[ Read Online Millionaire in Command ó comics-manga PDF ] by Catherine Mann Ë Mr October Kyle Landis, Air Force Commander, Millionairedaddy Motto Family First, Last, AlwaysMarriage Not Until NowHe D Worked The Most Dangerous Missions, But Nothing Had Prepared Kyle Landis For The Surprise Of Becoming A Dad When Phoebe Slater Suddenly Announced The Child She Was Caring For Was His Baby, He Had No Reason To Doubt Her And Since A Landis Did Not Sway In His Duty, Marriage Was The Only Course Of Action But Once I Do Was Said, Would Phoebe Be Up For Enlisting As His Wifein Every Way Kyle Had Been Imagining The worst cover in a book sale lot with some preeeetty stiff competition.
Inoffensive little baby on doorstep story My one main carp why must these family series books have the WHOLE clan included Don t these people ever spread out across the country Always in each others hip pocket Military guys are not usually my kind of fun But, I ve read His Expectant Ex just a couple of hours before this one, and decided I liked the story enough to give it a try.
One of the troubles with reading the series is the fact that everyone expects each book to be better than the previous one When that is not the case you feel cheated a bit Sorry to say that was exactly what happened here.
I really liked Sebastian, and then when Kyle stepped on, it just wasn t right As much as there is a fine idea here, I suppose it should have been developed much better Yes, there is that they fell in love, how come, how long, why now part And, there is sooooo disappointing moment when it came to resolving the Bianca trouble.
Why this way I mean, there was this great plot that could have made the book Why not make the best out of it In the end, there s a feeling that Bianca was mentioned in the first place as a way to start a story, and when she finally shows up you have no idea what to do with her, or what I just can t understand what made the author do it this way Since I was actually hoping to see this grand finale, it made it that much worse for me.
And, another thing that made me think two stars are than enough for this one there is a copy paste case of one whole dialogue from the previous book Who does that Yes, they are brothers, but what are the chances they d use the same words to describe a childhood memory I m sorry Just doesn t work for me.
Okay, 3.
5 stars than 4 but I feel generous Not bad, a bit rushed because everything happened so fast Landis brothers are a bit all the same, I have problem to recognize them from each other In this book Kyle receives a visit from a woman with a little girl His little girl The girl s mother disappeared some months ago and the woman is scared to loose the girl so she decides to go to the father, Kyle Landis.
Et voil , after two days we have a marriage Kyle Landis tem um filho mas ainda n o sabe.
Phoebe Slater ir dar lhe a noticia, a filha e um pedido de casamento Qualquer um deles inesperado E o que Kyle menos esperava ainda era que tamb m lhe iria roubar o cora o.
Mais um romance com os irm os Landis sim, parece uma familia interminavel mas com um bocadinho menos de interesse do que a hist ria dos outros Landis N o pela premissa mas por ter sido um romance demasiado r pido a acontecer e a se desenvolver.
Continua a ser uma leitura leve, descontraida, sem preoconceitos em afirmar ser literatura de topo L se num pice, mesmo sabendo de antem o qual ser o meio e o fim, porque clich s o que n o falta neste livros, certo No entanto, sabe bem uma leitura leve e simples de vez em quando.
nanggung bgt ceritanya abis baca ini, ku penasaran sm ceritanya sebastian I loved this book one of my favorites, so much in fact I read it twice The storyline about a little girl finding her way home to her father, and helpping him relize that family is the most important thing of all My heart hurt in parts of this book and I really felt for the characters, you know you have a great book in your hands when you can relate and feel while reading Wonderful book to read and YES I highly recommend this book.
Cinderella story line banget, masa ada heroine yg baru 5 menit ketemu hero lansung minta dinikahin dan endingnya tjd pernikahan Ga bakal tjd lho itu di dunia nyata, yg ada dipikir orang gila dari mana DGa banyak yg bs gw ulas, kalo udah cinderella history it means semua pasti bahagia Yg tdk terbanyangkan pasti terjadi, jadi lumayanlah utk jadi lahapan bacaan Le do el 08 12 2010 Yorum yazmaya ok endim, hala di er kitab n etkisindeyim san r m Sadece ho bir hikaye oldu unu s yleyebilirim Haa bir de orjinal kapa ok daha g zel Kad n bir kere sar n bizimkiler gitmi ler siyah sa l kad n yap t rm lar Tamam kitab n son sahnesini gayet g zel canland rm lar kapakta ama kad n olmam