Í Warrior Rising ✓ Download by Í Pamela Palmer This book was great, I loved the closure at the end It kept me turning the pages wanting to find out what would happen next I couldn t put it down I just loved Harrison How he let her lead and do what she needed to do, supporting her Was awesome Great book.
This book had a very fairy tale like ending It is the final in the Esri series and it does a decent job at rounding everything out There were a few twists and turns the further along it went Harrison progresses from being very anti Esri to captivated by none other than the princess of Esria They both fight the relationship for their own reasons, but end up happily together There are a few surprises along the way that I won t spoil for you Overall, it was a great series that I spent staying up way too late reading several nights, but I enjoyed every moment of it.
The fourth and final installment in Pamela Palmer s ESRI series was a great closing to the series Warrior Rising is Harrison s story.
He hates everything Esrian They have put his daughter in a coma They have tried to conquer the human realm They tried to kill his younger brother Now he is having to act as the sole guardian and protector of Princess Ilaria Princess Ilaria has been incarcerated for treason for 300 hundred years She has been rescued by the group that Harrison is involved with They want her to close the portals between their worlds She wants to steal the Orisis stones so that they can be destroyed Both Harrison and Ilaria seem to be working at cross purposes until the Draggon stone chooses them to be the rulers of Esrian.
Warrior Rising is the fourth and final book in Palmer s Esri Series Overall, I enjoyed the story and seeing how the war between the Esri and the Sitheen a select group of humans immune to Esri power would end Besides watching Harrison and Ilaria give into the power of love, I really liked the nonstop action and suspense from beginning to end This book was def action packed than the previous ones Fans of the series will def love the ending If asked, I would recommend this book and the series to other fans of paranormal romance who like suspense and action.
Really enjoyed the final journey into the world of Esria Pamela Palmer once again creates a magical yet dangerous world in the last of the Esri series Harrison Rand battles with his hatred of all things Esri when he becomes the guardian of Ilaria He then wars with his emotions as he has to put his feelings towards Ilaria aside in order to save his daughter and the human world An intense fast paced ending that readers will want to discover for themselves.

In Palmer s paranormal romance novel, Harrison Rand is a single father seeking revenge on the evil Esri race for their negative influence on his daughter When he finds himself the guardian of the Esrian princess Ilaria, he becomes conflicted The princess is cold as marble but kind as well, leading Rand to realize he knows little of her race He soon learns that to save his own from annihilation, he needs her to help him seal the gates between their worlds forever And to save himself, he must have her.
Harrison and Ilaria rock All of the Esri books were wonderful but Harrison and and Ilaria s story was by far the best and I wanted of the Esri The wonderful little surprises at the end were so heartwarming and unexpected No spoilers here read it yourself This was a quick, mindless read The characters and plot fairly predictable, but well drawn and nicely brought out I enjoyed how the writer worked hard to make Erisa believable and link it to the myths and legends of yore.
Received this through GoodreadsWarrior Rising The Esri by PamelaPalmerThe story is so well written and spines a great story of love and evil Harrison as he is called and his brother Charlie must find the Princess llaria to help stop the evil in a dark nightmare forest She is the only one that can stop the invasion of the evil that is to be unleashed into our world by Rith a immortal man wanting power over all above and under ground world where Princess llaria is the true Queen of her realm Esri There is battles and mystic stones and a dragon stone that gives the owner the power Harrison protect llaria and falls in love but he is moral and will not live the hundreds of years as llania does but fate and magic have away when there is true love and honorable will to over come the evil and live happy ever after I so much enjoyed this story is had it all in a beautiful and frightful way.
Two Sworn Enemies One Deadly Mission A Passion That Can T Be Tamed Single Dad Harrison Rand Craves Vengeance For The Harm Inflicted On His Young Daughter By The Evil Esri Race But Now He S Become The Sole Guardian Of The Esrian Princess Ilaria And Exacting His Revenge Isn T As Simple As He D Thought With A Simple Act Of Kindness, Ilaria Has Harrison Questioning Everything He Thought He Knew About Her Race To Save His People From Total Annihilation, Harrison Needs Ilaria S Compassion And Her Power But To Save His Soul, He Needs Only Her Love