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This Unique Magnum Opus Pages And , Illustrations Of The Visual Narrative Techniques That Form The Language Of Filmmaking Has Found An Avid Audience Among Student Filmmakers Everywhere This Language Is Basic To The Very Positioning And Moving Of Players And Cameras, As Well As The Sequencing And Pacing Of Images It Does Not Date As New Technologies Alter The Means Of Capturing Images On Film And Tape Basic To The Very Scripting Of A Scene Or Planning Of A Shoot Arijon S Visual Narrative Formulas Will Enlighten Anyone Involved In The Film Industry Including Producers, Directors, Writers And Animators Etc A perfect book for understanding the visual and artistic language of Blocking, Camera Movements, and cuts A must read for all the aspiring Filmmakers.
This book is incredibly thorough After reading just a few chapters I see television shows and movies in a completely different way I am cognizant of the blocking and camera set ups that the producers are using to get their particular shots This is a reference book I will keep close to me The illustrations are a little dated, and in some of the illustrations the men and the women look alike, and the men look alike as well, so you have to concentrate to understand the relative positions of the characters as the camera views change, but other than that it is five stars.
Decent technical depth for film specifically, but I kept wanting to know the why regarding the camera positions.

This book is the book that I recommend to anyone who wants to start thinking about making a film The title is appropriate Arijon provides a practical and thorough visual breakdown of the possible sequence scene constructions in cinema Let s say you want to shoot a scene with four people, but you only want to cover it in five shotsArijon has performed the sometimes mind bending task of wrapping your brain around the three dimensional placement of the camera and how that will play on the two dimensional screen for you It is not theory, it is not academic, it is an invaluable reference book for any filmmaker If you are simply an enthusiast, this could provide an interesting insight into some of the nuts and bolts aesthetic concerns a director faces Or, it could be incredibly dry depends what kind of fan you are.
Absolutely brilliant book It s not really a book that you would read cover to cover It s of a help book You face a production problem, and you turn to the book for help and you ll find it It s brilliant if you are planning or making a film how do you best narrate the film, or how do you shoot a particular scene so that the meaning of it will come to the foreground For instance how do you shoot a dinne scene with 11 people at the table, without crossing the infamous lines , and so that the audience won t get confused as to whop is sitting where etc.
Great handbook great help Very detailed illustation on how to shoot various types of scenes two people meeting but walking in from opposite directions, two people leaving in certain angles etc You ll find it all here