[Anne Mather] Ä Come the Vintage [germany PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ý 129 Come the Vintage , A delightful classic Anne Mather HP I LOVE the title of this book The classic HP s have much lovelier titles than today s modern versions Ryan s father died leaving her half of his vineyard on the condition that she marry his partner, Alain Alain is twenty one years older than nineteen year old Ryan and the difference in age is a stark contrast between them They agree to a marriage of convenience, but hints of feelings start interfering and that led to hostility between them This was a great angsty book with all the complications of such a huge gap in age One thing I just don t understand is why a forty year old man would tell his nineteen year old bride that she s being childish Ummmm, well yeah She is a child Still, it was a delightful read Anne Mather wowed me again Her characters are always so damned complicated The jaded older hero with the young innocent ing nue who can t help but fall in love with a man old enough to be her father Ms Mather doesn t make it seem seedy or wrong She somehow makes it work and leaves us with a wonderful story.
Her Situation Was Impossible, Ryan Realized, Impossible Than Even Alain Could ImagineWhat Had He Said We Are Married, Ryan I Suggest We Attempt To Salvage Something From The Wreck But Friendship Was Something She And Alain Could Never Share, And She Shrank From His PityIf All He Could Offer Was Friendship For Appearances Sake, There Was No Future For Either Of Them Well, I got what I was looking for out of this one The H is one hostile dude Though, I actually thought at least half of his hostility was warranted due to the h s attitude towards him in the beginning and her attitude towards what was expected of her And didn t she go from 0 to 60 with those cooking skills There was a major bad scene where view spoiler the H gets drunk and forces the h her first time It was brutal even though she d been thinking of doing him for some time hide spoiler One of the driest Anne Mather books ever The h and H married to avoid having half her deceased father s vineyard go to her dad s arch rival Oh my God this book was dry The h and H snaping at each other Reasons you may or may not like this book 1 rape or forced seduction2 h was about 19 and hero was 37 may dec3.
took place on a farm4 hero had blonde hair How come HP heroes don t come in blonde any It is a reflection of those times when women were expected to keep house and even though my interest was piqued since I know french somewhat, I still just wanted to skip the book in a way its out dated a 19 year old girl with a 40 year old guy Okay but he s emotionally distant and the heroine s too much of a baby to cope with her emotions Also, the hero believes all the stereotypical crap about British people or it appears that he does, I dunno Not a new premises, but hot as bad as I d thought it would be.
Her father stipulated in will that she had to marry hero to share the vineyard Hero appears poor and she has no other means of provision so she agrees but hates the hero He acts very indifferent to her and she spends most of her time cooking and cleaning in the old farmhouse She eventually falls for him and they sleep together but she leaves him and goes to stay with his mother in Paris when he tells her he doesn t want a real marriage and she finds out she is expecting He follows her and explains he has loved her since he took a trip to England and saw her for the first time but he felt guilty because she was only 19 and he was almost 40 He is really very wealthy but estranged form his family and was therefore living and managing the vineyard with her Dad Her situation was impossible, Ryan realized, impossible than even Alain could imagine.
What had he said We are married, Ryan I suggest we attempt to salvage something from the wreck But friendship was something she and Alain could never share, and she shrank from his pity.
If all he could offer was friendship for appearances sake, there was no future for either of them

I loved it Old school HP have a certain magic Hero and heroine marry to save her deceased father s vineyard Their marriage is filled with tension and drama, evil other woman, an other man who flirts with our heroine, jealousy and angst I liked that heroine was young sweet innocent 19 and hero was 40 and an alpha male I liked that he was a possessive jealous man and the pregnancy trope worked very well Their HEA was adorable and I m glad that thanks to the heroine, hero reconciled with his mother oh and I loved how he confessed he was in love with her since forever and he knew about their arranged marriage since the moment he met her and decided to wait for her and make her his I can forgive every douchebagness but inviting a guest to lunch when she never served a meal in her life That s the limit for me Lol