È Read ↠´ Getting Bi by Robyn Ochs Ä I enjoyed the first edition of this book which I was not in , but naturally I enjoyed the second edition of it which I am in even I was particularly interested by the large number of new personal narratives from bisexual people in countries other than the U.
, Canada and Britain, where the majority of the original pieces came from Most of these people aren t writers, but their stories are still illuminating If you re bisexual, have a bisexual friend or family member you want to understand, or just want to know about your fellow human beings, this is a good resource.
It was fascinating to read the different perspectives of bisexuals around the world I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Wonderful collection of short autobiographical essays on bisexual issues It gives a wonderful worldwide perspective that challenges the predominant Western and American biases in our movement Also comes with a wonderful resource guide.
Disclaimer I m one of the two editors, and I m still in love with this project.
The quality of the entries in this series varies greatly There are some gems I particularly enjoyed some of the pieces by authors from countries besides the US But there s also a lot I didn t enjoy about this anthology Poor editing in some of the pieces Whining about monosexism and how the mean lesbians won t sleep with bisexual women NO ONE IS OBLIGATED TO SLEEP WITH YOU Too much sensitivity about language, like throwing a tantrum when someone sees a man and a woman making out and calls it a heterosexual relationship.
A lot of the people included in this anthology are trying sooo hard to be the most oppressed people on the planet, to the point that they re making us look bad.
Definitely a book better suited for those unfamiliar with bisexuality than those who are For those who are, there may be very little to find within its pages.
I really admire the editors dedication to showcasing diverse voices in this anthology They have collected essays from 42 countries, with contributors of different ages, religions, educational backgrounds etc , who come from all across the gender spectrum, and their stories reflect this huge variety of experience Robyn Ochs and Sarah Rowley have created a sort of quilt that captures the immense diversity within the bisexual experience while also highlighting some of the common threads, like grappling with labels, coming out, and finding or not finding community.
This book involved a lot of different voices on various topics which is good in theory but in practice it was such small snippets of people s experiences that they ended up being very similar There was never enough meat to really connect with Also it felt like a book to explain bisexuality to people than a book for bisexuals.
Getting Bi Voices Of Bisexuals Around The World, Edited By Robyn Ochs And Sarah E Rowley, Is An International Anthology Of Personal Writings By People From Different Countries, Ranging In Age From As Quoted Below, This Book Literally Puts A Face On Bisexual Identity And Includes Voices From Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Columbia, Cuba, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, The Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Turkey, Uganda, The United Kingdom, And The United States A great place to start to learn about bisexuality especially if you like to learn via people s personal stories and hear it told in their voices There s also a great few essays and list of resources at the end, including a guide for parents of young people who come out as bisexual and a list of fiction with bisexual characters Granted, this book is a bit dated now originally 2005 even the update is 2009 so lots has changed, at least within the US At this point it s a window on a certain cultural time in addition to the obvious focus on a sexual orientation But much still holds true The perspective is pretty heavily American but there s still enough from other countries, including those in Africa, Asia and South America, that provides a taste of the experience in different cultures My reading experience of this was like it is with a collection of short stories most of it was good, some did nothing for me, and a few nuggets gave that amazing feeling of Yes I identify with this Overall such an important effort.