Trailer ¿ Sons of Blackbird Mountain PDF by Õ Joanne Bischof A Tale Of Family, Brotherhood, And The Healing Power Of LoveAfter The Tragic Death Of Her Husband, Aven Norgaard Is Beckoned To Give Up Her Life In Norway To Become A Housekeeper In The Rugged Hills Of Nineteenth Century Appalachia Upon Arrival, She Finds Herself In The Home Of Her Late Husband S Cousins Three Brothers Who Make A Living By Brewing Hard Cider On Their Three Hundred Acre Farm Yet Even As A Stranger In A Foreign Land, Aven Has Hope To Build A New Life In This Tight Knit FamilyBut Her Unassuming Beauty Disrupts The Bond Between The Brothers The Youngest Two Both Desire Her Hand, And Aven Is Caught In The Middle, Unsure Where And Whether To Offer Her Affection While Haakon Is Bold And Passionate, It Is Thor Who Casts The Greatest Spell Upon Her Though Deaf, Mute, And Dependent On Hard Drink To Cope With His Silent Pain, Thor Possesses A Sobering StrengthAs Autumn Ushers In The Apple Harvest, The Rift Between Thor And Haakon Deepens And Aven Faces A Choice That Risks Hearts Will Two Brothers Longing For Her Quiet Spirit Tear Apart A Family Can She Find A Tender Belonging In This Remote, Rugged, And Unfamiliar Place A Haunting Tale Of Struggle And Redemption, Sons of Blackbird Mountain Is A Portrait Of Grace In A World Where The Broken May Find New Life Through The Healing Mercy Of Love Sons of Blackbird Mountain is an achingly beautiful story of brotherhood and romance The quiet strength and vibrancy of the characters, especially the main viewpoints of Thor and Aven, combine with an atmospheric setting and compelling era to create a story that resonates deeply within the human heart It is riveting, atmospheric, with a complexity of characters especially the themes of brotherhood and that doesn t begin to describe it Thor s perspective is an experience in itself With great care, Joanne has portrayed his world and experiences as a deaf individual in a nearly tangible way Even noting nuances and things he does differently makes noises walking through woods, breathing patterns, realizes he doesn t understand letter sounds, so many things I loved that Thor s character proves he is a man only limited in audible speech, not in emotion or presence or other capabilities His heart, even in the middle of major personal obstacles, is on display.
I can t help but mentally compare him to Joanne s other A MA ZING and forever favorite hero Charlie Lionheart from The Lady and the Lionheart Thor starts out the antithesis of Charlie in so many ways, yet their similarities by story s end are wonderful Both are strong, selflessly sacrificing and desiring to be a help to those around them Both love with abandon.
And oh, what a time Aven has finding her place and her belonging in this new world and with these colorful people Her story, when fully revealed, is poignant and sorrowful in itself, making her newfound circumstances all the important for her presence and healing.
books and stories can lend voices to those we normally would not hear, whether muted by society, history, or otherwise silenced Author Joanne Bischof accomplishes this feat with a lyrical, immersive, and prose like style that is never afraid to delve deep into matters of the the heart in all their joy and despair In this case, a fictional tale brings to life the perspective of a deaf brother and a rootless young woman whose presence forever changes the lives of three brothers.
Thank you to the publisher, Thomas Nelson, for the review copy This is my honest review My thanks to the publisher for an ARC copy for my honest consideration.
At some point, I ll find the words to capture how much I loooooved this book But right now, I m in too much of an exquisitely happy and awed fog Full review to come And finally, weeks later after having read the book a second time because it s just that amazing here s the full thingHold on crazy amounts of gushing about to happen So, full disclosure I am a massive Joanne Bischof fan Her Cadence of Grace series was so beautiful and surprising and put me in the mind of one of my classic faves, Christy And her 2016 release, The Lady the Lionheart, is one of my top five favorite books of all time So I knew going into Sons of Blackbird Mountain that I was going to love it.
I didn t realize how much I d love it So much that I basically couldn t pick up another book for days afterward and decided to reread it a second time It Is Gorgeous.
