[ Pdf Falling for a Cowboy ê nsfw PDF ] by Karen Rock ☆ Falling for a Cowboy is the second book from the Rocky Mountain Cowboys series and my first introduction to Karen Rock s work I found this book to be pretty good I enjoyed Amberley s story and felt her emotions and struggles that she was experiencing through the story I admire Jared s persistence in wanting to help her Those two were fun and entertaining at times I was hooked from the beginning of Falling for a Cowboy and did not want to put it down until I had the whole thing read Such a fabulous and heartwarming story I just can not put into words how much I enjoyed it and how sad I was having to tell Amberley and Jared goodbye I would give it 100 stars if I could Highly recommended I received this book from the publisher This review is 100 percent my own honest opinion.
5 stars Keep a freezer handy for this one, dear readers Because Jared Cade will have you twitterpated in no time.
And so will this book Amberley s struggle is completely relatable her world as she knows it is upended when she gets a devastating diagnosis We too know our best laid plans can change in an instant, and the way we thought life would turn out suddenly is no longer an option Her range of emotions and even her brief depression are feelings we understand and sympathize with Her back and forth introspection got a bit old for me but I also get it And then there s swoonlicious Jared who, sadly, most of us don t have nearby lol Best friends for years, he and Amberley are maybe on the cusp of exploring something when she suddenly shuts him out That does not sit well with him, and getting that inside scoop on his emotions is particularly yummy Especially when it surprises him Expect growled declarations and some smokin hot kisses, y all I m still drooling It s not all swoons and kisses though Along with Amberley s battle in losing her eyesight, there are some other emotional heart tugging subplots The children who Amberley and Harley start working with children with a range of disabilities were adorable and sweet and I dare you to read about little Emily and Harley without tearing up even a little And Jared may be wrestling with Amberley s new challenges and his newly discovered feelings for her, but he s also wrestling with unmet expectations of his own He and Amberley both are striving to be the heroes their respective fathers wanted them to be, and while that takes different forms in their own individual paths the emotions connected to any perceived failure are very similar The way their definitions of hero evolve as the book progresses is authentic and heartfelt.
Bottom Line It won t take many paragraphs for you to fall in love with Falling for a Cowboy by Karen Rock A toe curlingly swoony cowboy A strong heroine Best friends to Adorable kids A sweet horse And moments to cheer proudly like any good sports rags to riches story provides Oh, and did I mention the yummy kisses Whew still fanning The Cade family continues to be entertaining and inspiring, and I think Karen Rock gets better with each new book Excited for the next one I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book first seen at Reading Is My SuperPower Doesn T He Get That She S Blind Barrel Racer Amberley James Wants To Join The Premier Rodeo Circuit Than Anything, But She Faces The Ultimate Hurdle When She Loses Her Eyesight To A Rare Genetic Condition All She D Ever Wanted Seems Out Of Reach Giving Up Is The Only Optionuntil Her Best Friend And Local Hero Jared Cade Steps In The Last Thing She Wants Is Jared S Help But His Persistence At Encouraging Her To Get Back In The Saddle Is Ridiculously Annoying And Undeniably Inspiring I m pressing the side of my kindle like mad, hoping to turn the page I need Amberley and definitely Jared Cade I m crying happy tears and wishing like mad there was to this story It satiated me and yet left me hungry for at the same time How is that even possible What can I say about Falling for a Cowboy that won t spoil the story for others and yet allows me to gush over how much I loved the story, the characters and every single word that Karen Rock wrote For once, I m almost speechless When it comes to writing reviews, I ve learned that sometimes short and sweet is what s appreciated most, but other times I can t stop myself from pouring out a stream of consciousness onto the page This story appealed to me from the off because of 3 key things the author whom I have come to love very much and would class as one of my top 3 favourite authors of all time , the fact that it s about cowboys because who doesn t love a Cowboy romance and last but by no means least because it s a story of triumph over adversity This is no ordinary love story It isn t boy meets girl, falls in love, happily ever after No, this is gritty, angst ridden, filled with hope, love and high octane emotion filled prose that has you on the edge of your seat I was swept away by Jared Cade He promised his father he would be the hero his family needed, but he didn t know how to fulfil that promise Everything he once thought he needed was suddenly called into question Used to being a pro athlete with women falling at his feet, he didn t know how to romance a woman There was no need to learn how when women willingly threw themselves at him Amberley is one of the most kick A heroines I ve ever come across in the book world I can t give the game away, but she really overcame everything thrown at her with grace, grit and determination She s incredibly beautiful inside and out The further I got into her story, the my heart filled to bursting She was dealt a really hand but the way she proved to herself and everyone else that she could rise from the ashes, that was utterly amazing I cried with her, laughed with