[Janice Kay Johnson] Ç With Child [plants PDF] Ebook Epub Download » Over all the story line was good but it got kind of boring in parts.
4 Stars Brendan Quinn met his best friend when he was 11 and Dean Fenton was 10 Both boys were taken in by the Howies as foster kids, and for the first time in their lives knew what a loving home was Dean welcomed everything the Howies did for them, while Quinn always felt that he was on borrowed time They both became cops, with Quinn going on to become a detective and Dean moving on to start his own security company When Dean married Mindy, Quinn was sure the marriage wouldn t last The call came in the wee hours, Dean had taken on a security shift and had been shot dead Quinn steps in when he sees Mindy barely holding it together Mindy knows the only reason Quinn is helping her is because of Dean She can feel his contempt and wonders what it is about her that he hates so much So she quickly pulls up and shows Quinn she can manage okay on her own, only she really can t She s pregnant with Dean s baby and she s never been so alone.
From the first pages I found myself falling for Quinn He s such a wounded soul It s not until the second half of the book that I really felt a connection with Mindy Quinn s misjudged her and when he finds her pregnant and desperate for help, he feels such a heel These two lonely souls need each other and I enjoyed very much reading their journey to find that out.
On A Beautiful Spring Night Mindy Fenton Went To Bed Thinking All Was Right In Her World Before It Was Over Everything Had Changed And Not For The BetterMindy Was Awakened By Brendan Quinn With The News That Her Husband Had Been Shot And Killed Now Mindy Is Alone, Nearly Broke And Pregnantand Quinn A Man Who Never Hid His Contempt For Her Is The Only One She Can Turn To Don t be put off by a silly title and the cover This is a very well written story with surprising depth and character development Mindy and Quinn disliked each other from the start He thought her as a giggling airhead, for her, he was a difficult to talked to, aloof, and brooding man They tolerated each other for the sake of Dean Mindy s husband and Quinn s best friend When tragedy strike and Dean was killed, both antagonists were forced to interact with each other The story felt very realistic The transition from hate to love, from overwhelming grief to acceptance was done very well This is a new author for me and I would definitely try her other stories.
5 A very enjoyable book by Janice Kay Johnson who also authored another book I enjoyed, Snowbound With Child missed the 4 star mark very narrowly for a couple of reasons The tension between the main characters was very well done, but went on a little too long There should have been a gradual discovery of each others feelings so that the denouement was less abrupt And, while there was good relationship tension, the sexual tension wasn t as strong.
PG kisses and some brief allusions to arousal and self gratification.
I really like this one.
H and h both start out not liking each other.
but you get your HEA Rating 3.
5 out of 5 It was surprisingly better than I had expected it to be I really enjoyed it, and read it in just one sitting.

I liked the progress of the book, from her husband s death to the hero still thinking of her as a flake, to month s later when she is sick and pregnant and moves in him, both see a new side of each other, she sees how lonely he is, afraid to trust and he sees that she is a good person, intelligent and not at all flaky Both feel love for each other but don t say it, guilt actually and fear.
Another good read by JKJ This is the story of a man who falls in love with his best friend s widow This one is different because they really hadn t liked each other before the husband s death He thought she was a lightweight and a nitwit and she thought he was arrogant and cold But she needs help after her husband dies and he steps up to help because that is what his friend would have wanted It takes quite a while for them to learn to like each other.
Very well written, absorbing and well paced Believable situation and believable development of their relationship I liked both of them Neither was a perfect person, so a realistic feeling book.
I m looking forward to working my way through this author s backlist.