Trailer ¾ A Convenient Bridegroom PDF by ↠´ Helen Bianchin A autora tem uma f rmula que ela segue sempre Casamento de conveni ncia hero na apaixonada her i cobi ado por outra mulher ex amante perseguidora descreve festas e roupas dos ricos detalhadamente.
Mas eu acabo sempre fisgada pela hist ria e gostando.
Veja bem, esta descri o serve para qualquer livro da autora que li at agora The author has a formula that she always follows Marriage of convenience heroine in love hero coveted by another woman ex lover stalker describes parties and clothes of the rich in detail.
But I just always strike by history and enjoying it.
You see, this description serves for any book by author I ve read so far.
livro pequeno e bem rasinho, mas gostoso de ler, hahaok para a proposta.
With Just Two Weeks Until The Wedding, It Was Too Late For Aysha Benini To Back Out Of Marrying Carlo Santangelo Everyone Expected Her To Be A Radiant Bride, Blissfully Entering A Marriage Of Convenience That Would Unite Two Powerful Families Aysha Would Gain Wealth, Status And A Fabulously Good Looking Husband Only, She Couldn T Ignore Two Painful Facts One, She Desperately Loved Carlo Two, He Clearly Had No Intention Of Giving Up His Glamorous Mistress Could She Convince Carlo To Be Than A Convenient Bridegroom books about self absorbed, beautiful, wealthy women with nothing to do but go to lunches parties, shop and plan their wedding in excruciating detail are not my thing A Convenient Bridegroom was the most boring romance I have ever read, and there have been quite a few snoozers This is this book s idea of drama Oh no I got the wrong veil or Oh these flowers just won t do Mama will be so upset The blank slate of a heroine, Ayshe, is so stupid and insecure she believes some random skank s word when said skank says she s cheating with the heroine s man And the hero just stands there and says nothing The heroine is so conflicted, this haunts her every thoughtbut she never addresses this issue Only at the very end is this conflict resolved over a few sentences.
The happy couple is engaged to be married, they have hot amazing sex, but have never said I love you That s the big crisis I can read a book where the hero is an evil misogynist at least even if the book is bad, it s entertaining This book was so BORING and that is the worst literary sin of all.
All i can say is that Ms Bianchin have her unique way of making wealthier s life just BORING They wake up, have an hasty breakfast, an even hastier lunch, go to party, come home, have sex and sleep Between all of that they work while wondering did he she love me I will not deny that i quite enjoyed the firsts books i read from Ms Bianchin, but the problem after a while is that each book seems to be a exact copy of the previous.
aweful i was bored to tears Meh all the usual tropes and low on story.

SSo I wanted to write a short book review for this book because it did two things that were makes me feel like I should give it a pat on the back Aysha and Carlo are getting marry a marriage of convenience Aysha is a bit of a Mary Sue, beautiful, kind, rich but not annoyingly so Aysha is in big time love with Carlo forever but what about the glamorous mistress How can perfect Aysha get Carlo to bang her exclusively Wow, being a bit sarcastic with a book I like Now read on knowing there will be spoilers from a Harlequin published in 1999.
Now 9 times out of 10 I will DNF a book for making with the sex early on in the book I would have say I always would do that but this book had me reading on It probably help that they were in a relationship Frankly the frick frack at the beginning was intense I thought than the a later stuff.
A little backstory is this is not Carlo s first marriage His first bride died in a car accident And guess what she wasn t a horrible person that scarred Carlo and Carlo never once told Aysha that he didn t love his first wife as much as he loved her I like that I hate it when it happens in books it seems very disrespectful to fictional dead people and it happens quite a bit in romance novels the whole I never loved my first wife.
Aysha is as mention before a bit of Mary Sue The only thing that annoyed me about her is she continued to doubt Carlo and I admit I did too for a bit However as the book continues I realized that Carlo is a great guy and he loved Aysha He keep doing these sweet things for Aysha and she knew the OTHER WOMAN was a horrible person.
Aysha is such a 90s type name Do you think Helen Bianchin pick it because it sounded fancy Is this the most Helen Bianchin book ever published I mean it s alllll showers and clothes and fine dining and shopping interspersed with a bitchbecrazy OW The hero obviously loves the heroine The heroine loves the hero They have money than they will ever spend Their families get along and the H h have no mommy daddy issues So no conflict unless HB comes up with a crazy OW who goes to elaborate lengths to ensnare the hero and raise doubts in the heroine The hero manages to slice through the heroine s suspicions by hiring a private detective and gathering some sworn affidavits from the people who hired to set up the hero by the OW The H h then have their own wedding ceremony a few days before the actual show That s nice, I guess read if you enjoy endless wedding descriptions and unbridled consumption of the world s resources.