Of all the things to love about this story and there are many , the thing I just can t get over is how fully and beautifully she places the reader inside Thor s head Thor is a complex character He struggles with alcoholism and he s Deaf Either one of these alone would make writing from his point of view a complicated process than usual but together, I think it could be incredibly difficult write a fully fleshed, non caricature portrayal of his day to day life But in Bischof s hands, it s just effortless And I love it I love him I honestly didn t think I could love a character as much or than Charlie in The Lady The Lionheart, but Thor gives him a run for his money I especially appreciated how Bischof handles the topic of alcoholism I love that she doesn t skirt around it that she shows it in a very real and very nuanced way And truly, I m blown away by how layered so many of these characters are Layered, lovable, incredibly complicated gosh, Haakon especially His dark streak contrasted with all the hurt and longing he s holding inside these are the kind of characters I want to read about Imperfect, struggling, and yearning for redemption Thor, Aven, Haakon, Jorgan, Peter, all of them face and in some cases, are the instigators of hard, harsh things But that makes the undercurrent of grace and hope all the weightier It s all beautifully done.
Altogether, this is a story packed with poignant moments, beautiful writing yes, I realize I ve used the word beautiful like forty times in this review, but I can t help it , and characters I still can t stop thinking about The romance is perfection, the setting is vivid, and the plot is perfectly paced I have nothing but the highest praise for Joanne Bischof s latest and I ll pretty much just be over here dying of impatience until the second in the series releases next year.

This is the first book I ve read by Joanne Bischof and what an introduction it was I ve read massive amounts of historical fiction books in my lifetime but this one is unlike any I ve read before The author takes us inside the head of the main male character, Thor Now Thor is one of the three brothers Aven came over from Norway to take care of She thought the brother s were children in need of care Upon arriving from her voyage across the ocean she sees they are grown men living in rural 19th century Appalachia Thor is the complex one, his family runs a hard cider liquor business and he is an alcoholic and deaf as well He is able to sign but not able to speak and feels alienated and alone,full of frustration about not being able to express himself fully Alcohol changes who he is when he is under the influence and he doesn t like who he has become He is a very complex man The struggle is real as he battles the demons inside him to give up alcohol Aven makes every effort she can to show Thor she cares as she sees the battles raging inside of him alcoholism,depression,loneliness,frustration and the effort to make his wants and needs known The bond between the three brothers is touching and real The three would do anything for each other and do Will this broken man find wholeness and healing or will hard drink win the battle raging within him What about Aven, two men desire to be her one and only, Thor the one who has cast his spell upon her in a quiet efficient way or Haakon, who is bold and passionate Will her being there cause an irreparable rift between the brothers This book goes where other Christian historical novels dare not to go It s in your face,realistic,a breakthrough and I loved it I have a lot of catching up as I now need to read all of the rest of this author s books Pub Date 03 Jul 2018 I was given a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson FICTION through NetGalley All opinions expressed are my own.
Update to my previous review Still one of my all time favorite novels I just listened to the audiobook of this wonderful story and the narrator did an outstanding job with the accents of the characters She captured the feeling of this story beautifully This beautiful book cover hides a story within its pages that is even exquisite than the artwork The author s writing style drew me in from the very first paragraph and I was transported back in time to watch this heartachingly tender story unfold.
These characters were absolutely captivating From the first time Aven met the Norgaard brothers and uncertainty ruled her thoughts, to the sarcastic quips that Haakon threw into conversations, to the emotions and connection that begin to build between Aven and Thor, I was caught up in this family s story and did not want to stop reading.
I loved that the main character, Thor, was deaf Aven and Thor s story was even meaningful to me as I watched both of them work to overcome the barrier between them The author tackled some weighty subjects in Sons of Blackbird Mountain and she did so with grace and a realistic touch.
I loved this story from start to finish and eagerly await the second book in the series.
I received a complimentary copy of this book All opinions are my own.
You can read this review on my blog I read an early beta copy of this novel Wow Loved, loved, loved this beautiful story