[ Read Online All These Hidden Scars Ò motorcycle PDF ] by Avril Ashton ã should have been 5 starsI loved this Loved it All These Hidden Scars has everything I want to read in a book a closed off assholian thanks Lorraine male that has so many scars his walls seem insurmountable Then he finds his one and there s nothing better than watching those walls crumble, watching his heart and mind open and watch him fall totally hook, line and sinker Sully did this, to perfection The author gave Sully his perfect one Carter was everything Sully didn t even know he needed These two together gah.
I loved the twists and turns, trying to work out where the threats were coming from, the suspense It was brilliant So why only 4 stars Because I was so bloody confused and lost at times Things events people were alluded to or even just thrown in there and I had no clue what was going on I m guessing these are covered in the author s other books, but when I m reading the first book in a series I expect to either have a warning that the series is linked to other books series or have the details fleshed out so I could keep up If not for this I would have 5 starred the heck out of this book I couldn t put it down, and when I had to put it down I was thinking about it That for me is a great book.
I m lazy Go read Jewel s or Karen s review.
My contribution to this BR is the perfect Sullivan Spoiler tagged because reasons view spoiler hide spoiler When I Leave, I Never Return The SamePretending Came Far Too Easily For Sullivan Black One Of The Reasons He Rejected His Privileged Family And Joined The FBI But Those Dangerous Assignments Take Something From Him Every Time, Leaving Him A Mess, Unfamiliar Even To Himself As He Struggles To Shed The Skin Of His Latest Op, He Finds Solace In The Most Random Of PlacesBar Manager, Carter Renault S Only Intention Was To Escort The Lonely Stranger Out Of His Place Before He Locked Up Yet Somehow They End Up In An Alley, Carter S Pants Around His Ankles Their Encounter Is Intense A Onetime Thing Except Months Later Sullivan Is Sneaking Through Carter S Window, Appearing And Disappearing At Random The Blistering Hot Sex Doesn T Hide The Obvious Torment Sullivan Is Going Through, But Carter Doesn T Want To Be Caught In The MiddleJust When He Thinks He S Seen The End Of That Undercover Life, Sullivan Gets Pulled Back In But This Time, His Identity Is No Longer A Secret, And The Aggressive Need He Has For Carter Could Get The Other Man Killed To Set Everything Right, Sullivan Has To Face The One Man He Loves And Hates In Equal Measure His Twin 4.
5 Eenie meenie miny moeYou ain t nothing but a foeYou think you are lovedYou think you are cleverNewsflash SolYou are fricken nasty Dutch is a man in control He controls everything, even down to who lives and who dies His Operatives are all in deep undercover assignments, but when they resurface even if it s only for a while , they are broken, a shell of their former selves The plight of their job, the depravity that they witness is draining and slowly sucking their humanity out of them Is Dutch really their Protector and has their backs at all times, or is he also another leech, sucking them dry using them because their missions are a necessity to get rid of the viscous, unscrupulous, low life scum that trades in Human Trafficking and other diabolical things.
Sullivan Black is one of Dutch s Operatives He s fragmenting at an alarming rate Apart from being undercover for so long, his twin brother has been given three life sentences for cold murder Sol was Sullivan s fixer He made Sullivan whole again after a Mission or as whole as Sullivan can be , he was his rock They protected each other, they shared everything, Sol was solid and always protected Sullivan Unexpectedly, Sullivan meets Carter Even unexpectedly, he falls in love with him Can he stop himself from fragmenting even further can he protect Carter and importantly than anything else, can he keep him in his life can he also forgive Sol for what he did and can he trust Dutch Because is Dutch really just the equivalent of a Spider, spinning a web of deceit and lies Once esconded on those treacherous threads, tangled for life with no get out, or even worse, eaten alive So in summing up Dutch has earnt his place on my Assholian List Whilst the sex was hot between Sullivan and Carter, something was just missing for me I loved seeing characters from other books entwining with this one As always, it s fast paced especially the last 20% The ruthlessness that was used and justified by those that dealt it out in the name of good over evil, makes interesting reading and I ll leave it you to make up your own minds on the justification of it, but for me, they got what they deserved It was harrowing and brutal, but yet again, so dam addictive.
