[ Pdf Cowboy Delirium (Four Brothers of Colts Run Cross #6) (Harlequin Intrigue #1195) å m-m-paranormal PDF ] by Joanna Wayne Õ He Was A Cowboy First, A Former Navy SEAL Secondand A Red Blooded Male ThirdUntil He Was Forced To Kidnap Jaime CollingsworthThe Sexy Spitfire Almost Made Rio Hernandez Forget His Undercover Assignment In A Major Cartel That Threatened To Destroy South Texas Rio Didn T Know What The Cartel Wanted With Jaime He Only Knew He Had To Protect HerKeeping Her Alive Was Easy Compared To Keeping His Hands Off Her Each Moment With Jaime Brought Him Closer To Temptation, Just As The Cartel Moved Relentlessly Closer To Its Evil Plan With Time Running Out, Rio Had No Choice But To Put Jaime In Danger But At The Last Second Which Would He Choose Sworn Duty Or The Woman He D Come To Love I love Jaime and Rio together The book moved quickly with the story and I couldn t put it down.

A spoiled, rich girl is kidnapped to extort a huge ransom and force her brothers to deliver a biological weapon to Mexico She s lucky to have a former SEAL turned undercover CIA operative to guard her back So why doesn t she let him This was a surprisingly good story given the fact the heroine came across as a shallow, boyfriend changing like socks, materialistic socialite Lucky for all, this reader included, that was just a minor facet of her personality and as soon as she met her match, she changed into what she was supposed to be from the beginning a resilient, strong, cunning woman.
With such a change and character growth and evolution, the poor hero had no other choice but stand back and let the little woman run the show No that he complained or anything, but I did miss a bitof him in the story His past was touched on only briefly which is a rather good thing, considering , but there was no development, no layer revealing He was just there.
The suspense part of the story started good, but turned into an almost parody with the whole biochemical weapon thrown into the mix Couldn t they just stick with the kidnapping theme Kidnapping and a virus together were just a tad over the top for me.
All in all a decent, solid story with quite a lot of unused potential 3 stars Good book I loved the way that Rio tried to protect Jaime without blowing his cover She didn t make it easy for him, either, as she kept pushing the envelope of doing what she was told I also liked the way she insisted on staying with him and continuing the charade, in order to help bring down the bad guys Rio didn t seem to know how to deal with her determination, until he finally decided to just go with it I will eventually go back and read the others in the series.