☆ A Cold Creek Baby â Download by º RaeAnne Thayne She D Often Dreamed About Him Coming Back, With A Baby In His Arms And Now, Cisco Del Norte Was Home But The Baby He Carried Couldn T Possibly Be TheirsStill, Easton Springhill Got Part Of Her Wish The Man She Could Never Stop Loving Was Back, Even For Just A Little While With A Serious Injury, A Beautiful Baby Girl And An Explanation About Them Both That Was As Flimsy As His Excuse For Leaving Years Before And After Five Long Years Of Trying To Forget Him, Easton Was Faced With A Choice Love Him And That Little Girl While She Had Them, Or Save Herself And Get Away While The Getting Was GoodBecause There Was No Way She D Be Able To Escape With Her Heart A Second Time Cisco del Norte became a secret operative in the Southern Hemisphere so he wasn t able to come home often The foster sister he knew growing up, Easton Springhill, has loved him for years When he finally comes home with a baby she is thrown for a loop yet falls in love with the baby Another great RaeAnne Thayne story I love all the Cold Creek stories.
This is really cute and lighthearted It s a nice romance to pack in your beach bag.

I loved this book Great story Love this series Can t wait to read the next book in the series Love this author s books Well, that was a nice change of pace Finally, a sweet read that gave mesmiles than heartburn While I had some issues with the grammar, I found the story and characters to be quite engaging Plus, there were a few well delivered twists that just about ripped my heart out Definitely my kind of romance.