☆ Summer Pleasures (Celebrity Magazine #1 & 2) ð Download by ↠´ Nora Roberts Forti, Ambiziose E Piene Di Talento, Lee E Bryan Sono Disposte A Tutto Per Avere Successo Nel Lavoro E Realizzare Le Proprie Aspirazioni Professionali Nella Loro Vita Non C Tempo Per Banalit Come L A La Carriera Viene Prima Di Tutto Finch Un Incontro Non Cambia Radicalmente La Loro Prospettiva Rintracciare Il Celebre Scrittore Di Romanzi Horror Hunter Brown E Svelarne I Segreti Diventata Quasi Un Ossessione Per Lee, Reporter Della Rivista Celebrity, E Quando Scopre Che Lui Sar Ospite Di Un Convegno In Arizona Capisce Che Quella Un Opportunit Da Non Perdere Ma Il Maestro Del Soprannaturale Si Rivela Anche Un Maestro Della Seduzione, E Lee Si Rende Conto Che Per Avere L Esclusiva, Questa Volta, Le Sue Doti Di Giornalista Non Saranno Sufficienti Perch Per Svelare Le Sue Carte, Hunter Si Aspetta Di Essere Ricompensato Per Bryan, Affermata Fotografa Freelance, Pubblicare Un Reportage Sulla Prestigiosa Rivista Life Style Un Occasione A Cui Non Pu Rinunciare, Anche Se Dovr Realizzarlo Insieme A Shade Colby L Impresa Si Prospetta Tutt Altro Che Facile, Perch Lui Ha Fama Di Essere Un Solitario, Difficile E Scostante, E Tutto Lascia Pensare Che Il Loro Viaggio Sar Un Disastro Per Le Due Amiche Giunto Il Momento Di Mettersi In Gioco, Di Prendere Dalla Vita Ci Che Hanno Sempre Desiderato Ma Non Sempre Si Ottiene Ci Che Si Crede Di Volere This book was a compilation of two of Roberts earlier romance novels While they lack the mystery, suspense elements that are a part of her later novels, they are still well written and enjoyable Both novels deal with women who work for Celebrity magazine, one as a reporter and one as a photographer They both experience life changing summers.
Now, I am a Nora Roberts fan, so I picked up this book duo for some light reading over the summer It was horrible The first story, Second Nature is absolutely ridiculous I hated Hunter s character and thought he was definitely creepy than romantic If I were Lee, I would have thought for sure he was going to rape me I mean, what kind of woman agrees to go on a two week camping trip with a man she barely knows but knows wants to sleep with her in the Arizonian desert It s a miracle she came out alive I honestly would have stopped reading, but it was a very slow weekend for me.
The second story, One Summer is slightly better than the first but not by much I liked the character of Bryan, but didn t fancy Shade all that much The photography trip across the country was an interesting setting, but it was just so freaking predictable Come on Nora What about the great classics you ve written like Montana Sky and The Reef Now those are books I will never, ever forget.
Ce roman nous raconte l histoire de deux amies lenore et Bryan Pour se faire le livre est divis en deux parties chacune consacr e l une des deux amies Ainsi, c est Lenore qui ouvre le feu L auteure se concentre ici sur les pr mices de la relation amoureuse L intrigue se d roule sur quelques semaines durant lesquels Lenore et Hunter vont faire connaissance On assiste l volution de leurs sentiments d abord simple attirance physique puis profond attachement motionnel.
On retrouve les l ments standards de ce genre de romance une h ro ne forte et ind pendante qui ne veut rien devoir personne et un h ros nigmatique avec un secret qui va mener la vie dure l h ro ne Bien que l histoire soit courte, elle n en est pas moins efficace On prend plaisir assister la naissance de la romance de ces deux personnages Grace l alternance des points de vue, le lecteur en sait juste un peu plus que les protagonistes Cependant, l histoire est un peu plus tourn e vers Lenore dont la rencontre avec Hunter va litt ralement chambouler la vie Par ailleurs, la premi re partie de l histoire est une mise en abyme de l criture Hunter, un crivain va tenter de transmettre et de faire comprendre sa passion des mots Lenore ce qui nous donne une r flexion sur l criture, les genres litt raires etc Et c est galement travers ces entretiens qu on va en apprendre plus sur les deux personnages.
La deuxi me partie racontant l histoire de Bryan est construite de la m me mani re que la pr c dente Ainsi, on retrouve deux personnes qui vont devoir passer du temps seul ensemble pour leur travail, ici un reportage photo.
Il s agit ici d un road trip travers les Etats Unis dans lequel nous d couvrant deux photographes aux techniques tr s diff rentes L encore il est question des pr mices de la relation amoureuse suivi d une ellipse temporelle pour l pilogue Contrairement la premi re partie, l huis clos s tale ici sur un peu plus de deux mois Le r cit s tend donc un peu plus ce qui se traduit vers les deux tiers par un l ger ralentissement de l intrigue.
En conclusion, deux romances l g res, dr les et sympathiques Id ales comme lecture de vacances This book is a twofer, about a reporter and a photographer who work for Celebrity, a magazine in the same breath as Harper s Bazar or Vanity Fair with slick writing, high gloss pictures, and celebrities that you can throw a stick at.
