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5 stars DNF Someone Has A Pregnancy Secret In This Texas Cattleman S Club After The Storm Story From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Sara OrwigWhen Folks Think Of Stella Daniels They Think Unassuming, Even Plain But After A Devastating Tornado Hits Royal, Texas, Stella Steps Up And Leads The Recovery Effort That S When She Attracts The Attention Of Construction Magnate Aaron Nichols And A Surprising Night Of Passion EnsuesAaron Sees Something Special In The No Nonsense Admin, And He S Than Happy To Bring Her Out Of Her Shell But When He Discovers Stella S Expecting His Child, Can He Overcome His Demons To Be The Hero This Hometown Heroine Really Needs Be Sure To read Other Scandalous Stories From The Texas Cattleman S Club After The Storm Series, Only From Harlequin Desire STRANDED WITH THE RANCHER By USA TODAY Bestseller Janice MaynardSHELTERED BY THE MILLIONAIRE By USA TODAY Bestseller Catherine MannBECAUSE OF THE BABY By Cat SchieldHIS LOST AND FOUND FAMILY By Sarah M AndersonMORE THAN A CONVENIENT BRIDE By USA TODAY Michelle CelmerFOR HIS BROTHER S WIFE By USA TODAY Bestseller Kathie DeNosky Stella Daniels description is most commonly known as plain and unassuming but when a tornado hurls itself through Royal, Texas, she steps up to lead the clean up and rebuilding campaign.
Aaron Nichols is a contractor who has been spending time in Royal lending a hand He is drawn to Stella and she to him and after one explosive night of unbridled passion, Stella learns she is pregnant.
I am not in agreement with the 5 star reviews I found this story to be shallow and dull forcing myself to finish It was simply not appealing to me There was one troubling issue and that was Aaron wanted to change Stella s appearance He set up a complete makeover at a salon and purchased sensual clothing for hersaying it was to make her physically appealing to the businessmen they were meeting with to seek donations for the rebuilding of their town of Royal He was quite certain the donations would be forthcoming if she had a sexier appeal as opposed to her mid calf length skirts, buttoned to the neck blouses, and pulled back into a severe bun hair She was not thrilled about those changes but she went along with it to help Royal I would have to say that I would have been greatly offended if someone I cared about insisted I have a head to toe makeover, changing everything about my outward appearance I do understand about looking your best but I felt as though his insistence on her change was way out of line and I would have been demoralized Aaron was like I really like you and you turn me on so let s go change everything about your outward appearance.
right, good one, Aaron.
In my opinion, the storyline wrapped up much too quickly with a rush towards an HEA It was not something I enjoyed but you may feel differently I cannot recommend this book.
Too slow for me and repetitive in regards to the whole tragedy in Royal I found myself bored and skimming in sections I didn t really feel any chemistry between our hero heroine.
I am really enjoy reading the Texas Cattleman s Club After the Storm series I am always intrigued by series that are written by different authors Can t wait for the next book.
This series has been enjoyable until this story So boring and I struggled not to skip ahead.
couldn t really get into this story

I ve been having a hard time figuring out just who this book is for I guess the short answer is, all the people who gave it 5 star reviews, but I m still a little mystified The tone of the story is that of a cozy or even Christian romance All the characters are super swell people who bend over backwards to help each other and rush to assure one another that they re all the most awesome and amazing people and everyone just loves them so much The town is entirely filled with these nicer than nice folks who would give you the shirt off their backs and who spend all their time thinking of new ways to do even favors for each other And our hero and heroine are the swellest, most helpful, self sacrificing people of the bunch and have multiple you re so wonderful, No, YOU RE so wonderful conversations while never even coming close to having a single fight So yeah, that s cozy romance wrapped up in Christian and raised to the Amish power.
but there s also a bunch of on page, fully described, out of wedlock sex resulting in a pregnancy So yeah Who exactly is the target audience for this Unfortunately the answer in my case is, not you because I was bored out of my mind with this one and only kept listening because I couldn t get back to the library for a new book There really is nothing to sink your teeth into here Stella and Aaron are Mr and Mrs Pollyanna and are fully canonized by the end of the book, which is super boring And the repetitive you re doing such amazing things for this town, oh thanks, but I m no big deal YOU RE the one who s really helping the town No, really, it s YOU who s doing the most for this town, let me list all the ways for you, again Well thanks, I m just doing what I can but it s really people like YOU who are helping the most, conversations had me gagging so much that I lost a few pounds by the time I was done reading There s this one scene in the beginning where Aaron helps Stella search for a little old lady s lost dog and Stella thanks him for doing it like eight times To which he of course replies that he s happy to help and really, Stella s the one who does so much for the town.
