☆ Read  Four Weeks, Five People by Jennifer Yu  They Re Than Their ProblemsObsessive Compulsive Teen Clarissa Wants To Get Better, If Only So Her Mother Will Stop Asking Her If She S OkayAndrew Wants To Overcome His Eating Disorder So He Can Get Back To His Band And Their Dreams Of Becoming FamousFilm Aficionado Ben Would Rather Live In The Movies Than In RealityGorgeous And Overly Confident Mason Thinks Everyone Is An IdiotAnd Stella Just Doesn T Want To Be Back For Her Second Summer Of Wilderness TherapyAs The Five Teens Get To Know One Another And Work To Overcome The Various Disorders That Have Affected Their Lives, They Find Themselves Forming Bonds They Never Thought They Would, Discovering New Truths About Themselves And Actually Looking Forward To The Future Sav di.
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Y ALL THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD I WANT TO SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS I absolutely adored Four Weeks, Five People It is an emotional and very realistic read featuring the largest number of mental illnesses addressed in a novel that I ve ever seen I am totally adding it to the top of my mental health fiction recommendations.
TW depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, anorexia, suicide, narcissistic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, dissociative episodesThis is definitely a very character driven novel Despite a large twist at the end, there are few game changing plot points so if you desire a fast paced, eventful contemporary, this may not be the book for you That being said, I feel there is enough character development and individual conflict for the book to not feel as if it is dragging or lacking substance I m typically the opposite type of reader, where plot is super important to me, but I was so enchanted by these characters that I could not help but fall in love.
Of course, the mental health representation in this novel is my favorite aspect The ownvoices representation for depression and eating disorders was totally evident in the story Stella can definitely be rough around the edges, but I love seeing characters who s depression manifests in anger because that portrayal is often left out of media She really does soften up as the story progresses and it was so easy to relate to her She has so many complex layers I loved getting to peel away.
Andrew has to be one of my faves such a sweet, precious boy who s struggle I know so well I m so happy we have a character with an eating disorder that does partially want to recover and get better while still fighting the very real urges to continue unhealthy behaviors He really is a light in this group and a person others can look up to.
Clarissa is SUCH A SWEETHEART A real addition to the story The voice of reason and fellow future therapist, for sure in a sometimes tumultuous group One fact I ADORED about her chapters is that with her obsessive compulsive disorder creating a fixation on the number 7, every paragraph in her chapters is exactly 7 sentences long That dedication to creating an authentic character really blew me away.
Mason is such a fantastic character I feel this story would truly be incomplete without him I do not have the most experience with NPD but I do think this book does a fairly good job at properly representing this illness and not villainizing him in any way Mason does get the least amount of development in my opinion, which is unfortunate, but I do see some change in him from beginning to end which was really pleasant to see.
I struggled to identify Ben s affliction as it is not disclosed in text I considered a diagnosis between bipolar disorder, derealization disorder, etc until I reached out to the author SUPER sweet woman who confirmed he deals with borderline personality disorder and has dissociative episodes In this realm, I only deal with episodes of depersonalization so I cannot speak for the rep, but I m not only pleased to see these issues portrayed in a ya novel this is the first I ve ever read but pleased with the execution from my education There are many distinct moments in Ben s chapters where you can truly see the shift in his thoughts and behaviors and I thought it came across really well.
I have so much to say but I m hoping to do a in depth spoiler free review on my channel but I do have one main critique I d like to mention I wish we had gotten one chapter from one character before the story ended I felt their final thoughts were crucial to the story and they were just missing for some reason I m not aware of.
Overall, Four Weeks, Five People was fabulous I cannot recommend it enough.

5 stars What the heck did I just read This book was all over the place not even the camp setting could save it RTC Apologies in advance for the nonsensical, badly written review It s 1am and I can t really express my love for this book AND write about it in well written sentences.
Put simply, Four Weeks, Five People follows five teenagers attending a summer wilderness therapy camp Stella has severe depression, Andrew has anorexia, Clarissa has OCD and anxiety, Mason has Narcisstic Personality Disorder, and Ben has Depersonalisation disorder and I think he also has Bipolar disorder, although I can t be sure Having only suffered Depression myself and having not dealt with any of the other disorders represented in the book, I can t speak for the representation, however I felt all of it was handled sensitively, realistically and mental illness in this book was NOT romanticised yay Four Weeks, Five People was SO EASY to read While I technically started this book at the end of April, I really didn t have time to read at the time, so when I picked it up again, I read the entire book in almost one day No joke, I read about 150 pages in one sitting and it felt like no time had gone by at all, it was completely unputdownable and each of the characters had me entirely captivated.
As there are five viewpoints, I was admittedly a little worried at first, however Jennifer Yu did a wonderful job of making each character s voice unique and I found it easy to switch between characters as frequently as the book did Each chapter was incredibly quick easy to read and I enjoyed almost everyone s point of view except for Mason, who I just did not like in general.
I absolutely adored the rest of the characters and I found Stella to be particularly refreshing as she was so outspoken, snarky and generally pissed off at the world Admittedly, Stella did say some pretty shitty offensive things, they were quickly challenged by other characters in text which I REALLY appreciated, and despite being incredibly stubborn, Stella was incredibly understanding of others and apologised when she messes up.
Andrew was probably my other favourite character and I wanted to hug him be his friend so badly We see the very beginning of his eating disorder recovery and while I ve never had an eating disorder, it felt authentic and was incredibly emotional to read I admit, most of my tears were caused by Andrew.
As this is a book about recovery, I wasn t too sure what to expect because let s be real, recovery doesn t just happen in four weeks or less It s a long road, full of ups and downs and you might have lots of good days, but also just as many bad days It s not straightforward, and as someone who considers themselves recovered from depression, my mental health is still something I work at EVERY SINGLE DAY This book didn t try and pretend the characters would be 100% better by the end, it s repeatedly drilled into you that four weeks is NOT a very long period of time and I was completely okay with this If you re expecting a shit tonne of character development or recovery from them in Four Weeks, Five People, you ll be disappointed The characters certainly experience growth and learn things, but at the end of the day, they are still all in recovery and this therapy camp just happens to be a part of their recovery, not the end of it There was also a little bit of romance, which while I was okay with, I m glad it didn t overshadow everything else As a result of said romance, there s also a big part where Stella basically says romance is not a cure for mental illness and you shouldn t rely on romance to help you DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVED THIS PART I was half cheering her on when she was saying this although a lot of what Stella says comes across as an attack, I STILL LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS also Stella is still pretty awesome in general tbh While I loved this book overall, I do wish we got to see some things from other people s perspectives, instead of seeing certain events unfold from another s eyes I won t go into detail, because spoilers However, I think this just made me want from the story as a whole and I d love to read the backstories or futures of a lot of the characters because I felt so attached to them Four Weeks, Five People at it s core is a story about recovery and all that can encompass it Beautifully written with memorable characters, I absolutely loved this book so incredibly much and flew through it in a day Thankyou Harlequin Australia for sending me this book to review, this in no way affected my review or rating