[ Read Online 七つの大罪 7 ó magic PDF ] by Nakaba Suzuki Ó Absolutely love the anime so figured I would give the manga a shot, and boy was I half I did The manga is, in my opinion, far superior to the already outstanding anime If you like the anime and story of The Seven Deadly Sins, give the manga a go, you won t be sorry.
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If you thought that there might be a break in the fighting after the fighting festival than you may be in for a bit of a surprise After the conclusion of the festival there s a brief chapter that sets up the big arc for this story We re introduced to characters, both Holy Knights and other minor players that will show up again later In fact, this volume serves as an intro to some of my favorite characters and Holy Knights Though one character, that I really do enjoy, has a bit of an odd introduction that doesn t really fit with what I remember of their personality from the anime I understand that things can be different between the two mediums, but you can tell by the end of the volume that you re first encounter with this character seems to be a little weird and doesn t fit their personality There s also some character development for some of the Sins You get to see into some of Ban s inner struggles, of Meliodas that isn t slightly perverted, Diana s awesome strength, and some backbone building in Elizabeth I wuld say that Elizabeth isn t quite as strong as I d really like her to be, but I m fairly certain we ll see that soon I hope And I was really excited to see just how powerful Diana could be, though I felt like her power was a little cheapened because of some of the resulting outcomes, but oh well Overall, though I really liked this volume of the story and it again leaves you wanting or needing to read the next one I have a feeling that the story s pace will really pick up in the next volume Il capitano ha detto seguimi a un uomo ignobile, che conduceva una vita orribile, messo al bando da tutti, ovunque andasse, sin dalla nascita Meliodas sembra un automa e sembra che Ban conosca l odore che emana Meliodas in quella forma, lo stesso odore che emanava il demone che distrusse l albero della vita e uccise Eliane sua amata e sorella di King e lui non riesce a credere e si infuria successivamente la fine della battaglia durante un allenamento con King, sembra che per Meliodas si trattenga con Elizabeth, anche Helbram sembra messo alle strette ma con la forza prestatali da Hendrixon lo sconfigge e si appropria della sua spada spezzata che in realt un artefatto per riportare in vita il clan dei demoni, ma sul punto di dare un colpo di grazia rispunta fuori con la sua arma e alzando una masso grande come una montagna con il gideon fa scappare a gambe levate Helbram gli altri cavalieri Un capitolo di allenamento e di ripresa per i protagonisti in cui Meliodas dice di voler concludere la guerra dei tremila anni e poi siamo catapultati in una nuova missione di ricerca peccatori intanto i cavalieri sacri continuano a trattare male i popolani e si vede che i guerrieri che hanno bevuto il sangue demoniaco sono molto di pi il personaggio di Gother molto strano e a renderlo strano e l autore che invece di fare i baloon normali, li fa quadrati come il narratore della storia e prepariamoci perch questo personaggio ci dar tanti mal di testa Personalmente credo che questi personaggi debbano ancora raccontarci tanto e il ritmo della narrazione un p lento, comunque mi intriga ancora.
Okaaaay, I STILL do not understand the power system power creep in this series, and I have officially given up trying to understand it I think my brain will thank me later for doing so.
That aside, I haven t talked about the fight scenes that much and I want to because they are well choreographed and easy to interpret That may sound weird, but as a long time shounen action fan I can safely say that while fight scenes can look cool, that doesn t mean they are easy to follow There have been times where I have reread certain pages because I could not follow the line of action through a fight scene, which obviously hinders the enjoyment of reading one However, Seven Deadly Sins not only has pretty awesome fight scenes, they re easy to follow and understand who is doing what I appreciate that a lot, considering 90% of the series is fight scenes Speaking of, this volume had a lot of great fight scenes, particularly between Meliodas and Sir Helbram Diane got to shine with her sacred treasure and it was GLORIOUS While I can t stand the Holy Knights, it was interesting to see them take out the Sins and makes me pumped for the Sins inevitable comeback.
And now, on to volume 8

Finally I get Gowther in here The Manga is starting to divert from Anime and I say it like this because I watched the Anime first and now I m getting the Manga I do know that Manga was first Here Meliodas really looks like a demon with no control over his power and the other sins are doubting him The relationship between King and Ban changes to become kind I am intrigued to know if Veronica truly died.
Oooh arrivato Gowther E le storie bonus sono troppo divertenti Dito di ferro Something is very wrong with the tiny one So many secrets and so many mysteriesand three Deadly Sins to go As much as I love these four, I wanna meet the restand figure out which one is the traitor.