[Jennifer Morey] º Justice Hunter (Cold Case Detectives #2) [ambulance-service PDF] Read Online Û I received an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review and here it is.
This is the first novel I ve read by this author and I don t know why or how I ve not read her before Lucas Curran, an ex marine and former SWAT team member is now working for Dark Alley Investigations, doing what a police department would never permit looking into the death of his own sister, who was married to Jared Palmer, who was cheating on her with Rachel Delaney, and Rachel had no idea he was married at the time Jared is the classic scoundrel, wealthy but lacking in honesty and morals Lucas wonders if his sister was murdered so that Jared could be with Rachel Now that Jared s wife is out of the picture, he s actively trying to get Rachel back To investigate further, Lucas charms his way into Rachel s life slowly, lying to her about who he is and what his motives are to gain her confidence, but after Jared s deception, the last thing Rachel needs is another lying scoundrel Rachel has had a rough beginning and acted out enough as a teenager to have made the aquaintance of the justice system and trust isn t something she offers easily She s also being threatened and blackmailed, but she s not sure by whom And that s just for starters.
This is one good, solid, taut romantic suspense novel that kept me guessing until the very end, all the while thinking, Oh what tangled webs we weave I ll definitely be following Ms Morey from this point on If you love a little romance with your mystery and suspense, this novel is a good choice.
The Cold Case Detectives Series Heats Up With A Sexy New Hero In This Story Of Revenge And DesireA Tough Ex SEAL Turned Private Investigator, Lucas Curran Vows That Solving His Sister S Murder Must Come First Even Before His Raging Attraction To Rachel Delany, Who Might Be A Fresh Lead In The Four Year Old Case It S Just That He Can T Trust The Down On Her Luck Beauty He S Already Been Devastated Once By A Deceitful Ex Then There S Rachel S Rap Sheet And Her Infuriating Tendency To Withhold The TruthBut When Rachel S Life Goes Up In Flames, They Re Forced To Rely On Each Other Because Rachel Is Than Just Lucas S Ticket To Outsmarting A Killer And Serving Up Justice She S His Second Chance At A Burning Love He Never Thought Possible Title Justice Hunter Cold Case Detectives Book 2Author Jennifer MoreyPublished 1 5 16Publisher Harlequin Romantic SuspensePages 288Genre Mystery, Thrillers and SuspenseSub Genre Series, Westerns, RomanceISBN 978037329722 ASIN B0111QRO2S Reviewer DelAnneReviewed For NetGalley Lucas Curran, a former marine and an ex SWAT member, came to work for Dark Alley Investigations mainly to find the one responsible for his sister s death To that end he maneuvers himself in the life of Rachel Delaney who was involved with Jared Palmer, Lucas sister husband, until he was married After her own rebellion as a teenager Rachel has her own reasons not to trust law enforcement and after Jared she has reasons not to trust men in general Rachel presents a hard shell to the world, but in truth she is afraid Someone is out to hurt her She is being blackmailed by someone and she is trying to find out who Both she and Lucas have secrets that can tear them apart when brought out into the open This is a gripping story full of suspense and intrigue With many twist and turns you will be pulled into the lives of Lucas and Rachel I look forward to reading of Jennifer Morley s work I thoroughly enjoy her style of writing and strong characters link and Noble link Goodreads link The Reading Room link I really liked this suspense filled story.
There s so much happening in the story, so many different angles Everytime I thought I had it all figured out, and knew what was what, a plot twist, and I was guessing again That kept me glued to the story.
The characters are edgy, they have secrets, and are skating on the line of good and bad I really wasn t sure with Rachel, what her secrets were, and was she really that innocent at all Luke is very oriented to find the truth behind his sister s murder, and not shy to use anything to find the answers and clues he needs I wasn t sure at first, if they, Luke and Rachel, have a connection, or if he was just using her to the greater good But the feelings grow, and the connection between them comes clear Also, who is really behind everything that was happening, that was the other question in my mind, that wasn t solved until the end But the end is satisfying, and giving answers to my questions Great suspense, a murder mystery that keeps you guessing and wondering all the way to the end Four Spoons Lucas is investigating his sisters murder and he knows that Rachels knows than she is leading on Meanwhile Rachel is trying to keep herself out of trouble with a past like hers it ll be easy for anyone to pin anything on her Looking for a job Rachel just so happens to get hired by a Lucas father causing that bit of connection so that Lucas can questions her Little did they expect for someone to have a hit out on her and they are out for blood.
I loved this book there was so much going on with the who break ins and shoot out to keep the readers on their toes wondering what was going to happen next Then there was the mystery of what does Rachel really knows that shes not telling anyone Then there s that ending, There isn t much that I can say to you without spoiling the book but if you love a good action thriller with a bit a heat this ll be for you I really loved every minute reading this book I loved that the characters were complex getting to know a bit of rachel and her past I loved that there was then one point of vie.
w i loved the storyline it was written very well and was interesting Highly Recommend This sounds like a really good series about cold cases I m struggling with this specific book as Rachel is not a likable character I think the author was trying to make her a possible suspect when she introduces her and I just wasn t able to like her later She seems like a slut and very whiny I like Lucas he was determined to do whatever it took to find his sister s murderer I found it interesting that he definitely does things that a police officer cannot do This is why they freelance.
