Ö Read Ó Silver Skin by Joan Lennon â Very well done Quite different from what I expected, but well worth reading.
Far into the future, technology exists to take individuals back in time, or to move time back and forth across the person who wears the Silver Skin A teenage boy, Rab, dons his new skin and signs the agreement to avoid contact with people from whichever past he chooses to visit this is made possible by the other properties of the suit, which can make him invisible His computer companion in the suit sleeve reminds him not to make a noise or bump into things as they head back to 1850 But no one s told Rab what to do if his suit is struck by lightning if he s flung much further back in time than he planned or if his Silver Skin is damaged or stolen.
Cait finds Rab at the shore near Skara Brae, a village in Orkney at the end of the Stone Age Cait at first thinks he s a selkie, a mythical creature that lives as a seal in the water but can shed it s skin to live on land in human form As well as hoping for the luck that a selkie can bring, she empathises with him being different from the rest of the village Cait, too, comes from a different racial group elsewhere in Northern Europe.
Cait and Rab both have their reasons for wanting to leave Cait to another place to find her people, Rab to another time each discovers than they thought they would.
I d recommend Silver Skin for young adults and older ones, too who are interested in history or scifi.
Skara Brae, Orkney, The End Of The Stone Age The Sun Is Dying, Storms Batter The Coast And People Fear The End Of The World When Rab Crawls Out Of The Sea Wearing The Remains Of His Silver Skin, He Throws The Islanders Into Confusion Who Is He Why Has He Come Voy, The Village Wise Woman, Is Certain He S A Selkie, A Source Of New Power Cait Isn T So SureRab, Thousands Of Years From Home, Injured And Desperate, Must Learn Fast About This Ancient World What Started As A High Tech Study Trip Has Turned Into A Struggle To Survive 2.
5 stars wrong genre for me BUT I learnt a LOT Video review This is an interesting meld of invented future, barely touched upon, and hypothesized past It is successful in building a story, but the brevity and lack of back story to the main characters make it less satisfying than it could be However, I appreciate that the author wanted to focus in on a narrow slice of history.
This plot of this novel centres around the accidental transportation of Rab, a teenager from the distant future, back to Stone Age Orkney It is told from the points of view of Rab and another two characters a young woman named Cait, who finds Rab injured on the beach, and an older woman named Voy who is the village healer Voy and Cait look after Rab and speculate that he might be a selkie a mythical creature who can take the form of a seal or a human Selkies are believed to bring luck and the villagers hope that Rab will improve their harvests and secure the future of the community However, Rab is desperate to return home This proves to be far from easy and he lives in the village for an extended period of time, developing a relationship with Cait The book provides the reader with interesting perspectives on both the past and the future.
I found it hard to put this down It ticked all the boxes for me, fantasy, historical detail about the wonderful Isle of Orkney, even if a lot of it was guesswork Beautifully written, it drew me in from start to finish I was left wanting I wanted to find out what happened next I guess that s left to my imagination.

It was fascinating to read this novel, recommended by an Orcadian friend, just after I had seen the places mentioned in it I am not sure I would have understood or appreciated it to the same degree if I were ignorant about the history and geography of this place But it is still a great read.
Joan Lennon is a seriously talented writer She has a way of grabbing your attention from the opening page and fully engaging you with her characters and their dilemmas They stay with me long after the last page This book, in addition to the fabulously well drawn characters, also has Orkney, Skara Brae, time travel, selkies want could a reader want Would appeal to all ages.
This book truly explains the difference between the worlds Embark on an adventure with Rab as he travels back in time, thousands of years ago to discover and unravel the mysteries of the unknown Action and Adventure, these words truly describe this book as it is a struggle to survive in an unknown areaThe Stone Age