↠´ Read ô Her Small-Town Hero by Arlene James Í Really good book if you like small paperback christian romance books.
I reread some books or favorite parts of them from time to time I just finished reading this for the second time There s not just one scene that comes to mind as a favorite so I read it cover to cover.
Help Wanted At The Heavenly Arms MotelIf Only Someone Will Take The Job So Oil Rigger Holt Jefford Can Stop Making Beds And Burning Breakfasts And Then Someone Does A Lovely Single Mother With A Baby Boy And SecretsSweet, Kind Cara Jane Is Scared Of Her Own Shadow Why Holt Warns Himself Not To Trust His Skittish New Employee, But Watching Her With Her Son And His Old Granddad Breaks Through His Guarded Heart Holt Senses She S Hiding Out Here In Eden, Oklahoma Good Choice, Because The Place Comes With Her Own Small Town Hero Very endearing story of a broken women with a young son, looking to make a fresh start and heal her heart from past wounds She finds a town that opens its heart to her and the people really become her family Very sweet story of how God leads our lives in ways we can t even imagine and how faith can make us whole again when we put God first I really enjoyed how Arlene James carried out this story line Looking forward to from this author I really enjoyed this book because of its use of sharing the gospel and romance At the end is Questions for discussion relating to scripture Questions are thought provoking.
Cara is running with her son Ace away from her in laws after her husband s death Holt is looking for someone to take the housekeeping duties his sister just left behind at at the Heavenly Arms Motel.
a quick, easy, lite readtied up the mystery part of the book a little too quickly, therefore, not enough details

Eden OK Bk 01Holt Jefford, Cara Jane I enjoyed this story, although I felt like the ending was a little rushed and just came out of nowhere That s the only thing that really bothered me Otherwise, very enjoyable story.
ok, part of the plot was a bit unbelievable, but the rest was quite down to earth unfortunately, there ARE quite a number of people struggling w the same journey and guilt, and worse yet, we self professed Christians are WAY too often the first to not only jump to conclusions and erroneous conclusions, but to make uncalled for judgments when we SHOULD be reaching out in love and forgiveness, and good twist there at the end, and i wasn t even expecting a mystery in this particular book what a tangled web we weave, when first we set out to deceive good ending to a good series