[ Read Online Lives of Unforgetting Î words PDF ] by Stant Litore Ò Fantastic work by a very impressive scriptorian, linguistics nerd, and historian.
The Ancient Greek Word For Truth Means Unconcealing Or Unforgetting Yet Today Many Ideas And Stories That Were Once Critical To How Early Christians Understood, Practiced, And Defended Their Faith Often Remain Hidden In Plain Sight In Our Bibles These Ideas Are Concealed From Us By The Distance Between Languages, Between Eras, And Between Cultures Yet They Are So Worth Unconcealing And Unforgetting In This Book, Discover The Forgotten Women Who Co Founded ChristianityWhether The First Century Church Thought There Was A HellWhat Happens When You Realize That In Greek, Faith Is A VerbWhy Gender In The Bible Is Complicated Than We ThinkWhich Concepts Our Modern Tradition Takes For Granted That Would Have Been Alien To The original Readers Like Homophobia We Have Also Forgotten That To read The Bible Is To Receive An Invitation To Adventure To Encounter The Impossible, To Move Mountains, To Walk On Water Instead, We Have Been Taught To read The Bible Tamely, To Make No Choices, To Risk No Questioning Of Our Tradition What Would Happen If We Took The Adventure If We Readers Walked Out Into The Wilderness Toward God, Leaving Home Far Behind If We Stepped Out Of The Boat Of Our Received Tradition, Out Onto The Crashing Waves Let S Find Out He has some excellent points but was very disappointed when he threw in his liberal views at the end I felt that I have wasted my time reading most of the book and feel scammed by his liberal views at the end

An AdventureI was inspired and liked Stant s work very much As the book moved forward it seemed a little rushed and had errors or omitted words but still had an impact and conveyed his ideas There are passages in the Bible that I would have liked him to address in his book, particularly in the defense of the LGBQT community I also didn t prefer his pot shots at the president and felt his writing would have credibility without them I did enjoy the book and would like to read I also plan to start looking into the original language of bible verses that trouble me in hopes there has been something left out in the translation Thank you for giving me another perspective.
Truly eye opening spirit moving thought provoking heart stirring.
And summed up by two words.
Must read Many thanks Stant, your book has uplifted a weary traveler subdued by modern doctrine and teachings.