[Candace Camp] ↠´ Beyond Compare [mombasa PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Though Kyria Moreland Is Beautiful Enough To Earn The Sobriquet The Goddess And Rich Enough To Attract London S Most Sought After Gentlemen, She Has Yet To Find Love And Refuses To Marry Without It When She Receives A Strange Package Under Mysterious Circumstances, She Is Confronted With Danger, Murder And A Handsome American Whose Destiny Is Entwined With HersRafe McIntyre Has Enough Charm To Seduce Any Woman, But His Smooth Facade Hides A Bitter Past Still, He Has Seen Enough Of The World To Know Kyria Is In Danger, And He Refuses To Let Her Solve The Riddle Of This Package Alone But Even He Is Mesmerized By The Events That Unfold As Kyria Begins To Sort Out The Mystery Put To Her By The Arrival Of A Priceless Antiquity Who Sent Her This Treasure Steeped In Legend And Who Is Willing To Murder To Claim Its Secrets And Its Glory For Themselves This is a terribly stupid book Anachronistic, poorly written, boring, with poorly written dialogue, this book is of a mystery than a romance The characters are not in the least developed, with all the time going to working out the stupid mystery I hate mysteries, and I don t buy romances because to read them And it would have been nice to have than five pages dedicated to the romance We don t see them fall in love at all, we just see them chasing this stupid relic around Argh Did not like this book I thought Candace Camp did a great job with this book You could tell that Kyria Moreland and Rafe McIntyre have chemistry I would recommend the book to anyone that wants romance, adventure, a little mystery to read the book.
I like many of Ms Camp s novels, but I have to say that I didn t particularly care for this one It had a good premise, a mysterious reliquary box with a legendary tale behind it, along with the fact that a murderer is afoot trying to gain it My issue was the poor romance aspect, along with many unbelievable, breakable rules of the time for a young lady I found it very hard to believe, even in fiction, that an unmarried woman would hie off to the city of scandal, causing numerous blunders with a man that she barely knows, not to mention her family thinks it s alright for this foreigner, Rafe from America, to lead her about It felt like a mystery, rather than a romance, for the story was entirely centered on the box, as opposed to the budding relationship that eventually fell a bit flat Put in that genre, even the outcome was a bit like a circus, especially with two, young boys hanging about that should have been sent back home in the first paragraph.
Having a hard time caring about these characters The premise of the story is a little too unbelievable I m glad this was a library book and not one I paid for.
3,5 , Candace, This one wasn t bad, although it felt weaker than the other two I ve read so far in the series 1 and 3 The supernatural elements were so subtle and vague as to be essentially useless to the plot the one concrete detail Kyria gets from her dreams is view spoiler the symbol of Inanna hide spoiler Rafe McIntyre has decided to stay on in London after his friend s wedding has come and gone, he feels inexplicably attracted to Kyria Moreland and he would like to pursue his feelings, he knows she s not like any other woman he s met especially since she literally fell into his lap from the tree she was dangling from She s beautiful, feisty, and courageous Kiera Moreland is beautiful and wealthy dubbed The Goddess by the ton she has no wish to marry unless she has fallen in love The gentlemen of the ton leave her unaffected Until the American Rafe McIntyre.
A mysterious man was murdered while trying to get an antiquated artifact to Kyria, her name the last words he whispered with his dying breath, a string of events bring danger and nefarious strangers to them Putting Kiera and her family in the path of dangerous men all wanting the mysterious reliquary box.
An enjoyable story with plenty of excitement, intrigue mysterious cults and adventure The scenes were well done and descriptive fast paced with exciting situations that had me holding my breath in anxiety Candace Camp has weaved a wonderful story that blends romance with mystery a must read I received a complimentary copy from the author for my honest unbiased opinion.
I really enjoyed book 2 in the Mad Moreland series Rage is an American who came from the civil war, mentally scared and made his fortune in the silver mines He comes to England for his friend and former business partners s marriage to Olivia Moreland Kyria Moreland, is a rare beauty that has had princes, dukes, earls ever male breathing basically coveting her She wants nothing to do with marriage, even though she believes in love When these two meet sparks fly and they find themselves involved in a mystery neither could have imagined The Moreland family is so much fun with each one unique and so lovely to read I was gifted with an ARC, but I so enjoy this series that also offers a touch of the supernatural in its telling.
Book 2Olivia is getting married from Book One, and her beautiful sister Kyria is making the preparations The groom s best man is his American business partner, Rafe You can see where this is going, but really not what s about to happen During the wedding celebration, Rafe is witness to a murder of a foreign man who insisted to see Kyria and give her something Wild happenings, abductions, opium, archaeology digs, mysterious monks, and Russian Princes all make their appearance The mad Morelands truly have their hands full.
Great fun with this fast paced romance as this second book of the series continues the blend of danger, love, and mysterious happenings On to the next book.