Trailer ô Trees and Other Poems PDF by Á Joyce Kilmer The reason why I read this book was that I came across this quote I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree.
The quote was credited to Joyce Kilmer and came from Trees Other Poems, and I thought it was the whole poem My first reaction was that this was a really great one Of course I was mistaken This was just the beginning of the poem, the rest goes like this A tree whose hungry mouth is pressedAgainst the earth s sweet flowing breast A tree that looks at God all dayAnd lifts her leafy arms to pray A tree that may in summer wearA nest of robins in her hair Upon whose bosom snow has lain Who intimately lives with rain.
Poems are made by fools like me,But only God can make a tree.
This longer version of the poem is a bit different from the two line poem I had first read When I had read it to the end, it turned out to be a religous poem, and I think it really is a beautiful one at that So I read the rest of the book, expecting something up to that quality Unfortunately, most of the rest of the book didn t really do anything for me I thought a lot of the poems were judgmental in tone, and word use wasn t good either I felt they were in need of editing, and that they could have been shortened to make them stronger I thought Trees, Dave Lilly, and Easter were the best ones Easter is the shortest one in the book and is just a clear, simple image which I think Kilmer worked well Dave Lilly is a bit different In it the narrator is recollecting a man he once knew, a man that had been a fisherman, and a drunk There was something about that one that got me The house with no one in it was pretty good too Most of the poems have aged rather badly in my view, but I can t help wondering what might have been in Kilmer had lived longer He died so young that one can t really say what he would have been like as a mature artist.
LovedTrees , To My Mother and The House with Nobody in Itcan read those poems thousand times but still wouldn t get enough of it

This cheerful collection of poetry is rhyming, and it sounds right all the way through.
The Apartment House Severe against the pleasant arc of skyThe great stone box is cruelly displayed.
The street becomes dreary from its shade,And vagrant breezes touch its walls and die.
Here sullen consist in their chains might lie,Or slaves toil dumbly at some dreary trade.
How worse than folly is their labor madeWho cleft the rocks that this might rise on high Mount Houvenkopf Serene he stands, with mist serenely crowned,And draws a cloak of trees about his breast.
The thunder roars but cannot break his restAnd from his rugged face the tempests bound.
He does not heed the angry lightning s wound My edition is not listed It is the 1914 hardcover with dust jacket I got it from a used book bin, an found inside An old newspaper clipping about the death of the NJ oak that inspired the Trees poem, an embroidered book mark about the Golden Rule, an old postcard thanking a Barnville man for his donation to Boy s Town I love the stuff I find inside used books.
This is a very odd little poetry collection, and I can see where a lot of contemporary readers would find it outdated Kilmer drowns a lot of his pieces in a treacly sentimentality that has gone out of vogue, and many of his poems are also what could be considered excessively religious The meter is often uneven as well, although Kilmer does experiment with rhyme schemes from poem to poem Most striking are the two angry poems in the collection To a Young Poet who Killed Himself and To Certain Poets are notably different from the rest of the poems in the book The former rails against the eponymous Young Poet, not only lamenting his death, but telling him that he ruined the rug where he killed himself and ending by calling him an ass, a major departure from the sanctimonious tone of the rest of Kilmer s work The other angry poem seems to rant against women poets, ending by telling them to put down their pens and pick up their needles While I can t say that I especially enjoyed this book, it is an interesting piece of American literary history the sort of poetry that largely gets left out of the classroom.
I read this collection in one night and was frankly entranced, latching on to pieces of imagery When I was looking through the poems again a couple days later, they did feel a little Sunday Schoolish in their structure and their spelled out morals The strong imagery in The Apartment House, for instance, died in the second stanza when Kilmer started waxing on with platitudes about home A few lines I loved are these The darts of toil and sorrow, sent Against your peaceful beauty, are As foolish and as impotent As winds that blow against a star Through miles on weary miles of night That stretch relentless in my way My lantern burns serene and white, An unexhausted cup of day Unhymned by you, what is the dawn Easter is a tiny poem, hardly longer than a haiku, and yet it really made me smile The air is like a butterfly With frail blue wings The happy earth looks at the sky And sings Finally, I was amused by Kilmer s commentary on other poets In Old Poets, for instance, he contrasts passionate, jabbering youngsters with quiet, older poets presumably like himself Perhaps I mostly enjoyed it because I ve felt a bit beaten down by my 8 5 job and have started shaking my head at the energy of young people even if I still am one But whatever the reason, I really liked the unconcerned peace portrayed in the last stanza But the old man knows that he s in his chair And that god s on His throne in the sky So he sits by the fire in comfort And he lets the world spin by And speaking of Kilmer s poems about poets, I have to say that the truly savage To Certain Poets which I sincerely hope is Kilmer being grouchy about young upstarts and not being flagrantly sexist made me laugh out loud.
Good, not super.
My favorite poem was Pennies and it s last lines were these Lo, comfort blooms on pain, and peace on strife, And gain on loss What is the key to Everlasting Life A blood stained Cross The author fought and died in World War I, so we could say he fits the classic mould of the poet warrior.
Maybe this book is worthy of than 3 stars I don t really like poetry so my rating isn t necessarily fair I memorized Trees, enjoyed that one and I liked The House with Nobody In It and for some reason, Dave Lilly I didn t really understand most of the poems I really really want to like poetry but I just don t that much But I ll keep trying.
Alfred Joyce Kilmer December , July , Was An American Journalist, Poet, Literary Critic, Lecturer And Editor Though A Prolific Poet Whose Works Celebrated The Common Beauty Of The Natural World As Well As His Religious Faith, Kilmer Is Remembered Most For A Poem Entitled Trees , Which Was Published In The Collection Trees and Other Poems In While Most Of His Works Are Unknown, A Select Few Of His Poems Remain Popular And Are Published Frequently In Anthologies Several Critics, Both Kilmer S Contemporaries And Modern Scholars, Disparaged Kilmer S Work As Being Too Simple, Overly Sentimental, And That His Style Was Far Too Traditional, Even Archaic Fun poems that celebrate life From a Catholic perspective.