Trailer Ñ Raising a Thinking Child: Help Your Young Child to Resolve Everyday Conflicts and Get Along with Others PDF by Ì Myrna B. Shure This book focuses on teaching kids problems solving techniques, with an emphasis on vocabulary The idea is that teaching kids certain words will help them to reason on their problems esp emotional on their own Lots of example scripts Works well with the emotion coach ideas in Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child.
This book not only helps parents to train their kids to develop problem solving skills at an early age, but it is also a book that encourages parents to think how to better interact with their children Tons of conversation examples and activity materials It s a book that can be kept at hand and refer to whenever needed.
Despite the young child in the title, this book is intended for parents of children aged 4 and mostly above The author shows how presenting children with a vocabulary and asking them questions can allow them to identify problems, consider the feelings perspectives of those involved, enumerate possible solutions, and solve their problem The author claims that this process gives kids confidence and reduces conflict Since my children are too young to try this on, I can t comment on its effectiveness The book gives plenty of guidance for teaching kids the vocabulary and skills needed though I do wonder if all kids are as eager to participate in the games as her made up children , and I appreciated the many sample dialogues presenting typical ways of dealing with problems vs using her method Her concept was interesting, but the end result is so stilted that I can t help but hope this thought process can be made possible with a natural dialogue.
This was a helpful book that reminded me of the reason I wanted children This book reminded my of the way I thought I would be as a parent Then it showed me I ll put my tongue in my cheek here where I went wrong Although I am not a big fan of picking out keywords I think it has killed at least 2 generations of readers I do like the games that Myrna Shure has put together to help parents assist their children in problem solving Everyone loves games of all sorts, and these word games are great no matter what the situation or the location I have had instant success in getting my child to think through a problem after trying some of these word games The hidden secret here is to stop doing the thinking for your child and let them come up with solutions on their own The methods have worked rather well for me so far.
As soon as I started to read this, I recognized that I actually read it long ago, when my firstborn was too young to quite be a thinking child This is the I Can Problem Solve book that lays out a pretty simple method for how to use everyday games and conversation to coach children through social and behavioral questions My only complaint I checked this out of the library, and should probably have made a copy of the cheat sheets at the back of the book before returning it It s not exciting reading, but I think the ideas are sound I found myself less likely to feed the answers and likely to coach and question my kids while I was reading it.

This book presents a way to teach kids how to solve their own problems The main focus is on teaching them some key vocabulary words and getting them used to using them To reinforce the meanings of the words, and how to use them for problem solving, the author shares many examples of dialogues and games using the set of words.
I haven t tried it with my own kids in the rigorous way she s laid out in the book, but I ve introduced the words casually So far, it actually has helped the kids solve their own problems, but the process takes MUCH longer than if I just solve their problems But the point is to teach them the steps to solving their own problems, so the parent won t have to step in all the time This system is very much about the long term process and benefits, not a quick fix solution.
A very informative book As the mother of a 2 1 2 year old girl, I now see the value of this book Conflict resolution is a very important concept to teach to a young child, it wards off many tantrums I like this book and am keeping it on my reference shelf original POST Very interesting so far I know, I am the 1 condemner of reading parenting books I can t stand the idea of parenting by the numbers , I like a free style method But I read the back of this book and wanted to know Maybe it will change my ideas This a a great book to help kids learn how to solve their own problems through learning problem solving language, utilizing games, and fun easy exercises This is something parents and teachers can implement immediately I have begun to use this method in my class and my students have begun to solve their own problems and think of different solutions to their problems.
how great is that.
The general practice taught in this book is to teach children to make decisions for themselves using critical thinking I read this book because my son is having difficulty with such decision making and it immediately added a valuable tool to my parenting abilities to get my son to think and make decisions rather than feeling like it was being force fed to him by me, and naturally resisting This is a great tool that has really helped turn my parenting style around to one that gets him to do all the major work while helping him gain the confidence needed to face the world.
The book itself gets this point across quite quickly, and gives a HUGE amount of exercises to play through with kids Great for helping with kids, but quickly turns into very dry reading Great for coming back and referencing when the need arises, but for me, very hard to read all the way through without falling asleep.
All Of Us Like To Think For Ourselves And So Do Children If They Have The Skills To Do It That S Why Award Winning Psychologist Dr Myrna Shure Decided To Create A Program To Give Them Those Skills It S Called I Can Problem Solve ICPS And For Twenty Five Years It Has Benefited Thousands Nationwide Raising A Thinking Child, A Book That Will Change Your Family Dynamics Forever And Help Your Child Develop In Ways You Never Thought Possible Brings This Positive Parenting Program Directly Into Your Home Unlike Other Methods Of Child Rearing, The ICPS Approach Teaches Youngsters As Young As Four Not What To Think Or Do, But How To Think And The Results Are Astounding Through The Program S Specially Designed And Fun To Do Dialogues, Games, And Activities Easily Incorporated Into Everyday Family Life A Young Child Learns How To Solve Problems And Resolve Conflicts With Friends, Teachers, And Family Explore Alternative Solutions And Their Consequences And Understand The Feelings Of Others With ICPS, Shy Children Become Assertive And Impulsive Children Are Less Likely To Act Out When Things Don T Go Their Way Most Important The ICPS Competent Child Is Better Equipped To Avoid Early Destructive Behaviors That Later Can Lead To Delinquency, Substance Abuse, Violence, And Depression Helping Your Child Become A Thinking, Feeling Individual And Grow Up To Be A Socially Adjusted, Self Confident Adult Is What Raising A Thinking Child Is All About Based On Years Of Research And Evaluation, Clinically Proven, And Child Tested, It May Be The Most Important Gift You Can Share With Your Child Todayfor Tomorrow