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5 stars Short and sweet, a real hot chocolate read 4.
5 stars Jesse Is Looking To Get Back To The Land He Jumps At The Chance When An Old Friend Offers Him A Job On His Ranch Even Before He Meets The Quiet, Handsome, And Scarred Ex Marine Who Works There As A Cook A Short, Sweet Gay Romance , Words Heat Level Very Low Short Story By Hollis Shiloh 4.
5 stars This may be less than a two hours read but this little story is just beautifully done Quiet, gentle, tender, kind and honest it left a lasting impact long after I finished it It may be a short story but there is nothing short about the slow burning romance as these guys learn about each other to finally accept and love each other I love Jesse s patience as he slowly draws Con out of his shell I love Con s care for Jesse who will always come first And I thought the impact of Con s PTSD on their relationship is so well portrayed There is no miracle cure but to be accepted and lived with and as a result become stronger in their love for each other I wish the writer has given this little gem a much better cover Not super impressed with this one, and that s disappointing since I ve liked some of Shiloh s other work This one just seemed forced, rushed, and incomplete.
Much better read than the usual gay romanceI am a Vietnam vet so this story hit close to home for me It is great story of one man getting to know another who was scarred I have yet to find such a man in real life This book also demonstrated that you don t need vivid descriptions of bed gymnastics to be an excellent read

Slow burn, but sweet.
A sweet slow burn romance I would have liked a satisfying ending but the HFN was rather nice.
Very lovely and sad at the same time, It would have been great if it has a better ending though It was nice but insuficient for me.