her and loved with her There was a lot going on in Falling for a Cowboy A lot to take onboard and a lot to fall in love with One of those things was Harley Somehow, a horse endeared himself to me in a way many humans don t He gave Amberley strength when her own wavered He gave her purpose, passion and courage to overcome the trials and tribulations thrown at her Their relationship was pretty special The whole story had me in knots My emotions were all tied up in a ball and threatened to overwhelm me at times The way Karen Rock writes a story always sucks me in and I give myself over to the fictional world she creates I didn t want this story to end and as I sit here writing this, I am left with a warm, happy feeling settling over me That s what Karen does best She will draw you into her world, make you fall in love and sear her words into your heart Her stories are heart wrenching, yet also heart warming at the same time The love with which she creates her characters shines through and this is why I will read everything she ever writes Nobody makes me feel the way she does There were times when I wanted to reach into the book and slap sense into the characters mainly Jared , times I wanted to reach out and hold Amberley close and let her cry on my shoulder and I defy anyone not to feel a myriad of emotions as they read the beautiful prose and are transported to the Spirit Ranch This was actually quite an apt name because the whole story embodies spirit I ll end my review here, although I probably should have ended it sooner I can t help all the feelings that want to spill out of me into the screen I ll only say one thing, and that is this I want my own real life Jared Cade Not the athlete that has to be the best, but the man who shines through the ruggedly handsome exterior He owns my heart Rating 4.
5 5This is one heck of an inspirational read don t let anything others look on as a disability deter you from striving to achieve your goals Amberley James is a barrel racer who has a rare genetic condition which is taking her sight You can t be blind and barrel race or can you Amberley s best friend, Jared Cade, is stubborn and won t let her give in Despite her reticence, he encourages her not to give up, helping her develop strategies that, with his help, enable her to get back on her horse to give it a go Can she learn to overcome her blindness to compete again Can he also win her heart This is definitely one of my favourite reads It is an emotional roller coaster, filled with despair, hope, tragedy, love and so much Death bed promises have a long lasting impact and true love just has to be fought for to enable a HEA to be attained This is a real page turner with plenty of different threads being skilfully interwoven to create a beautiful, heart breaking and heart warming story that will live on in my imagination The author brings the characters and settings vividly to life in the imagination of the reader in this moving story which I have no hesitation in highly recommending to anyone who enjoys cowboy romances or stories of overcoming adversity I can t wait to read in this series or by this author I requested and received a copy of this novel, via NetGalley This is my honest review after choosing to read it.
FALLIING FOR A COWBOY by Karen Rock I would describe this book with one word WOW From the time I started reading, I didn t want to put this book down.
This book covers the story of Jared Cade and Amberley James Both are carrying baggage placed upon them by their now deceased fathers Jared s Dad had told him that the family would need a hero after he passed He was to be the glue that kept the family together He had promised his Dad that he would be that hero Amberley s Father had told her If you re not first, you re last and if you re last, you re not much Both Father s put extreme pressure of them from the grave to live up to their expectations.
Add to that pressure, Jared lost his contract with the pro football Bronco team due a shoulder injury that had made him that hero Amberley is suffering from a generic eye disease that has left her legally blind hindering her from achieving her goal of winning a place on the EPA Premier Touring team in barrel racing which made her feel like not much of anything And then they find that their long time, deep friendship might be headed to a deeper level.
Their struggle with their personal relationship as well as professional goals and other complications along the way make this book sizzle with both highs and lows emotionally that will have you smiling big or grabbing for the tissue box It s a struggle that will have you cheering for the underdog, wanting to slap them when they can t seem to open their eyes along with the hearts to see what s right in front of them, and loving the animals that seem to have sense than they do at times One paragraph in the book will stick with me a long time It was referring to what the handicapped or those with disabilities really were They were described as wounded warriors Their battle is to not only survive but to thrive They succeed by their own measures and accept themselves as they were designed Flaws, injuries, illnesses represented badges of honor worn with pride They marked you as someone who life tested, and individual facing constant challenges, a survivor who d never quit fighting.
I would highly recommend Falling for a Cowboy and have to all my family, friends and anyone that wants a GREAT book to read You will want going back to read the first book in the series CHRISTMAS AT CADE RANCE and have you greatly anticipating the next book in the series.
This book can definitely be read as a stand alone book It is from the Rocky Mountain Cowboy series about the Cade and Loveland families from Carbondale, Colorado.