Something just wasn t working in the storyline for me However I kept reading because I did want to know who killed his sister It was good on the suspense You can see my full review at More Than a Review dot com where I rate the level of sex, violence, language and drug alcohol use in books.

Dark Alley Investigations was started by a man who know all too well about the heartbreak of losing a loved one and not having those responsible for the death caught Cases gone cold are much harder to sort out, but having committed employees helps his company to bring closure to families for whom no answers have been found The second book in the Cold Case Detectives miniseries has a new investigator tangling with a woman who might know facts about a murder which he is determined to solve, no matter how many times he has to quiz her because she refuses to be completely honest with him When they let emotions become involved, neither are prepared for the unexpected feelings that develop Jennifer Morey skillfully entwines danger and passion in JUSTICE HUNTER to create a suspenseful romance When Lucas Curran walked into an agency specializing in cold murder cases and became one of its investigators, he wanted to locate the person responsible for killing his sister four years before The only clue he has to follow is discovering if Rachel Delany knows anything important, as there is a link between the two women Using some deceptive measures, Lucas tries to uncover any vital information she may not have previously divulged When the chance to assist Rachel arises, he uses the opportunity to possibly gain her trust by getting close.
The Lucas is around Rachel, the he comes to like her spirit and determination Though he does learn many facts about her, there are still some details that she keeps to herself While part of what he has told her is untrue, how he starts to care about her is real Needing to expose what she is keeping from Lucas is his goal, as it may point out who is the killer Falling for Rachel was definitely not supposed to happen, but keeping her out of his thoughts is next to impossible Ever since his sister was murdered, Lucas has not given up his quest to find her killer When it finally seems like he might get some answers, he finds the woman who is not revealing all she knows is becoming than a potential suspect As he uses tricks to get what he wants, he also begins to feel surprisingly drawn to her Lots has gone wrong for Rachel since her parents died, and she is looking for a stable life but luck has not been with her so far Lucas makes her want to believe happiness is within reach, but with little trust between them, strong sexual desire is not enough for their relationship to continue I kept wondering just what Rachel was hiding, and several of her disclosures as well as a few others are rather shocking With numerous unknowns in the story, I never knew for certain who was a killer and who was innocent As each fact is revealed, my deductions as to what was going on kept changing By the end, I was astonished as to how the thrilling conclusion played out Clues are cleverly brought to light by Jennifer Morey, making her latest Cold Case Detectives story often riveting JUSTICE HUNTER has adventures, mysteries and plenty of sexual tension Received copy from author for a CataRomance review 4 Stars Title Justice HunterAuthor Jennifer MoreyGenre Contemporary Romance, SuspenseSeries or Standalone StandaloneRating ReviewI have to admit, it s been a long time since I sat down with a Harlequin romance Years in fact My reading travels have taken me all over the place, but what is kind of cool about this book is, since Harlequin was where I got my romance reading start, it s sort of like coming home again in a sense Especially since I always did enjoy the suspense driven stories and this one definitely has that At times, it was this very aspect that kept me engaged I loved Lucas I enjoyed the fact that he was hell bent on bringing the person that had killed his sister to justice by any means necessary That entire family dynamic definitely tying me instantly to the book I even enjoyed the fact that he was going to have to get close to Rachel in an effort to do that, and for me to agree with someone who is basically using another is a big thing I just wanted to see the resolution for him and resolution I most definitely got Rachel I wasn t sure about her Even from the start I questioned just how deeply involved in all of this she was even though I was sort of hoping with the way they reacted to one another, the attraction between them despite the secrets on both sides that she wasn t going to be too involved I wanted her to be innocent so that they could just stop fighting the inevitable and again, the author delivered Where some romances focus solely on that and the suspense falls into the background, this story I think kept a pretty even pace with both, even though it did take quite some time for the romantic pay off I was after There were glimpses, moments in time shared throughout that were right on par with the craziness that ensued the the story progressed At no one point did I nail down exactly who was behind everything, which was another aspect I enjoyed The author definitely played that angle perfectly Every time I guessed at what was going on, something would happen to prove me wrong, and by the time it was revealed, I can safely say I didn t see it coming that way at all The ending was a little too tightly wrapped in a big red bow for me I think and typical of a lot of romances of the past , but aside from all of that, it still remained a really great romantic suspense It also made me want to check out work from the author, both previous and works she releases in the future because I did enjoy the writing style here and the way it all came together If you re a fan of suspense, romances, or even just a fan of the Harlequin style stories, this is definitely one you should check out and one I d recommend My thanks to the author, NetGalley and all others involved for letting me read this before official release.