[Carla Cassidy] ì Her Secret, His Duty [mystery-thriller PDF] Read Online ↠´ New York Times Bestselling Author Carla Cassidy Writes About A Scandal And A Passion That Could Be Front Page News When Debra Prentice Discovers She S Pregnant, She Knows Two Things Are True That She Can T Wait To Become A Mother And That She Can Never Reveal The Father S Identity To Anyone Because Not Only Is Trey Winston Her Boss S Son, He S Also Got His Eye On The North Carolina Senator S Seat And He Doesn T Need A Scandal But When Debra Must Work With Trey In Organizing His Fund Raising Dinner, The Sparks From Their One Night Of Passion Still Sizzle Trey Knows He Should Stay Away From Debra, But It Soon Becomes Impossible And As Debra S Life Is Threatened, Trey Promises To Keep Her And, Unknowingly, The Baby She Carries Safe A One night stand with her employers son leaves Debra pregnant Now Trey is running for Senator and her employer is deciding whether or not to run for President Debra is determined to do her job and not let this indiscretion keep Trey and Kate from achieving their goals Now Debra keeps misplacing things, then a shooting and a fire Is someone wanting to kill Debra or what and why DNF ED this at 75% I like Debra well enough in the beginning she s practical and sensible But her constant self sacrificing began to get on my nerves She didn t tell Trey she was pregnant because she want to ruin his political career Which would be a real travesty because Trey issuch a good guy and the scandal would ruin him She goes on about his amazing qualities time and time againshe knew the core of him, she knew who he was as a man and knew he would never take a mistress It wasn t in his moral fiber to do such a thingUm Hello Did she miss the fact where this guy of great moral fiber cheated on his girlfriend But adding to Debra constantly going on about Trey s stellar qualities is Trey himself who also goes on about what a good guy he isI believe in monogamy one man, one woman and a family Riiiight Sure you do You know what I ll forgive his one night stand He was drunk although he constantly mentions how, despite drinking he knew exactly what he was doing and it s a one time thing But what I couldn t get past was his complete lack of guilt He has a girlfriend He regrets it but never once has he mentioned any feelings of guilt for cheating on his girlfriend nor does he ever tell her Or even thinks about telling her Even if his girlfriend was a complete b tch she s not she deserved to be told So, maybe he doesn t love her and she doesn t love him Maybe she s a little cold and calculating but No One deserves that And then Trey, because of what a great guy he is, wrangles an invite to dinner with Debra, where he after describing his good qualities to Debra kisses her Despite knowing he shouldn t, he constantly puts himself in her way It s Debra who pushes him away Which made me really like until she went on another tangent about Trey Debra comes across as subversient, and Trey as a sanctimonious, pompous, jerk In fact, the only character I could mildy tolerate was Cecily Trey s girlfriend.
Very good book, really kept me wondering what was going to happen next Debra has known Trey for years, as she is his mother s personal assistant She has been attracted to him from the time they met One night, after unexpectedly seeing each other at a local bar, they had a passionate encounter Now Debra is pregnant and she can t tell him or anyone else that he s the father Trey is about to start a campaign for senator and doesn t need a scandal attached to his name His mother, Kate, is thinking about a run for president, and Debra doesn t want to cause problems for her either.
I really liked both Debra and Trey, though there were also times I wanted to shake them both Debra is the daughter of a single mother who wasn t really interested in being a mother Her father was married and wanted nothing to do with her Debra was independent and driven from an early age, and has loved working for Kate Adair Winston When she discovers she is pregnant from that night with Trey, she is determined to protect him from the scandal her pregnancy would cause When Kate asks Debra to help Trey plan his fund raising dinner to kick off his campaign, she can t say no Spending that much time with Trey, the sparks are not only still there, they are getting hotter Debra tries to keep him at a distance, knowing he needs a different kind of wife, but when she becomes the victim of several attacks his protectiveness just strengthens her love for him I just wish she wasn t so sure that she wasn t good enough to have a relationship with him.
Trey is the oldest of the three brothers and has always intended to run for office He is very conscious of what he needs for a successful future He has been dating one woman who seems to be perfect for the job of his wife But what he feels for her can t hold a candle to the attraction he feels for Debra He hasn t been able to forget that night with her and has found his desire to be with Cecily waning, though he knows she is the type of wife he needs Working with Debra to plan his event shows him how much he likes being with her The sparks are there, but he also just likes to be with her He starts to realize just how much she means to him when she is attacked He is surprised to find out about the baby, but not at all upset at the idea of being a father He asks her to marry him, but she turns him down I got frustrated with Trey s plans to marry Cecily because she was the right type of woman to be his wife I know that his parents marriage hadn t been the best example, but that seemed a pretty bland way to pick a partner I loved seeing him try to deal with his growing feelings for Debra and try to reconcile them with his future plans His eye opening moment was great, but if he had just told her of his feelings some of his stress might have been allayed There are a couple mysteries going on in the book The first is who is trying to kill Debra and why It starts with some odd things going on in her house before escalating into physical attacks There seemed to be several possibilities and I admit to some surprise at the person it turned out to be.
