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Gems of Dharma, Jewels of Freedom Is A Translation Of The Great Tibetan Buddhist Classic The Dagpo Tarjen By J Gampopa For SomeYears This Masterly Overview Of The Buddha S Teaching Has Served As A Handbook For Followers Of The Twelve Kagy Traditions, Which All Stem From J Gampopa S Disciples Placing The Quintessential Meaning Of Hundreds Of Buddhist Scriptures In The Palm Of One S Hand, It Provides An Ideal Resource For Those New To Buddhism And Is An Invaluable Reference Work For Experienced PractitionersJ Gampopa S Life Had Been Predicted By Lord Buddha In The Great Compassion Lotus Sutra A Saintly Monk And Accomplished Scholar, He Was Inspired To Seek Out Milarepa Who Has Since Become Tibet S Most Famous Yogin Under Whose Guidance He Attained Enlightenment Gems of Dharma, Jewels of Freedom Contains A Wealth Of Knowledge, Presented Through The Lucidity And Authority Of A Truly Enlightened MindThis New Translation, The Result OfYears Of Study Under The Most Distinguished Tutors Of The Kagy Tradition, Carries The Blessing Of The Lineage And Conveys The Meaning Of Gampopa S Text As It Has Been Traditionally Taught Down The CenturiesWith A Preface By The XIIth Tai Situpa