[ Read Online Psychic Sex Æ tanzania PDF ] by Cathleen Ross ä The MC is a not a controlled, caring Dominatrix If she was, this story might have been intriguing.
She is a sadistic self centered, shallow bitch While the whole Astral projection element could have had plot potential, I can t buy in to it with this chick She d need to have some control over her own mind, or at least have than the only two thoughts predominate in her head herself and getting herself off like she felt is owed her because, well, its HER to be able to meditate enuf to pull off Astral projection, right And then just getting there the first time, after reading a few chapters outta a book I just can t give her any credit for having a strong enuf mindset to be able pull off Psychic Sex.
BECAUSE She is a sadistic self centered, shallow bitch Tom, even though he might have felt otherwise, really did get lucky in the end LOL And that gig the MC had with Pinky checking out the clients in the locker room Creepy stalker shit there.
Maybe the author has better reads to spend your money onfor me, I read this in Naughty Bits 01 anthology Totally could have done without it sigh This is a weird little story, but I kind of liked the idea, a bit like that old movie Dreamscapes, for those who have heard of it What I didn t like was the main character, because she scouts out potential sex partners by touching them and spying on them inappropriately while doing their personal training Yecch I don t approve of this behavior from men or women.
Where it did get bonus points was this exchange during a sex scene All right Tom asks.
Of course it is How could it not be, but I like it that he asks.
I like it that he asks When s the last time I ve read that in a romance erotica story Seems like never Such a refreshing and uplifting change from the I m not really sure I want him to do this but he does it anyway and then I like it storyline.
But that ends up being cancelled out because she is just using him when all is said and done.
She Loves The Sense Of Power Being A Personal Trainer Gives Her Not To Mention The Access To A Seemingly Endless Stream Of Sexy Men But When Her Latest Object Of Desire Doesn T Rise To The Bait, She S Forced To Spend The Night With A Good Book All About Astral Projection As She Drifts Off To Sleep, She S Shocked To Suddenly Find Herself Having The Wildest, Most Satisfying Sex Of Her Life And It All Seems So Real