[Michelle Rowen] Ø Touch and Go (P.A.R.A Investigations #2) [vegetarianism PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ø Funny, sexy and a cute read for in between Nothing really special but I laughed than once The end could have been a bit but I enjoyed reading it And I love Rowen s humor so much g Quick, paranormal TK and extra sensory abilities, not vampire paranormal romance.
Oh, The Bahamas What A Perfect Place For A Fling Or Is It Carrie Stanfield Is There On Assignment With The Hottest Guy Ever The Chemistry Between Them Is Volatile Than The Tropical Storm That Strands Them On A Deserted Island So Why The Heck Won T Patrick McKay Touch Her Already Patrick Would Love To Get His Hands All Over Carrie S Sweet Body Unfortunately, He S Been Fooling Around With A Charm That Makes Touching Another Person Very Hard But Not Touching Carrie Is Making Him Even Harder It S Not Looking Very Good For These Two Then Again, When You Mess Around With Magic, The Most Seductive Things Can Happen Very disappointed Thought it sounded pretty cool Nothing turned me off but nothing clicked for me, either.
Cutesy, Blaze paranormal A bit far fetched, but who cares It was a good, sexy, fun read I had the auiodbook from my Audible.
com subscription The narrator, Gabra something, was good.
Not a bad book, closer to a 3.
5 than a 3 The characters are appealing but the story missed the spark that would make it truly enjoyable.
Although it was unrealistic at times, it was still a good read

Wow I really enjoyed this book I forgot how much I loved reading paranormal books It was a interesting, sexy, thrilling and romantic story about a man and a woman learning to live A must read A quick paranormal romance.
Carrie Stanfield gets reunited with a hot empathy, Patrick McKay, she interviewedtwo years ago She needs help controlling her surfacing telekinesis When she interview him he mentioned her budding abilities but she scoffed it off Now, admitting she needs training to control it, she s joined the paranormal group as an agent assigned to him Unfortunately he s changed On their assignment to the Bahamas she hopes to find what s causing the change while trying to battle her attraction to him While he battles his attraction to her.
Another really short love story Carrie and Patrick feel the heat at first sight, however their lives take them down different paths until their paths meet again There is a problem though with having it been so long Patrick has went through some changes that doesn t allow him to touch, therefore not being able to touch Carrie the want he wants and dreams too Will they find the curse that haunts a resort, will they find the curse that haunts Patrick, and will Carrie ever get herself together to not cause major storms in life and in affections