[ Pdf Divorce ↠´ entrepreneurship PDF ] by A.N. Nazarov à I honestly do not even know where to begin for this review When I first got the book I had no idea a guy wrote it But after reading the book I understand Cause let me explain NO WOMAN would EVER EVER EVER take a man back after he has time and again humiliated her and degraded her the way this H did to the h They had a MOC and for the next 9 years he slept with whom ever he wanted and partied like he was a rock star So this book went on and on about the H and his girlfriend and how he found her so attractive and he even compared the h to her a real gem here this loser is with the ow for 86 % percent of the book I checked my kindle So let me ask HOW IS THAT A ROMANCE between the H and the h It s not So let me get this straight He married the h, and then dumped her off at some remote apartment out of his way so he did not have to think about her for the next 9 years, partied and slept with what ever, and even had a long time girlfriend fianc e when the H and h meet up again But he was always in love with her and that was why he treated like crap WTF seriously WTF For a romance to be a romance book I need to read about the H and the h not the H and the ow s And definitely not read about the H and the OW for 86% of the book How are we as readers suppose to believe in the HEA if the majority of the book is not about the two main characters The plot of the book is a good one but the execution needs to be worked on For me to believe that the H was really in love with the h all this time I would have 1 not of like such a long separation, 2 GROVEL, GROVEL, GROVEL a very important key to a great romance novel, 3 and this is personal opinion, no cheating How can you claim to love some one when you are bed hopping from mattress to the next And definitely no long term relationships And most importantly make the H and h likable For me I hated Kyle He was douche monkey and Harriet had no backbone spine The H never redeemed himself for me I would of loved for him to have stayed with the OW, cause frankly she was a gold digger tha would ran his bank account dry in a few years Then the h was free to find a man that would have treated her right I gave the book 2 stars cause I did like the plot but that was about it.
I have to admit that I didn t like Kyle at first He was so mean when he wasn t even angry at Harriet And his jealousy was so irritating But when the reason was slowly revealed, it softened my heart a bit And I loved it when Harriet didn t just fall into his arms It makes it realistic and believable The epilogue was so cute too.
This book had the story and plot lines that I normally like read However, it felt like a draft and not a final version The reader is told things but not shown as demonstrated by fully fleshed characters and interactions between characters I felt disconnected The timelines and sudden changes in motivation, actions, and feelings of characters were told to the reader and many just did not flow or make sense This book would have benefitted from a good editor and proofreader 2 stars.

It s a book much less than impressive.
Too full of cliches with a selfish jerk for a hero and a, probably virginal, nice girl for a heroine It s also clean, could it be that the author is religious I ve read too many romances to be fooled by authors and this one did nothing to make herself himself memorable to me Except for a few modern day references, it could be a victorian story This is anything but enjoyable.
Dear author, unless you heat up your writing, there won t be a reason for me to read anything of yours in the future.
GoodThis was a good one Interesting read about an arranged marriage gone awry I liked the uniqueness of the story.
A Forced Marriage Brought Harriet Jamieson And Kyle Calloway Together But Seething Anger And Humiliation Drove Them Apart Devastated And Hurt, Harriet Managed To Make A Life For Herself She Believed She Was Very Content With Her Life Until Her Husband Came Back To Her His Presence, After All These Years, Made Her Confront The Fact That She Was Still In Love With Him But That He Had Moved On Accepting Defeat, She Began The Process To Dissolve Their Marriage However, She Received The Strongest Resistance From The Most Unlikeliest Kyle Kyle Couldn T Believe His Wife Had Started The Divorce Proceedings Deciding To Be Difficult, He Refused To Cooperate However, As They Were Forced To Work Together, Kyle Had To Confront The Real Reason He Did Not Want To Lose This Link With Her Maybe Their Love Was Not As One Sided As He Had Believed But Will Their Marriage Survive The Tumultuous Times Ahead