Trailer ß Top of Her Game (Black Lace) PDF by ☆ Emma Holly Has City Slicker Julia Met Her Match In A Rugged Montana Cowboy It S Not Only Julia S Professional Acumen That Has Men Quaking In Their Shoes She Also Has A Taste For Keeping Men In Line After Office Hours With An Impressive Collection Of Whips And High Heels To Her Name, She Sure Has Some Kinky Ways Of Showing Affection But Julia S Been Searching All Her Life For A Man Who Won T Be Tamed Too Quickly And When She Meets Rugged Dude Rancher Zach On A Business Get Together In Montana, She Thinks She Might Have Found HimHe May Be A Simple Countryman, But He S Not About To Take Any Nonsense From An Uppity City Woman Like Julia Zach S Full Of Surprises Where She Thinks He S Tough, He Turns Out To Be Gentle When She S Confident She S Got This Particular Cowboy Broken In, He Turns The Tables On Her Underneath The Big Sky Of Montana, Has The Steely Julia Finally Met Her Match Julia Mueller is a lady who runs he bosses investment company with a whip Literally Having decided to break off her relationship with her boss and perhaps alter her own lifestyle, he sends her to a Montana dude ranch with his three account managers Ben, Marty Carolyn There she meets the owner of the ranch his dog his horses Zach is pure ranch, complete with drawl and his nickname is Sev.
Now this is just me, but I would like a little romantic connection between the H H This book just seemed like the heroine was having relations with anyone and everyone It was like a chorus line Next, please.
Just not for me.

Very erotic book as expected from Emma Holly combined with a storyline The story is about Julia Muellers struggles with beeing a dominatrix and her imagined inability to feel love, maybe beeing some kind of freak because she likes the power trip And that s already my main criticism with this book, I didn t really get her problem respecively it was not presented very persuasively Her mental struggles where not in harmony with her actions Mixed into it is her childhood trauma of seeing her mother whipping her lover stepfather with a leather belt which is presented as key scene to Julias charakter problems.
Then I have another quibble it has no main effect on the story but could have been so easily verified Heidelberg, her Swiss mothers hometown, is situated in Germany not in Switzerland Then I had a personal issue with the hero all in all a very nice guy I can t stand mustaches Usually I m able to picture all characters in my head as I wish even if they are described differently I just change hair colors of whatever This works well for me provided that the author does not mention certain aspects I change for myself repeateldy This certain mustache is mentioned quite a lot and it bothered me so for all who stumbled into Emma Holly novels like me be aware that the erotic scenes are about, I d say light, BDSM, domination and submission in sexual relationships.
Top of her Game is another great contemporary erotic romance from Emma Holly Her complex characters and inventive sex scenes are present here There is some dominance and submission in this one but nothing too weird I know I say this in every Holly review but I wish she would abandon writing paranormals and go back to contemporaries like this.