[Chani Lynn Feener] ↠´ Unhinged (Underworld, #1) [romanticism PDF] Ebook Epub Download è The Underworld Is RealSpencer Perry Knew It Was A Long Shot When She Started Searching For A Way Into The Underworld, The Ancient Greeks Resting Place For The Dead But Three Months Ago Her Boyfriend Died And Now She Ll Do Anything To Get Him Back, Even Make A Deal With The Devil Himself Only, Hades Isn T What She Expected, And Neither Is The Proposal He Offers In Exchange For Micah S Resurrection, All She Has To Do Is Spend Every Night For The Next Year Down Below From The Very First Meeting The God Makes Her Feel Things She Shouldn T, But She Takes The Deal Anyway, Knowing In The End It Ll Be Worth It Except, As Soon As Their Bargain Begins, Strange Things Start Happening People Are Being Attacked By Invisible Forces, And All Signs Point To The God Of The Underworld Being Responsible Has Spencer Inadvertently Unleashed Hell On Earth I loved this book, it s so mysterious and intriguing and I love the Hades and Persephone myth so much, I received a digital copy of this book for free Thanks to author Chani Lynn Feener This was a YA paranormal mythology story featuring a girl and her dead boyfriend Spencer was an okay character, although I had trouble believing she was quite as special as she was made out to be She also sounded quite immature when her best argument for why her boyfriend shouldn t be dead was that it wasn t fair.
The storyline in this was about Spencer trying to bring her ghostly dead boyfriend back from the dead by striking a deal with the ruler of the underworld Hadrian I did find that the pace in the book was quite slow though, and the emergence of the love triangle was a little annoying also I did like the book in places, and we did get the occasional entertaining moment, but mainly the book dragged, and it took me a long time to get through it.
The ending to this was okay, although things didn t go quite as Spencer expected.
6 out of 10

This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review MARK DOWN AS Boys in books who seriously need topipe the fuck downUNHINGED incorporates and twists Greek mythology It s a little bit Hades Persephone retelling, but it s got big enough changes to not really be one Unhinged follows Spencer Perry which to me sounds a bit like Persephone and I don t think it s a coincidence a girl who s boyfriend Micah has recently died but is still hanging around as a ghost Determined to bring him back to the land of the living as a fully functioning, living human she travels to the underworld in order to strike up a deal with Hades to get Micah back PLEASE NOTE I was really, really excited to start this book1 Greek mythology 2 Hades Persephone 3 okay I was just really excited about the Greek mythology elements I ENDED UP BEING REALLY DISAPPOINTED tragic LISTEN The stuff I came here for ie mythology stuff was actually really, really well done and I liked it Unhinged adds alot of twists to the typical mythology story For example, the Greeks got heaps of stuff fucking wrong Hades is actually called Hadrian, and he s not even related to Zeus or Poseidon at all Chiron is actually called Charlie Cerberus is a good pupper view spoiler Persephone is a mad bitch hide spoiler 2.
5 kinda disappointed starsOk, well where to beginI love retales of mythicals how each one interprets the story differently, and how it can all be changed It s rather fascinating.
But that said, I found it extremely hard to get into the book It took me over 2 days to just get past the first 5 6 chapters, because it all consisted was of the protagonist Spencer basically moaning and being pathetic I honestly can t deal with the constant monologues But then the story picked pace, and dare I say, it got rather interesting from there on.
The one thing I absolutely did not like was how we learned new information about a new character about a dozen chapters after he had been introduced for ex Brody We didn t know until the very crucial point int the book that he was apparently Micah s best friend It was almost as if the author was thinking up new info to make the situation emotional interesting as the story progressed, with no regard to prior introductions.
And I really did not like Spencer till the very end of the book She is that exact kind of female main character in YA books that put me off them in the beginning And she really doesn t change all that very much And this might have been the one book where I did not find the main bad boy attractive This is Hades or Hadrian as he prefers we are talking about Freaking GOD OF THE DEAD He showed no personality of an ancient god, like a teenager throwing tantrums It got really annoying after a while So why did I give this story 3 stars Well it did get interesting like I said I am mildly curious for the next book, so really I can t say anything about the author We ll see how it goes from thereARC provided by the author for an honest review