Another winner from the Ashton Book Stable.
This book is now live on Can anyone help me figure it out Is this the first book published in this series I don t see a Loose Ends series on , here or at Avril s site I don t want to walk into an angst fest this sounds like and hit a bittersweet no HEA no HFN ending or cliffhanger.
Thank you BR with Ele Karen 4.
5 StarsFirstly, thank you Ele and Karen for reading this with me Since I am new to this author and there are tons of character crossovers in her books, you ladies were invaluable in helping me with the various character backgrounds, etc Plus, you both are so much fun to read with I m sooo looking forward to the next book and reading it with you both All These Hidden Scars is the second book by Avril Ashton that I ve read And this one, I loved Sully was so damaged and unsure that he was a good guy Working undercover for so long just blurred the lines too much for him And up until now, it has been his twin brother that has helped put him back together, but with Sol being imprisoned for murder, he isn t so available to help ground Sully And this last mission has really done a number on him.
Carter has been around the block a time or two, himself He doesn t live a dangerous life, by any means, but knows what it is like to lose people he loves and he knows what it s like to get his heart broken into bitty bits and he s not much interested in chancing it again His bar and his son are his life and he s ok with that.
Until Sullivan gets a bit aggressive and shows them both just how amazing they are together, at least sexually And Sully can t stay away There is just something about Carter that grounds him That reminds him of who he really is.
There were several events in this book that I didn t really see coming I m not sure if that s because I haven t read the Sinners series, or Run This Town, but I do like it when something takes me by surprise and this story did I seriously need to know about Dutch That man has a seriously flexible moral code and while I often wanted to cause him pain in his soft bits, there were times I nearly mistook him for a human He s a complex character and I need his and Patel s story, like, now But I must wait.
And Sully s twin, Sol, is far evil than I ever wanted to believe I hoped there was something in him that was redeemable, but no, there wasn t At all And I thought it was going to break Sully when he finally realized it Yeah, so, All These Hidden Scars is a complex story about complex people who are put in uncertain circumstances and a lot happens here The background story of Sully s undercover work is heartbreaking and had me reading through my fingers a bit And even though I knew he would pull through it, I still clenched and worried And for those of you who like your book sexy times super hot you will not be disappointed At all Carter and Sully about scorched my Kindle.
I loved the writing and the world building and character development and also that I could follow the story, even though I haven t read the series it spun off from So that s good news for all you folks out there, like me, who haven t read her Sinner s series and won t until those books are no longer being published with Ellora s Cave.
Two opposable thumbs up from me.
Really enjoyed the gritty aspect to this book the characters were perfectly matched and the pace was spot on I m looking forward to this series

5 StarsOkay, here s the thing This is not a stand alone, no matter the new series name and number There s too much going on that has to be referenced in other books I mean, I recognize Angel Rafe, JP not to mention Syren and to a lesser extent, Levi and I ve only listened to their two books Love the Sinner Sinner, Savior , oh and read the in between codas See, that series Brooklyn Sinners has 4 major titles plus several quite long side stories Plus, I m guessing quite a few of the people mentioned in this book are in the Run This Town series as well.
It s just too convoluted and complicated and fucking busy without knowing everything you need to know going in to this book Yes, the sex is hot and the relationship interesting yes, the undercover casework is crazy, as are the players in this gameyes, I want to know that Sullivan Carter get their HEA But guess what Most of all I want to know what the fuck led up to all this Which means, yeah, I m a little pissed that this is marketed as the first book of a new series because it is not, by any means, at all, in any sense of the word It s just one string of an intricate Gordian Knot that I m now compelled to figure out, to untangle So, good on the author for that I m not happy about it at all, though, because I feel manipulated into it Of course, I ll end up re reading this when it s the appropriate time to do so in the chronology and decide if it should be re rated I m pretty sure it will be but as it is right now, I stand by that rating.
