Trailer ✓ Whirlwind Affair PDF by Æ Jacquie D'Alessandro Very romantic, loving English Lord Heroine is American and hurt so badly by first husband now deceased she vows to never trust any man again There were times I wanted to shake her because she was about to lose the most perfect man as husband.
Story has a lot of suspense throughout There is a hidden villain Es que a mi si me encant este libro O sea, los jiros que dio y todo el misterio que se aclarece.
Genial todo Widowed Because Of A Scandalous Duel, Alberta Brown Is Left Destitute And In Possession Of A Cache Of Stolen Goods Determined To Right The Wrongs Of Her Thieving Husband, Allie Decides To Return The Items To Their Rightful Owners After A Series Of Attempts On Her Life, Allie Is Escorted To A Country Estate By Lord Robert Jamison A Marriage Minded Man Who Plans To Make This Maddening Creature His Wife original DNF at about 50% Firstly it was rather boring Secondly, I got tired of hearing how she had loved her husband and what a great love life they had view spoiler She reminisces about how he taught her about lovemaking and how he always made sure she was satisfied hide spoiler American Alberta Brown and Englishman Robert Jamison are immediately drawn to each other upon meeting when Robert is tasked with escorting Allie from the ship she arrived on to the home of her best friend, whose husband is Robert s brother But there is a lot standing between them tragedies in both their pasts, her vow never to marry again, not to mention a killer who has trailed Allie and the mysterious ring she posses all the way from America This book wasn t perfect, but it was still a really good read In its favor were humor, a wonderful hero, hot love scenes and an exciting mystery But the mystery, while good enough, fell short of breathtaking, especially considering a coincidence it involved that was so unbelievable it was just silly The side mystery Robert s past was resolved far too patly Sometimes a tidy ending is satisfying, but when it s too neatly done up and presented to the reader with a bow, it s very UNsatisfying And although there was fun and wit to be found, I was disappointed we didn t get to see MORE of Allie and Robert s playfulness When they did let loose, they were so much fun While I understand why their courtship was so serious, the book would have been satisfying and engaging if D Alessandro has let them have their fun together often Also, Allie s stubborn refusal to see that Robert was not like her deceased husband just got to be too much I really wanted to throttle her at times Overall, while I m disappointed with the ways D Alessandro dropped the ball here and there, Whirlwind Affair was largely a fun, hot, engaging story.
Un romance imprevisto Jacquie D Alessandro la palabra m s importante de esta frase es juntos Mientras estemos juntos, no hay nada que no podamos hacer Aquella magia indefinible que hab a sentido desde la primera vez que la hab a tocado, le corri por las venas y sinti una absoluta satisfacci n Su tacto era tierno y suave y Allie sinti agradables cosquilleos que le sub an por las piernas Nunca hab a sido tan consciente de la presencia de alguien en toda su vida Pero lo m s irritante era que, al parecer, l no ten a ning n problema para prescindir de ella La mirada de Robert baj hasta sus labios y Allie contuvo el aliento Durante un loco instante pens que se dispon a a besarla Se qued inm vil como una estatua, aterrorizada de que lo hiciera Y aterrorizada de que no lo hiciera Pero una sonrisa ladeada apareci en el rostro de lord Robert, rompiendo el hechizo Algo c lido se derram en el interior de la joven C lido y totalmente inoportuno Intent detenerlo, pero no lo consigui imagen Odiaba sentirse tan consciente de l Qu fallo de su car cter o qu debilidad de su esp ritu la dominaba y no le permit a borrar a ese hombre de su mente S lo con pensar en l sent a cosquilleos recorri ndole la piel Y ten a una manera de mirarla que la hac a sonrojarse y sentirse confusa Y anhelante La forma en que l re a un instante y al siguiente la miraba con la expresi n m s seria, la confund a Que Dios lo ayudase, todas las veces que sus ojos se hab an encontrado mientras tomaban el t , el coraz n le hab a latido de tal forma que parec a haber corrido varios kil metros en lugar de estar sentado en una silla Y quiz s, en los recovecos de su mente, lo hab a intuido Pero lo que no pod a suponer era que le hiciera sentirse as Tan alterado y frustrado Tantas emociones se mezclaron en mi interior que pens que iba a perder la raz n Ser valiente no significa no tener miedo, significa superar esos miedos Ir hacia delante a pesar de esos miedos Enfrentarse a ellos Era como si estuviera hecha precisamente para l y para nadie m s Por primera vez desde que pod a recordar, Robert se hallaba sin palabras Ninguna iron a, ninguna broma le tiraban de la lengua Hab a sospechado, no, demonios, lo hab a sabido, que si la besaba, no ser a un simple beso hab a sido como si ella fuera un mont n de astillas secas y l una cerilla encendida Sus ojos finalmente se toparon con los de l, y se qued sin aliento ante el intenso calor que desped a su mirada Una oleada de calor la cubri , derritiendo instant neamente su miedo.
Regency romance with sex This is the 2nd in the series Alberta comes from America to see her former friend, Elisabeth meet her husband child During the voyage several accidents befall her She s met at the dock in England by Robert, the youngest brother of Elisabeth s husband the Duke Robert is a happy go lucky kind of guy He has a good sense of humor he s actually WANTING to settle down get married He just has to find the right girl to love He thinks he s found her in Allie I liked this story better than the 1st one, to tell you the truth I really liked Robert Allie was only OK, but she had some issues to get through There was excitement in this one IMO Typical romance novel from 2002.
This is the first book from this author I didn t totally love I loved Robert, the hero, from the time he was introduced in Whirlwind Wedding But the heroine s actions in this book did not make sense to me from the very beginning I could not understand her reluctance to see Robert as the honorable man he clearly was from the start and how she kept making comparisons between Robert and her ex husband almost constantly And this problem did not clear up until the last several pages of the book Poor Robert He deserved better.

Like the previous book in this series, Whirlwind Wedding, this book had 4 star potential It had a great story, with a very interesting mystery Robert, the hero, was terrific He actually is looking to get married, and yearns for family life He is sweet, honorable, and funny Any woman with sense would have grabbed him up in a minute My problem with the book was Allie, the heroine, who is a widow Unfortunately, it s another one of those my husband was a lying, cheating thief, and all men are like him, and I ll never trust another man again themes She made a 4 star story into a 3.
5 star book, or a B.
Despite all the evidence that Robert is nothing like her deceased husband, Allie insists on thinking the worst of him, and keeps pushing him away She does so for far too long before she realizes what a gem he is If she hadn t been quite so hard on him, and had seen his true qualities sooner, I would have given this otherwise excellent book a 4 star rating.
Wonderful hero, Robert, annoying heroine A Regency mystery love story, with an American woman with a nickname Allie The contemporary name bothered me, as did the villian and his lackey I will probably try to find the 1st book, Whirlwind wedding that features Robert s brother and Allie s friend Elizabeth, who is psychic, just to find thepre story, I don t particularly recommend the book.