott that isn t pretty at first, but I can assure you he makes up for it.
and you will fall in love with him,,.
I didHelping Francesca with her goats and soap scentsHe s really good atyour going to laughGuarantee itcry, and it can t be helped.
When Elliott has found something, he has to stop what he has done and make it right.
he tells his friend Zeke.
the only one who tells him when it s real it s realKick off your shoes and fall in LOVE You won t be able to stop it.
The Billionaire series is amazing, and you won t want it to end.
SCANDAL is next.
I for sure can t waitRocki has given a little sneak peek at the end.
boy oh boy If you have not read SECRETS ON THE SAND read that tooNo worries about reading in order.
Roxanne knows how to make characters real.