ALL THIS HIDDEN LOVE I was in a book slump until I started reading this book and it started a slope of me really getting into this series All The Hidden Scars is dirty, angst filled, and just a overall good time Seems Ms Avril Ashton never disappoints Sullivan Black finds it hard to shed the skin of the people he pays when he goes undercover Sometimes he wonders if being a man who sells people and peddle drugs is who he really is He knows that he has to get out in order to retain even a fragment of his former self Drinking himself into a oblivion seems like a good way to drown his sorrows but what he wasn t expecting is his instant attraction to the bar owner Carter has Sullivan feeling some sort of way and fucking him will relieve the itch he never knew he needed scratched, what was to be a quick nut in an alley way turns into something and all Sullivan can do is breathe all that is Carter Carter doesn t do love after the ultimate betrayal from his last relationship So, when a drunken ass Sullivan gets too cheeky flashing his badge and making moves, Carter knows he shouldn t fall for it because the man s face spells trouble but Sullivan is irresistible, and soon Carter has his pants at his ankles whisperinggo They fucked In the shadows of his living room, near silent save for the muted slap of skin when they connected Flesh against flesh Damp and hot And their grunts His Moans Sullivan s hiss They fucked What was supposed to be a onetime thing turns into a many a time thing and suddenly feelings are all over the place and Sulli is fighting it with all he s got But Carter brings him to life, he s willing to give it all to be with him, too bad he s gotta crazy twin brother who won t let him go and he s pulled Carter into the freak show that is his life Sullivan gets called into a mission he doesn t want, and he knows that once he goes in he might not make it out a live, but duty calls and shit and man if given the opportunity has to save as many lives as he can The men do a dance that is both angst and sexy and I swear this shit is officially my mood I love how unapologetic these dudes are about killing and protecting I live for it sirOn the list of places, I want to be, and people I want to be with, there s only one He Lowered his arm and stared up at Carter with those seriously dark and piercing eyes YouIf you ve read Avril s previous series then you know all of her stories are very intertwined with fave character popping out and protecting their friends Sullivan while not my fave character from this series, I still dig him Carter is the sweet well balanced to Sulli s ruthlessness and also his home I can t say I had a complete handle on his character but I didn t mind him Once again, the author offers up a wide diverse set of characters which is never surprising Avril is that author that has representation in every book Black, Latino, Asian, and wide range of races can be found in her books, also with strong female characters, trans characters and all the cultural stuff just done very well If I ever find fault it won t be for those reasons I love it, I love it, I love it All These Hidden Scars while not my favourite, or one of her best books out there, it still was an entertaining read with lose your panties scene Can I get an Amen for my bad boys.
Amen Review Writing Songs I Luv This Shit by August Alsina Sativa by Jhene Aiko 4 stars Well look at me it seems I m finally getting out of my review slump and I m so glad it was with an author I ve come to love The first thing I thought when I finished this book was holy shit this is only the prequel This is going to be an intense series for sure In All The Hidden Scars we meet Sullivan an FBI undercover agent who has to infiltrate a dark world but every time he does it takes away something from his soul On a night out he meets Carter, sparks fly and they end up having a one night stand But soon Sullivan keeps going for and can t help feel this connection with Carter At first Sullivan fought his attraction to Carter He had a pull push relationship with him but dam this man was going through so much His personal life was a mess and his profesional one was full of twists and turns, betrayals and conspiracies Carter was the calm to his storm, the light he needed so desperately in his darkness Regardless of Sullivan s being hesitant of Carter I loved that once he accepted it he held on to that love Carter was just as amazing loving and supporting Sullivan Ms Ashton has done it again with this series her MC always so passionate and intense with just the right amount of angst I love The sexual encounters are always scorching hot This was definitely a great introduction to this lose ends series where we meet the rest of the characters for the following books, which I m looking forward to reading Even a certain annoying character yea I m talking about you Dutch Can t wait to know why you did what you did.