I didn t like the first story much Second Nature, what with Hunter and Lee, because well I guess I should tell you the plot first.
Lee is desperate to interview Hunter Brown Brown is a horror writer, in the likes of Stephen King territory, and doesn t do interviews, or does he have pictures of himself on a dust jacket you know that this book is old, because in the naughties Would never happen So on a tip, Lee gets herself to Arizona, thinking that she ll just get an interview with Hunter, and takes her unfinished manuscript as a cover of being a fledging writer shopping for a contract Lee gets rumbled by Hunter, and Hunter, impressed by Lee s coolness and icy reserve, invites her to camping The pair hook up, Lee finds out certain secrets about Hunter, faces some truths about herself and hiding her talent under a bushel and they come to an understanding I have issues with Hunter s deceit of Lee, despite the fact that his reasons are reasonable, and his pushing her on when Lee has never had to camp before trust me, as someone who goes on camping trips herself, it s a concern didn t really endear him to me But since it s not my panties he s finessing, I guess it doesn t matter One Summer in contrast, is really quite good Bryan is offered the opportunity of a lifetime to do a pictorial portrait of America with her idol, Shade Colby Of course, that s before she found out that Shade is grim, and arrogant because he s like, a Rembrandt with a camera , and too attractive Shade on his part thinks that Bryan is too open, too easy, and too much of a reminder of what he was before he got emotionally scarred on an assignment in Asia some time ago Cross country treks are really satisfying if done very well Ms Roberts does this very well Over the course of six weeks, the characters fall in love The pacing was delicious, not too fast with photographic highlights and the country painting the tapestry of their feelings as it goes on The book isn t too slow where you re bogged down with technical how to s either.
Reading it is like a salve on sunburn at the end of a very good and busy day It s really hard to write a good romance, without the ADD of magic, and suspense, because the writer has to paint the emotions on a page It s grand when it s done right, and One Summer does it right Recommended.
Ho preso questa raccolta di due libri aspettandomi una lettura leggera per l estate ed invece ne sono rimasta delusissima Due storie orribili la seconda non ho neanche finito di leggerla per quanto mi stava annoiando.
I personaggi e le storie sono prevedibili e piatte.
Summer pleasure is definitely recommended for adults it has a lot of sexual parts where it gets too intense for younger teenagers to read its a very passionate story, where two couples end up falling endless in love with their soul mates, but total opposite attracts 1 a reporter meets the famous author brown who doesn t have not one single picture of himself anywhere Him and the reporter make an agreement and go camping together in order for her to get her info about him for her job and convenient for him because he gets to get a little action from her here and there at the end they end up falling in love with each other and she moves out the city into a whole new life style and becomes an author herself instead of a reporter 2 One summer that turned into a whole new life style and to opposites becoming together as well Where they are assigned to on a tour for photography among places in america and they disagree on everything and anything, besides the fierce attraction they can t deny.
A joy to read Both books revolve around two friends that work for the same glossy magazine, Celebrity One as a journalist and the other as a photographer In One summer you meet Bryan and Shade Bryan seems to be the epiphany of a Californian laid back beach girl and Shade is a very organized loner They get an assignment where they should travel through America and document the summer.
The other book, Second nature, deals with Lenore and Hunter Lenore is a journalist that can give her right arm to get the interview she s after and Hunter are a successful horror writer who is a very seclusive person Lenore tracks Hunter down and a sizzling love story begins.
In this book Nora Roberts are really showing her style The language flows and the scenery is absolutely fantastic I can t say one was better than the other As I said in the beginning, they were a joy to read oh Nora, what happened I understand that you have a system, and that the system works But can t you mix it up a bit I ve just finished the first book in this and I ve never wanted to slap a man so badly If you ve read of these types of books, you ve read them all so I don t feel I m giving anything away when I tell you the plotline Girl meets boy, boy is mean, girl works on boy and finds he s really just a teddy bear Boy changes and becomes nicer for girl or risks losing her Both live happily ever after Well good grief this starts that way, but the boy becomes nicer somehow falls down a rabbit hole She s supposed to interview him he answers absolutely no questions, makes fun of her, forces her into situations she s uncomfortable with, sneers at her, pretty much cyber stalked her so he knows all about HER but finds it completely unnecessary to give any information about HIM the whole reason he agreed to the interview after all , and makes her time with him as uncomfortable for her as he can while judging her on her response to him And her, knowing she must have this interview, is forced to deal with it and yet every other page she finds herself falling madly in love with him and just takes each abuse in stride What kind of masochistic woman is she If I were her I would have packed up my bags and left his ass deserted in the middle of nowhere Most likely after shoving it off a cliff Nora Roberts novels are supposed to be escapism I realize there is no real every day love stories in most of her novels, but there is absolutely nothing about this man that would make the other fall for him, much less want to be around him for than a half hour I m truly truly disappointed in this book.
I stopped reading this because there s blatant misogyny, toxic masculinity, gaslighting, double standards, some classism and sexist stereotypes, not to mention poor characterization Every character is a caricature which makes me wonder if the author has any idea who people in the real world are actually like Sets a dangerous framework by insinuating manipulative behavior as an opposites attract thing I mean I guess I wasn t expecting to love it, listened to an audiobook out of availability curiosity it does seem that there are better titles of hers but yikes like 1000% Nothing to redeem it.