Amberley is the kind of heroine you hope to find, but never knew you were searching for Jared is a walking dream that steps from a imaginative figure into real life Falling for a Cowboy blends heartbreaking realism with courageously inspiring characters Karen Rock has created a piece of hope in what seems like a hopeless situation At her lowest point, Amberley faced her fears She may have lost her faith but Jared refused to allow her to lose that spark that made her into the woman she was meant to be Through the tears, despite the fears and because of faith, what began as a tragedy became a triumph Falling for a Cowboy is phenomenally fascinating storytelling.

I received a free copy of this book through Netgalley and voluntarily reviewed it.
Falling for a Cowboy is the second book in Karen Rock s Rocky Mountain Cowboys series This book follows Jared, he s a bit the charmer of the family and everything comes easy to him And Amberley, a barrel racer who takes a big set back when she becomes legally blind It s a story about falling in love and finding your way.
Just like the first book this book was a great read It s romantic, heartwarming and while it s definitely a great romance book, it s so much than that It deals with expectations, promises, physical disability and also how hard we can be on ourselves It s about winning, following your dreams and fighting for what you want I liked how this was a friend to lovers romance Jared and Amberley have been best friends for a long time and now that they re suddenly feeling , they re struggling with how to proceed and whether to risk their friendship for I liked how well these two knew each other and their romance was great They always had each others back Although I did got annoyed a bit about something Jared did and said toward the end of the book Amberley handles it great and I only respected her for it.
Both Jared and Amberley were great characters Jared is a bit of a charmer to whom everything comes easy, except now he has to win Amberley s heart and he actually has to fight for something It was interesting to him struggle with that and have to come to terms with his feelings and realize that there are things fighting worth fighting for I did get annoyed at Jared a few times, but overall it was clear he wanted the best for Amberley and his family and that he really cared about Amberley I didn t really care for their competitive spirit tough and felt sad how they let the words of their dead parents influence so much of their life Although it did feel realistic, it also felt like they were a bit too hard on themselves at times.
And while I liked Jared, I think I liked Amberley even At the start of the book she becomes legally blind and at first she really struggles to come to terms with it and I really felt for her I thought her reaction felt very real It s great once she starts to work with her disability and realize she doesn t have to give up on your dreams she slowly wins back her confidence and also finds something new that she loves doing She does push herself a bit too hard at times and was so focused on being number one and winning, but once she lets go of that it s beautiful to see her transform.
I also liked how the parts written from Amberley s point of view illustrated her blindness and also how she handled it Like how the sounds and smells got prominent and she imaged how things would look And also how she moved around and used other clues than her sight We also get to see the rest of the Cade family again and Sofia and Javi I was lovely to see how the rest of the characters were doing and I enjoyed getting to see the slight romance story of the Cade brothers mother continue in this book It s fun to get to see the already familiar characters from a different point of view There are also are some new characters and some awesome animals I really liked Petey we meet in this book.
To summarize Falling for a Cowboy is a beautiful and heartwarming friends to lovers romance The romance between Amberley and Jared was great to see, they ve been best friends for so long and know each other so well and I liked seeing them slowly grow even closer I liked both characters, but I did get annoyed at times at Jared But then on the other hand there are some great scenes with these touching gestures and how he is there for Amberley and how her blindness doesn t change how he feels about her I did really like Amberley and seeing how she adapted to being blind I didn t really care for their competitiveness, but I did like seeing them both change over the course of the book and realize that winning wasn t all that s important While it s a romance, it s also deals with a lot of other topics and plot lines and I liked how that enriched the plot Overall this was another great book in this series and I am already looking forward to the next book I m loving this Rocky Mountain Cowboys series The Cade family is at the very center so even though each book focuses on an individual, the whole family is still around That makes me so happy These Cade cowboys and cowgirl are something else I m going to love following this series through to the end.
Amberley and Jared are best of friends They support each other, cheer for each other and push each other to be the best The friends to lovers troupe is a fun one and I was really cheering for both Amberley and Jared as individuals and as a couple.
I loved the inclusion of children with physical challenges as Amberley struggled to come to grips with her new challenges and the message that with the right help and love we can all do amazing things Helping others brings joy and this book brought this out There were lots of feel good moments to be had in this story.
Content kissing, mild swearing I received a complimentary copy of this book in conjunction with a blog tour All opinions expressed are my own.
I love the story premise Centered around the Cades, this journey is Jared and Amberley s and it was filled with hope, devotion, love, frustrations and many tears along the way Very inspiring and so realistic, having to overcome hiccups handicaps along life s bumpy roads to finally find their HEA together Along with added tidbits of the family s to make you want the rest of their stories too.
I received an ARC and voluntarily giving my honest opinion.