[Wilson Casey] à Firsts [animals PDF] Ebook Epub Download à For Anyone Who Ever Wanted To Know The History Of The Chocolate Chip Cookie, Earmuffs, And Daylight Savings Firsts History Through The Milestones Of Human Achievement Are Fun And Wilson Casey, Trivia Expert, Has Collected Over Firsts In Nearly Every Major Category Of Culture From Fashion To Food, Politics To Science, Entertainment To Art To Architec Ture Each First Is A Full Explanation Of The Topic At Hand, Written In A Humorous Yet Authoritative Style It Includes The True History Of The Golf Tee How A Blind Man Came Up With Cruise Control The Myth Behind The Origins Of The Caesar Salad Why And How The First Dieter Dieted I would have given it 5 stars if it weren y for the inclusion of biblical tales being chosen as historic first Otherwise it was a great selection and I really enjoyed it.