[James Mangold] ½ Girl, Interrupted: Screenplay [urban-legends PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ I think this screenplay was absolutely amazing, based on the true events is Susanna Kaysen s life, it dealt with her being institutionalised, which is a very difficult issue to talk about, so to create a movie.
It was such a sad and endearing story and the book, screenplay and the movie were all terribly sad.
On a different note, I found the movie a little appealing which is a rare preference of mine as usually I prefer to read, being the avid reader that I am Overall a very good but tragic screenplay that will have you in tears.
I work in an all girl s ward and this book is quite accurate Girls who would normally be outcasts in regular society form an uncanny bond in treatment centers girls who normally hate girls and call them scandalous.
This is the screenplay version of Girl, Interrupted It has a really interesting discussion with the movie s director along with storyboards and some pictures black and white from the movie.
It s interesting to read the screenplay and find the scenes that were actually cut out among the extras on the dvd and find out about the history of the film and why certain people are in it If you liked the film then you ll definitely want to get this book.

Fast read that opened my eyes to the way mental illness was treated as well as given some insight to living with BPD However, was left hoping for a few details about her behaviors and cognitions.
evss interesting character studymakes you feel sane Depressingly realistic and poignant struggles against mental illness.
Set In The Changing World Of The S, The Motion Picture Girl Interrupted Is The Searing Story Of Susanna, A Young Woman Who Finds Herself At A Mental Institution For Troubled Young Women Susanna S Short Rest , Prescribed By A Psychiatrist She Had Met Just Once, Becomes A Strange Journey Into Alice S Wonderland, As She Spends Nearly A Year Both Struggling And Flirting With The Thin Line Between Normal And Crazy Susanna Soon Realizes How Hard It Is To Get Out Once She S Been Committed, And Ultimately She Has To Choose Between The World Of Those Who Belong On The Inside Such As The Seductive And Dangerous Lisa And Those Who Can Engage With The Reality Of The Outside World This Volume Includes Storyboards And A Discussion By The Film S Director James Mangold About The Film Making Process By Which This Screenplay By James Mangold And Lisa Loomer And Anna Hamilton Phelan Was Transferred To The Screen Awesome The movie was better which almost never happens.