The second one is centered around Kate Adair Winston Her husband had been a senator who had not been a faithful husband and created a scandal upon his death Kate had taken over his seat when he died and discovered a talent and love for the political process She went from senator to vice president and is now thinking of running for president At the beginning of the book we learn of a secret in her past There are also some questions raised by the ravings of her mother who is possibly suffering from dementia By the end of the book we know there is something going on, but have no idea what is behind it I m looking forward to the rest of the series.
Pretty good I did get a bit annoyed with both characters assuming they knew how the other felt rather than directly asking each other.
you know what they say about assuming This was a good book a very very fast read 4 hours and a nice start to an interesting miniseries However, it must not have been a great book because a day later and I can t remember much about it.
I liked the Adair Winston brothers, and Debra s efficiency made me smile Otherwise, not much plot to speak of except for what I saw coming a mile away.
THIS WAS PREDICTABLE AND ALMOST PAINFUL TO read BASED ON THE CHARACTERS Let s pretend we don t love each other attitude combined with the lack of drama that pushes all your OMG buttons I m not saying this was bad, but I wished the characters were PUSHED a bit harder and challenged to create an astounding romance coupled with a good suspense Surprisingly I had beef with the romance than the suspense plot here.
4 stars but for Harlequin I suppose it s 5 stars While the book does resolve the romance for the main couple part of the story surrounding the romance is unresolved I m off to find book 2 Plus, I have my fingers crossed Sam gets a book in this series Weirdly they aren t written by the same author That s happened in other series by Harlequin but for me that s just odd.
This was a sweet story of a night shared between two people How they were thrown into working closely together and how the memory of that night wouldn t leave either of them Trey, the oldest son, was thinking about running for senate, he had the perfect political girlfriend, Cecily, and then Debra found out she was pregnant with Treys baby Because she worked for his mom, and knowing he should run for senate, she was determined that he never find out And it worked for a while Someone was messing with her, her thinks were getting moved, lists, food, even a paperweight on her desk She chalked it up to being pregnant, continued on with his fundraiser Knowing after that it would all go back to normal And he would be out of her life The night of the fundraiser, she shows up at his invite, in the gorgeous green dress that happens to be on the cover that night, and he can t take his eyes off her They shared a dance as that was all he wanted was her in his arms again Knowing she was in love with him, and he would never love her, she left the fundraiser only to have someone tamper with her breaks He drops off Cecily at home, knowing she s upset he doesn t come inside In fact, he hasn t been with Cecily since that night with Debra.
Which he couldn t understand why Someone cuts her breaks, she ends up I m the hospital, where Kate and Trey find out she s pregnant.
He starts protecting her and saves her life only to find out he saved their baby as well Kate is thrilled Trey is happy and wants to marry her But she still refuses to get in the way of him and Cecily and the race for the Senate Trey just knows when he s with her, he s relaxed and feels at home.
You ll discover what other twists come along as these two figure out if they can finally let the other one know how much they love one another Will these two finally figure it out Or will they be the gripping cliffhanger at the end of the story Feels like I ve read this before and though there s details I don t remember, I m finding I am enjoying it again That can t be Debra Prentice can t be pregnant, but thinking back six weeks ago to that passionate one night stand proves that she can Debra has no intentions of giving her baby up she ll just have to keep the baby s father a secret forever Because, even though Debra has had a crush on the man for years, she knows that she isn t right for him that she isn t the kind of woman that a man of his standing needs beside him As the product of an affair between a married man and a drunk, Debra s background is not one that could boost Trey Winston up the political ladder that he is seeking to climb in Raleigh, North Carolina Not to mention he is her boss s son.
Trey Winston has just announced to his family that he is planning on running for United States Senate Everyone knows he has it in him, as he is the product of a political family Trey s father was a politician up until the day he died, and his mother still is one Kate Winston, Trey s mother, has served as an ambassador to France and was also the first female vice president With a legacy like that, Trey can win this race Of course, he would appeal to voters if he was married Trey has the perfect candidate in mind to be his wife, Cecily McKenna Cecily comes from old money and has everything it takes to be the perfect politician s wife including the ability to set aside her emotions Everyone expects that Trey will propose to Cecily very soon in order to cement his candidacy The only problem is that Trey can t get his mind off of Debra Trey hasn t even touched Cecily since the night with Debra that is forever burned into his mind.
When Kate Winston, Debra s boss, asks Debra to help Trey with his announcement gala, the two will have to spend a lot of time together Seeing how much Trey is invested in running for the Senate, Debra s determination to keep the father of her baby a secret only grows However, the time Trey spends with Debra, the he realizes that he can t marry Cecily because he is in love with Debra After attacks on Debra s life, Trey resolves to keep her safe but is he only putting her in danger Her Secret, His Duty is the first novel in The Adair Legacy series This series is the tale of a family steeped in politics, and how love can help to heal all wounds.