à Bluegrass Christmas ✓ Download by ó Allie Pleiter I don t think I ve laughed as much reading one of the Kentucky Corners books as I did with this one I know most of the townspeople well enough by now to know appropriate jokes when I read them That said, this book was far from predictable I liked how the author took us to the point of a town feud heating up on the 23rd of December, and making us wonder if Christmas and town unity could ever be saved 3.
5 stars An Old Fashioned ChristmasThat S What Led New Believer Mary Thorpe To Start Over In Quaint Middleburg, Kentucky As Director Of The Church S Christmas Pageant, Mary S Job Is To Bring The Townspeople Together, To Remind Them What The Season Is Really About But Everyone Is All Riled Up Over One Very Handsome Man The Man Daring To Run Against Middleburg S Popular Long Standing Mayor Mac MacCarthy Wants Change Mary Wants Things To Stay As They Are Is There A Happy Medium Both Mac And Mary Are In For One Very Big Christmas Surprise An old fashioned christmas That s what Mary Thorpe wanted when she started over in Middleburg,Kentucky As director of the church s Christmas pageant, Mary s job is to bring the townspeople together, to remind them what the season is really about But everyone is all riled up over one very handsome man Mac MacCarthy, who is daring to run against Middleburg s popular long standing mayor Mac wants change Mary wants things to stay as they are Is there a happy medium Both Mac and Mary are in for one very big Christmas surprise.
The characters are staight out of small town USA You can almost hear their Kentucky drawl Very niceChristmas story 5 stars.
Nice story about starting over living a true Christian life.
Bluegrass Christmas by Allie PleiterChristmas, faith, honesty and the season s commercialism are large parts of this Love Inspired romance from Harlequin A Large amount of faith based passages, comments and opinions included.
Enjoyed it It s a light read book.

Allie does it again with another incredible story from her Bluegrass series.
Such real life lessons in these heart warming romances.
How quick Christians forget about the planks in their own eyes when looking at someone else s faults.
And the importance of friends to stand by you in the hard times.
Allie Pleiter has become one of my favorite Christian writers, and this book is a great example of why It tells the story of Mary, a new Christian with something in her past that she s not proud of, and her attempts to help a small town in Kentucky heal some civic wounds by putting on a Christmas pageant One of the reasons I like Pleiter is that she manages to tell the truth about life and God and give you an HEA without making it look like God is a cosmic Santa Claus and the Christian life is one of unending fun Yet she s never depressing, either There are a couple of lines in here that resonated so strongly with me I may never forget them I haven t read the first books in this series, but I intend to.