[ Read Online Gnat Stokes and the Foggy Bottom Swamp Queen ✓ young-adult-science-fiction PDF ] by Sally M. Keehn ↠´ Fantasy that will keep the reader on edge Good book When Goodlow Pryce Is Stolen From Mary S Cove, Twelve Year Old Gnat Is Determined To Bring Hope And Peace Back To Her Stricken Mountain Home Even If That Means She Has To Face Zelda, The Evil Swamp Queen, Who Lurks In Nearby Foggy Bottom Little Does Gnat Know That The Swamp Queen She S Pitting Herself Against Is Her Own Mother Or That, In Defeating Her And Saving Goodlow, Gnat Will Come To Learn About The Many Sides Of Love And Its Transforming Power From The Author Of The First Horse I See And I Am Regina, Comes This Hilarious And Spirited Adventure Based On The Famous Folktale Tam Lin This was a chapter book length folk fairy tale Gnat Stokes is a genuinely presented Appalachian girl who lives an adventure in a town setting that is almost as unfamiliar to most readers as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry mainly because of its historical, rural post Civil War setting I really liked this book The vernacular is a bit tough to grapple with at times, but it enriches the story on the whole Gnat tells the story, so it s first person and she is as wild and as scrappy as they come.
Now here is a very creative and well executed Tam Lin story for children It is vivid and endearing and has a LOT of pop to it.
This is such a creative, mystique, and funny book I loved it Sally Keeh is so creative But it s kind of weird too but especially it s good.

I happened to pick this up at the kids elementary school one afternoon while waiting for them to get out, and it caught me Gnat s voice is so clear, and the story is completely charming It was an adorable story and a fun way to pass a few minutes every weekday It would ve been nice to get a sequel, see what other trouble the feisty girl got into after this adventure.
After hearing rave reviews from my children s literature professor, I was somewhat skeptical of the book, but after giving it a fair try, I found it to be a really enjoyable read that combined a traditional fairy tale with a distintive and charming setting and a loveably human and humor main character Having just read two other retellings of the Tam Lin tale and a bit from about the colours and symbolism of elements of the story, it made the appearance of the bits of tradition much interesting My only complaint was at the begining of the story I was unsure as how much magic to expect in the story When fantasy is combined with somewhat realistic fiction, this can create confusion In some cases, the magic in only imagined while in others it is actually realized Needless to say, I didn t really get into the story until I discovered that the main character was not inventing things, imagining, or being superstitious was rather bravely confronting really powerful, magical foes.