I m starting to gag again just writing this review It was really overpowering.
This is a series book and the backstory is that the town of Royal was hit by an F 4 tornado Aaron owns a big construction firm in Houston and flew in to help out He and Stella met and apparently were so taken with each other that they had a one night stand This was very uncharacteristic for Stella so afterward she was embarrassed and asked Aaron to back off, which he did without much protest The book picks up 6 weeks later and Stella suspects she s pregnant Aaron comes back to town to continue helping with the relief effort and wants to pick up where he left off with Stella too.
I really didn t buy the back story on this one Stella is described as being a terrible dresser, with her hair in a tight bun at all times and no makeup Aaron is a gorgeous, rich, hunk of a man I just didn t buy that they hopped into bed on their first meeting Not on Aaron s part or Stella s That s the kind of hookup that needs time to build so that he can see her inner beauty or else a lot of alcohol.
A lot, and I do mean A LOT of emphasis was put on Stella s poor looks in the first 2 3 of the book Every single one of her dowdy outfits was described and even though Aaron seemed to like her well enough to want to sleep with her, he pushed her very hard to get a makeover, against her protests And when she d been through her Cinderella moment, he went on and on and ON about how beautiful she looked now and how he didn t even recognize her as being the same Stella It was really getting crass I liked that Stella noticed his obsession with her transformation and wondered if he d still be interested in her if she went back to her old ways, but the author never really pays that off All he has to do is say I love you at the end and she s totally won over, all her doubts forgotten There isn t even a hint of insecurity in her about the fact that he just HAPPENED to fall in love once she was a made over knockout that was attracting other men, not when she was the homely little mouse she d been her whole life.
The central conflict, such as it is, is about Stella being pregnant but refusing to enter into a marriage without love because her parents had a loveless marriage and the whole family was miserable because of it Aaron, on the other hand, already had a wife he was wildly in love with but she and his baby son were killed in a car crash 7 years ago He doesn t think he can ever love anyone again, but likes Stella and the sex is good and there s the baby to consider so he wants to get married And that s pretty much the whole book They re both ultra nice people who spend all their time complimenting and thanking one another while dreaming up new ways to help the town They have a lot of sex which for me was squicky to listen to because these two had zero sex appeal and it was like listening to my parents doing it and eventually Stella realizes she s in love so she pulls back to protect her heart Like five minutes after this pull back, Aaron realizes he s in love too and proposes It was all very, very tame No hurt feelings, no harsh words, no good grovels.
Outside of the very tame relationship there was tons and tons of time spent on Stella s activities to help the town Several people were introduced, presumably so they can have their own books later on Aaron sets up a bunch of speaking engagements for Stella, without asking her first, so that she can get donations for the town I didn t like this aspect any than I liked the makeover stuff He was just taking over her life and reshaping her into who HE wanted her to be Not who she wanted to be herself It would have been one thing if Stella had initiated these things and he d just helped facilitate, but she didn t She was perfectly happy with who she was prior to meeting Aaron and he completely changed her She even says the words you re changing my whole life during the book That s not romantic, it s creepy By the end, he s gotten her appointed as the acting mayor a job she s REPEATEDLY said she doesn t want But we re supposed to see all this as a positive thing in Stella s life Like she s the ugly duckling who s grown into a swan Rather than her having been perfectly fine the way she was and staying true to herself Nope, you don t get to have a happily ever after if you re plain so get in there and put on some damn lipstick Like I said, if Stella had always wished she was better at dressing and doing her makeup etc and jumped at the chance for a makeover, that would have been fine, but she didn t Aaron forced her into it And that makes the whole thing very sordid.
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